Saturday, May 29, 2010

Latest From the Lathe – Japanese Sushi Set

…or how I spent my day off.


image image  

Left: Quilted maple sushi plate.   Right:quilted maple rice bowl.  The chopsticks are rosewood.

Finish on all pieces is simple walnut oil, the shine come from the wood itself.



What did you do with your Friday?


  1. I stood in line to get yet another year's tabs for my truck.

    (and this year is the first that my car cost more to register than my truck)

  2. I was going to say, "Nothing productive", but then I remembered I made refrigerator pickles. And they'll be ready to try early this afternoon.

    I'm excited and scared.

  3. Beautiful work, Jim. They're gorgeous.

    What did I do with my Friday? Nothing much. I think the biggest thing was getting a guy's misdemeanor sentence cut down to 30 days time served so he could go home and take care of his sick father. Oh, and I hopefully kept someone else out of jail by getting him an extension to finish his court-ordered community service.

  4. I got to tell the folks that work for me that due to an accounting error their pay cheques would be five days late. And I got them to laugh when I told them!

    (Emergency funds were available to those that needed it.)

  5. Hi Jim,
    I am Scott McClure's wife Amanda McClure. I wanted to buy the Japanese maple bowl on the right in the picture. Do you still have it available? It would be a gift for Father's Day so don't tell him. Can you email me at scottnamanda@hotmail.com. Thanks. How much?

  6. obviously coveting the purple chopsticks.

    Other than that, went on a successful shopping trip after work, but had to cut the trip short due to the severe weather that came through. Something about not being able to cross the street without becoming a lightening rod...

  7. Your work is beautiful. The bowls and chopsticks are stunning.

  8. I spent the weekend building a thorny palisade to keep the zombies off my property.

    It might look like I was pruning, but that was only a clever ruse.

  9. By amazing coincidence, I ate sushi.

  10. Oh no! It looks like something melted the edges of those bowls! Did you leave them in the dishwasher too long, Jim? I did that once with some Tupperware and they came out looking just like that. I'm sorry all your hard work was ruined.

    Since they're obviously no good any more, you could just pack them up and send them to me. I'll do you a favor and take them off your hands...

    Sushi, YUM!


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