Monday, September 27, 2021

Recap: September 27, 2021

Ladies and Gentlemen, my Congressman. 

We're so proud.

It's certainly no surprise a privileged white Southern Republican who was elected by the wretched dregs of the defeated Confederacy's descendants would openly embrace the Nazi's genocidal racist Replacement Theory.

That part at the end where he literally goes after Jews is the Sieg Heil cherry on top this creamy white vanilla sundae of  white supremacy.

More later, see you then. 


Well, well. Look who's trying to walk it back.

Maybe less a walk per se, and more that little dance you do when you're a Southern white supremacist elected by Southern white supremacists who calls people of color the n-word but then tries to explain how you didn't really mean it in a <quote>racist<unquote> way.

"[T]hey are importing new voters"


That's what Gaetz said. 

Importing. There's a suggestive image, eh? 

That's what Gaetz said he said. 

Importing new voters. What's that mean? Because he specifically said that in response to his first Tweet.

So, let's just look at that first statement again:

"Replacement Theory" 

Capitalized. A formal statement. Replacement Theory. I.e. a white nationalist conspiracy theory which clearly and unequivocally worries that certain liberal "elites" are working to replace America's white western European descended population and their associated "western culture" with non-white, non-European, non-conservative peoples, such as Middle-Eastern, African, and especially Latin and South American peoples, perceived to be "socialist" and thus "liberal." The origins of Replacement Theory can be traced directly back to the policies of Nazi German (and, yes, 1930s America) which very clearly targeted Jews, Romany, and other non-Aryan populations. 

When Tucker Carlson talks about Replacement Theory, he is very clearly using it in this manner. 

He's said so and made no bones about it. 

When the Proud Boys shouted "Jews will not replace us" in the streets of Charlottesville, this is exactly what they were talking about. 

Matt Gaetz said "Tucker Carlson is CORRECT about Replacement Theory as he explains what is happening in America." 

That is what Matt Gaetz said. 

No caveats.

Oh, I'm sorry, Gaetz did caveat his statement. 

"The ADL is a racist organization"

The ADL. The Anti-defamation League. 

Gaetz specifically went after Jews in defense of people shouting "Jews will not replace us." 

And he did this in the context of a media personality who daily rails against brown-skinned immigrants from the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. 

And he did this while specifically alleging Democrats are "importing new voters" in order to change America. 

If those "new voters" were white Christians from English-speaking Western European countries, well, Republicans wouldn't be worried about them changing our culture or voting for liberals, would they?

"The Left/Media think of replacement solely on race/ethnicity terms. I don’t at all."


The only way Gaetz's fears make any sense is if he's saying that Democrats are importing non-white, non-Christian, non-European immigrants to change the face of America and put themselves in power. 

His comments, Tucker Carlson's comments, literally make no sense in any other context. 

Gaetz, Carlson, Republicans who push Replacement Theory, tell me, what does their base think they mean? When the Proud Boy shouts "Jews will not replace us," what do you think the Proud Boys mean by that? Who do MAGA voters think Gaetz is talking about? 

Because I think they're afraid of exactly what they say they are. 

"Those reading more into it are projecting their own bias."

I don't mean it in a "racist" or "anti-Semitic" sort of way, it's just totally a coincidence I'm talking about keeping brown people and Jews out of America. I'm not a racist, you're the racist! 

The argument of every racist who ever lived. 

Meanwhile, Matt Gaetz is going after writer Tara Dublin. 

After Dublin wrote about being set upon at one of Gaetz's rally's, Gaetz made her the subject of his podcast last week and sent a horde of his supporters to harass and bully her.  

This is classic Gaetz behavior. 

A few years back, Gaetz's supporters hired armed Bikers For Trump to keep women, his own constituents, out of a town hall meeting here in Milton, Florida. No, seriously. Bunch of blubbery goons, unwashed hairy leather boys on their hogs in the parking lot of the local confederate hangout Grover T's Southern BBQ, to make sure liberal women voters didn't get inside and make Matt cry by asking any questions of the guy who's supposed to be representing them in Washington.  

But, this time it's a big mistake on Gaetz's part. 

Based on Gaetz bowel freezing fear of women and on Tara Dublin's history of stomping holes straight through misogynistic bigots, I'd say this isn't going to turn out how Gaetz hoped. 

In fact, Dublin is at this very moment preparing a lawsuit alleging harassment by the Congressman. 

Free free to swing by her Twitter feed and lend some support. 

You want a better government? 

You need to start holding those who you elect to run it to higher standards of behavior. 

Or, you know, any. 

Here's today's picture of a hummingbird (like Matt Gaetz in his own district, it might be a little hard to find).



  1. It seems to me that hate is genetically coded into the DNA of these wankstains.

    1. You've got to be carefully taught...

    2. I believe it’s nature more than genetic. Genetics does play a role in being more fear and sociopathic tendencies.

    3. As appealing an idea as that is, it doesn't hold up to scrutiny. The vast majority of behavior like this is *always* learned. You could make an argument for sociopathic tendencies, but even that is something that gets nurtured and encouraged.

      It's a privilege of the rest of us that we don't grow to be atrocities, for whatever lucky reasons we have.

  2. They consider CRT racist but then embrace Replacement Theory? How odd.

    1. CRT = Conservative Replacement Theory. Yes, we should all be against CRT …

  3. What has Carlson to lose? He doesn't have to work for a living. Fox fires him, he retires on TV Dinner money.

    1. He doesn't want the money, as you say. He just doesn't want to lose his place strutting and fretting his hour upon the stage with the spotlight on him, playing to the audience that sits out there in the darkness.

  4. Have some sympathy. In a subculture where purity is measured by the extremity of your position it's hard to stay on the cutting edge.

    1. Yes,and it seems like the edge keeps moving, like there's no point they can reach to fall off. Logic? reality? Morality? Nope. Nothing contains them. Boundaries be damned!

  5. The irony of this slack-jawed imbecile calling the ADL racist when I'm sure he's made pro-Israel statements any time a Democrat has criticized Israel.

    1. Israelites are sacred so long as they stay in Israel.

      The moment they expatriate, they become the evil Jew to be reviled and hated.

    2. Cripes that's an uncomfortably accurate-feeling statement I hadn't considered.

  6. Why can't people see what this is? Man in our country seem to be getting dumb - and dumber.

  7. Rather nice of him to be so open about it so that there is no doubt in our minds what kind of P.O.S. person Gaetz is.

  8. He is desperate to deflect from his still ongoing (afaik) investigation. Just like MTG trying to 'pick an argument' in public, because she's not on any committees any more. They figure "any publicity is good publicity".

  9. I have already started ranking friends by who is most likely to hide me in their attics versus which would turn me in.��

  10. And I thought Thune and Johnson were bad. I'm so sorry you have to put up with this cretin.

  11. Shorter Matt Gaetz: "I'm not a racist; _you're_ a racist."

  12. In Montana we have Matt Rosendale. I'm not sure who's worse.

    1. Oh, yeah. "Maryland" Matt. Came to Montana and pretended to be a "rancher"!

  13. JFC. Keeping myself in the middle of the room today because if I get near a wall I'm likely to give myself a fatal concussion while beating my head against it.

  14. And, of course, now the jackass is frantically trying to backpedal without taking any steps backwards:

  15. To those of you fine folks here who deem Gaetz or Carlson as not being intelligent: I submit to you that the public officials and media personalities Jim is highlighting can be extremely intelligent. They are making cold calculations about what will get them more power, influence, profit, followers, etc, and then carefully choosing to say the things they say. What they are doing is no accident. That they dismay or anger you is either intentional, or a not undesirable side effect of them speaking to their intended audience. That what they say or do is hypocritical, utterly false, or destructive to this country or humanity is of no concern to them. I suggest to you that they should not be casually dismissed as unintelligent.

    1. Right? Dumb like a fox. Masters of manipulation, obfuscation, sideways logic, and oh, repugnant, ruthless, and revolting they are.

    2. Exactly. Carlson learned at the knee of folks like Limbaugh. In the end, it's all about the Benjamins.

    3. Bingo. And that should scare us all a very great deal.

    4. I wouldn't say so much intelligent, as cunning. There is a difference.

  16. The GQP just keeps sinking deeper and deeper into the quagmire.

  17. These idiots are spreading all over the country and scaring me more and more about upcoming elections.

  18. White supremacists are possibly the easiest and most obvious argument against white superiority.

  19. The fact that this guy is NOT in jail or even charged with anything is proof that there will be no consequences or repercussions of any kind for any of these d-bags.

  20. Please send comment to george@gjtatelaw.com. The above Email address is what I use for magazine subscripts etc.

    After a quick review of your Rules, I think I was a little brash.
    However I would probably have not used Tramp (however so so fitting) and use Trump the Russian Stooge.

  21. It’s DeathSantis (THEM) importing new voters. Every single new family (in the last 2 years) has stated when asked,that they left NY,NJ etc. to escape the “Tyranny”.

  22. "And he did this while specifically alleging Democrats are 'importing new voters' in order to change America."

    Remember that one of their Articles of Faith is that literally millions of illegal immigrants are voting for Democrats. The fact that there is not one iota of evidence for this doesn't even slow them down.

  23. Also
    I'm not racist but somehow I know those "imported" voters won't vote for me.

    1. Considering most European conservative parties are closer, ideologically, to the Democrats than the GOP, he's not wrong in that assessment.

  24. I found the hummingbird!!! 👏
    As to the context; BRAVO, Jim, you never cease to amaze me with your words

  25. The funny part, for some values of funny, is that the average European voter (what you might call a centrist), white as they are, aligns broadly with the left wing of the Democrats. A goodly chunk of us are to the left of Bernie Sanders.
    Not that I think Mr Gaetz is aware of that. Awareness of reality might damage his ideological purity, as it usually does.

  26. Thank you for creating this site Jim, I always enjoy your insightful commentary on our current political situation and am also pleased I can comment now,( I know you hit your 5000 or whatever it is on fakebook, unlike many others �� lmao)...
    Keep on keeping on... I also avidly follow Heather Cox Richardson , her column may not be as humorous, but adds great historical context to the daily/weekly events.

  27. Let's stop hemming and hawing and dancing around the issue, and let's put it out on the table for all to see:


    We are in an active political civil war, right now, and it's already far too along to hope to dial it back. Cooler heads will not prevail. The white christo-fascist evangelical nationalists who have taken over the GOP and most of the right wing in general have wanted this since they began machinating for power in the 1960s. They will accept nothing less than 100% their narrow vision of what the US should be, and they have finally grown to the point that they can execute their plan in full.

    *** We were even warned about it, many times over, but we didn't listen. ***

    If we make it to the 2024 election -- and IMO that is a very big "if" -- things are going to explode immediately after. I was scared in November 2020; I am already terrified of what is going to happen in 2024, and am looking for ways to leave. (Thankfully my mother is a British citizen, which affords me some extra options. None of them easy, none of them definitely do-able, but options nonetheless.)

    And it doesn't matter who runs, or who wins... but if the GOP candidate is Trump, and you know it WILL be if he CHOOSES it, then it will be far worse. And if it is Trump, and he loses again, it will be MAGNITUDALLY worse.


    And there is very little (if anything) we, the everyday idiots of the USA, can do about it. And most of us aren't even really paying attention, blissfully going about their everyday lives filled with meaningless tokens of modern civilization.

    Do we really think things were any different in any of the other countries that have suddenly and drastically imploded, in the months and years immediately leading up to it?

    I wasn't there... but I suspect things were eerily similar to what we're seeing RIGHT NOW. Everyone naively thinks that everything normal is going to continue to be normal... right up until the moment that it isn't.

    And then it will be far too late. When human monkeys start to hate, that's not a faucet that can simply be turned off.

    We. Are. Fucked. The knife has already been inserted, it just hasn't started to gush yet.

    Keep posting, and keep trying to reach a wider audience (I do all that I can to assist), but I fear your most excellent words are falling on largely deaf ears.

  28. I have a friend who to tutors people to pass the citizenship test. I have another one who is a new citizen and proud of it. I bet neither Goatz nor Fucker could pass the test.

  29. Jim –

    Have been so glad to see you back in form. It was kind of tough to see you gone for so long, which makes me doubly-glad to see you posting more frequently than you ever did in the past (though I always loved your long-form essays). I always wondered if you were okay – you weren’t, for a while there – and happy to see you’re a tough mf. Can’t keep a good man down, or so the aphorism goes.

    Wondering though: What species of birds are those? You may have addressed it before, but I missed it. Up here in Indiana, I’ve been feeding ruby-throats for years. I’m even nearly convinced that the same ones were returning every year. It started with four or five females and, as far as I could tell, one male. They have their penchant for harems, as I’m sure you’re aware. But this last year… Only two females. They’re still sticking around. Attrition seems to have taken its toll. But I have a cool story.

    Several years ago, you could be sure that all of the birds were harassing each other around the feeders. It went on interminably, all season. But when it came time to move south, something extraordinary happened: ALL of them, sitting at the feeding stations, and just slurping it down. Next day, they were gone.

    Evolution is fickle. In this case, the birds were probably acting on innate principles, the first being to compete. But when the cards are down, competition turns into cooperation. Or at a minimum, tolerance.

    Too bad we humans aren’t programmed so well.



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