Monday, May 10, 2010

Latest from the Shop

It was a very busy weekend, but I did manage to work in a little turning.

These are a couple of large cedar birdhouses:


The bodies are Eastern Red Cedar, the caps are White Cedar, and the finials are Rosewood. Because this pair will end up hanging in a yard in Anchorage, exposed to Alaska’s weather, they’re liberally coated in orange oil and bee’s wax.  I love the color of that Eastern Cedar.


This next picture is a set of decorative birdhouse and a stand.  I have something similar in my office on base and a coworker saw it and wanted one of her own:


The stand is spalted birch, with decorative disks of Cocobolo. The bird houses are (from left to right) Lignum Vitae and zebra wood, red cedar and spruce, claro walnut and rosewood, and red oak and birch. The whole thing stands about two feet tall.


What did you do with your weekend, anything cool?


  1. I looted one of the largest used book sales on the east coast. Please note: this sale comprises large numbers of normal-sized books, not one large one. There was some confusion earlier.

    And I figured out a spinning technique that I'd been unsuccessful with. The trick: mead. Applied internally, and NOT to the yarn.

  2. Wow, those are really beautiful! I would commission one, but I'm terrified I'd ruin it by having actual birds in it. ;)

    You are immensely talented.

  3. I apparently got a cold. Other than that, the weekend was great.

  4. I did yard work this weekend.

    BTW, we had our charity auction, and the birdhouse you donated sold. Do you need a hard copy letter for your taxes?

  5. Naw, I'm good.

    Hell, I've got my tax returns back already. And spent. Whee.

  6. Nice! I might get a weekend like that by the end of summer.

    Saturday was pitching a ton of old hay (anyone need sheep and yak fortified compost starter?), hauled 3 loads of water, 2 trailer/truck loads of old rotted logs and brush to the dump, re-crutched / touched up the ewes, repaired the milk stand (a little), 2 Carlsbergs and Indiana Jones on the big screen. :)

    Sunday after chores built a new chicken tractor, hauled 2 more tanks of water, designed a wellhouse/barn/office building (touching up the plans for printing), stripped and cleaned the pellet boiler at end of season, some yard work, second cut the outsides of 4 new bowls - ready to be chucked up.

    The usual, I guess.

    Need some more of that cedar, Jim? Or is it too dry to do anything but cigar boxes? I have more of that maple strip, too...

  7. Karl,

    OK, I'll ask - what the heck is a "chicken tractor?" I'm all about green, but that just doesn't seem very efficient, plus I'm trying to figure out how many you have to yoke together before you get any kind of decent traction...

    The tops of those first two birdhouse are from the cedar beams you gave me. It's dry as hell, but turns okay with a very sharp spindle gouge and sharp scapers and it finishes up very, very nice. I'll take as much as you care to give up.

  8. I went to time square...to see American Idiot on broadway. Why else?

  9. The last time I was on Broadway I remember seeing an american idiot too or two but they weren't charging money to see them. My weekend was all about yardwork and I'm glad to say I avoided all of it.

    bullsh - at last a word verification that speaks the truth!

  10. I encountered the couple that lived two doors down in Family Student Housing about 23 years ago. It was like no time had passed. Supper at there house on Thursday.

  11. Yeah, they have a hardboiled time trying to pullet - it's eggciting at first but by the end of the day they're just fried... Makes for nice big drumsticks and thighs, though. hehheh It's just a portable chicken coop - usually left on pasture so the peepers can get to the bugs and grass and goodies in the ground.

    Next weekend is (knock wood) my shop cleanout to prep for new heating system - I'll put a couple of those pieces aside for you...

  12. Do you think that TheHusband would notice if I got a big box from Palmer? (I love the birdhouses and stand...)

    ginkinc = the company that plants ginkgo trees

  13. I do wish you'd do a couple more sassafrass birdhouses. I believe one would find a home here in my sunroom. Any chances???

  14. Doc, I won't tell him if you don't (of course, there will be a slight, er, handling fee...)

    Wendy, as it turns out I have a piece of sassafras that I had set aside specifically for you a while back - and somehow keep forgetting to finish. I will finish it up this week and send down to you.

  15. Ooooo. Thank ye kind sir!! Can't wait.


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