Monday, May 24, 2010


We spent a beautiful Alaskan day driving to Seward and back.

I took a lot of pictures, about 400 in all.

Here’s one of them:


Home now, very tired.

More later.


How’d you spend your weekend?


  1. Sadly, not getting an awesome picture like that.

  2. That is a fabulous picture.

    I spent the weekend the way I spent the week: sitting in the recliner with my foot propped up, reading and napping.

  3. Taking care of sick grandchildren. Why do the parents have to get sick at the same time?

    sunist: What it wasn't in Edmonton during the snow yesterday.

  4. There's something wrong with that photo of ShopCat. Just sayin.

    Oxince: Cologne from the makers of Oxi-Clean.

  5. Besides sending obnoxious bird calls to Jim or sampling the goodies Tania dropped off -

    Cleaning the yard, clearing brush for summer quarters at the farm, a little turning, movie, cleaning the yard some more, two loads of water, Thai food, washed windows, took a picture of an egg. Yeah, don't know what happened there - maybe I should have the hens lay off the gummy bears.

    maridos - low-tide, saltwater, and fish-flavored corn chips.

  6. Hosted a bellydance party for my students and friends.

    We all had a blast getting dressed up and dancing for hours on end. And then we went for BBQ. Blesséd meat with sauce on top...

  7. Nick from the O.C.May 24, 2010 at 3:54 PM

    On Saturday I walked around El Toro MCAS with some other people. The family had fun.

    plons = what an evil overlord makes when bent on world domination

  8. I spent the weekend waiting for the Lost finale. Then it came and went, and that was it, lmao.

    That picture is amazing.

  9. That was the best part about Sunday - the Lost finale. Everybody stayed home and watched that, and I had the roads to myself. Best thing ever.


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