Thursday, September 18, 2008

Offline for the morning

Folks, I'm strapped this morning.

I've got a couple of things inbound that I have to deal with. So, no posts this morning.

But I'll have something good later. In the meantime go read Sarah Palin's email or something, I'll be back in a while.


  1. Hey! Anything interesting lying around to play with?

    What DVDs do we have? Something with lots of explosions I hope. I hate chick flicks.

    (plops down on couch and starts eating brownies)

  2. I think Jim is secretly a "Harlequin Presents" Lifetime Channel movie fan, actually.

    Explosions make him go check the shop, and then he gets distracted by his latest project and never finishes the movie.

    Give him a really great disease of the week, an orphaned special needs child, a three legged dog, a plucky and loyal best friend, and an improbable romance with a sensitive guy, and I think he'd be hooked.

  3. Lifetime channel movies?

    Yeah, there's a real mystery for you.

    The evil man did it - always. The nicer he is at the beginning of the movie, the more likely he's the evil murderer. Oh, and the heroine always looks in the mirror and remembers her past lives, or is processed by the spirit of her redheaded grandmother, or see's the ghost of the girl who used to live in the house and was murdered by a MAN.

    But, no matter what - the man did it.

    what can I say, my wife likes bad movies.

    Now, back to the shop

  4. (plops down on couch and starts eating brownies)

    I've got root beer floats - anyone want one?

    Ooh, look - Felicity DVDs. Too bad I hate nearly every WB show ever produced (except Whedon's stuff - and Charmed [don't ask]).

  5. I'll bring the chocolate! How about a big bag of dark chocolate M&M's to start. But leave the pointy stuff alone...

  6. The only present I'd like from Harlequin is covers that don't make me retch when I see them in the book store.

    Either that, or they have the be so horrible they make me laugh out loud.

    And I'll pass on the root beer, but thanks anyway!

  7. And Jim,

    I'm waiting on your opinion of the Item we found in the "Alaskan Fur Store" in Jackson WY.

    Also, your opinion as to the options.

  8. Sorry, just been busy as hell the last two days and haven't had time to hit everybody's blog and the other places that I usually hang out at.

    I'll go look now. Maybe.

  9. Damn, He's back and I was gonna Raid the fridge and get the Raspberry sauce and vanilla ice cream (oh that's what I just finished here in Flagstaff) out for everybody. Although I will be speaking loudly over the Lifetime network movie.

  10. Beastly, you're going to hit Tierra del Fuego and make it back by Halloween, aren't you?


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