Saturday, May 15, 2010

Latest From The Shop – Lathe Turned Coffee Mug

As some of you know, Stonekettle Station regular, Karl, is a fellow wood turner. 

He lives a ways north of here, up near Fairbanks.  A while back he stopped by my place on his way to pick up a sheep (I did that on purpose). He had with him a lathe turned travel mug.  I commented on it. Seems Karl turns coffee cups, travel mugs actually, and I thought they were pretty damned cool (it’s a turning thing, plus – coffee. Seriously, two of my favorites).

Some time passed. 

Karl sent me an email saying he’d put something in the mail for me.

Some more time passed.

Then one day a block of walnut showed up, along with a coffee mug insert.

See? That’s what’s cool about Karl, he didn’t send me a turned coffee mug, he sent me the stuff to turn my own coffee mug. If you don’t understand the coolness of this, I can’t explain it to you other than to say sawdust may impair higher brain function.  

Some more time passed.

And eventually today I had a moment or two to make that mug:



Coffee is brewing.

Thanks, Karl.


  1. Oddly enough, I have now seen Karl at two coffeeshops today. In fact we are currently at adjacent tables in one.

  2. See if he'll send me more stuff

  3. Karl appears to be a good egg.

    And now I want a turned coffee travel mug. In fact, I want two, otherwise I shall have to fight the Smart Man for possession of the one.

    We wants two, precious.

    To whom should I make my request - Jim, or Karl?

    cuperest - Cuperest? Seriously? Cuperest?

  4. I'm thinking Karl is the coffee cup man. Let's see if he wants to make you a cupple (<- see what I did there?).

  5. Yeah, but I did it first. With Cuperest.

    Stand back, Warrant - the Senior is ON DECK.

    Karl, please send me a note and let me know if you'd be willing to make some precious cups (okay, I'm now thinking I would like more than two - I can see that many people I know would want one of these) for me to buy. I may even be willing to barter for knitted headwear or homemade jam - turner's choice.

  6. Is it just me? Or does every time Janiece mention knitted headwear do you think of that cunning knitted hat Jayne's mom made for him in Firefly?


    Riiiiight, it's just me. Sure.

    (Actually, I have hats knitted by Janiece, and they are awesome and warm and awesome and don't look anything like Jayne's hat).

  7. I don't drink coffee or tea, just Coca-Cola, but even I want one. (grin)

    Dr. Phil

  8. Karl, you may be in business here, Buddy.

  9. See, I get it...what you put your coffee in greatly enhances the coffee enjoyment factor.

    Tha is a loverly piece. I'd take one and proudly use it every day.

    sante = sante, will you bring me hand-turned mug for Christmas??? I've been good this year.

  10. WOW!!! Now that's a coffee mug that I would pay real money for.bertu

  11. THAT is a damn nice mug. I want it. With coffee. Wait, what time is it? 12:20? I want it--with coffee and BOOZE.

  12. I think it was Jeri's son who wanted to know if Jeri knew anyone who could knit a hat like Jayne's, as he desperately wanted one to complete his "fashion look." Unfortunately, I do not have the skills to make non-standard headwear. You could probably as Phiala, though - I suspect her skills far outweigh my own.

    And where the hell is Karl?

  13. From BB.

    Came home to results of power outage after 10 acre fire in the beighborhood last night. All OK, but modem is toast after power spike.

    More later...

  14. Nice.

    Well, better the modem and not the computer.

  15. Just off the phone with ACS - new modem waiting for me tomorrow morn at office across town.

  16. I surprised they didn't make you drive to Delta Junction or Anchorage for it. ;)

  17. I surprised?

    Grog no have enough coffee yet.


  18. No excuse, what with you having the shiney new coffee mug and all...

  19. I actually want to learn wood turning and convince my wife I desperately need a lathe, just so I can make myself two of these cups.

    You know, it would be much easier if you just made me a couple Jim and sent them up here. Birch would be nice.

  20. Cheers, Chief.

    Turned out nicely, Jim - I like the burned accents. And I reckon it took more than a moment or two ;) I'm going to have to try more of the 14 ouncers just for the potential for more shapes.

    Funny you mention the Jayne hat - I got to wear Marian's during the sing-along of 'It's Good to Have Jayne on Your Side' at the concert. I think it was a trade for the origami Serenity she got from us. Plus there was roadhouse blueberry rhubarb pie from Talkeetna. And stickers. And Zippy. Good times, good times...

    Note sent, Janiece.

    diegra - take one of these when you hit the 'more than 4 hour' mark...

  21. Oooh, oooh, ooh! I want one. Please? Prilly please (as my 7 year-old says)? Karl, if you ever check back here, Jim'll give me your email. I'll even throw in an update to the jimwrightisanasshole.com page into the deal...

  22. That may be the single most awesome coffee cup I've ever seen.

    And I have LOTS, even after the fire.

    Yes, Karl -- if you make & sell them please let me know.

  23. That mug is so pretty, it makes me want to start drinking coffee.

  24. Shawn, just so you know, a wooden coffee cup probably wouldn't have survived the fire either. It might be best for you to stick with the asbestos mugs you've been using.

  25. I dunno, I have an Alaskan Birch Bowl that survived two fires now, one as a tree and one as a bowl... (Admittedly it stinks now, but it is still structurally intact.)

  26. Shawn, if you send that singed bowl back to me, I'll make it all better - and less stinky. It's up to you.

  27. No, the maker told me I can't eat or drink from it. And putting coffee in there just to see if it would hold it would be wrong.

    Unless I use decaf. Then, who really cares...

  28. Dammit, Jim. I'm a data basejumper, not a production turner...


    Looks like it's time to invest in that funky, custom boring bar I was designing. And a steadyrest. And some more booze...


    First, let me say I'm not against a run of these, but-

    The main problem for me is the material. It's really hit or miss here with what I can get, Fairbanks isn't exactly a hub for this kind of thing. Some days it's great material at a higher than premium price, some days it's all crap, some days it's all green and can take several months to finish. The last two chunks of walnut I had I really lucked into (Jim got one fraction of the one chunk and the other bits are already spoken for), and the last pieces of birch I got were all but useless.

    Lemme dink around with a few things - I'll be getting back to you.

    Meantime, here's a snap of my usual style for reference - thumbrests.

  29. 'Preciate you're pimpin' the goods, Jim :) Keep an eye on the Christmas stocking this year.

    OK - material secured - enough for 12 pieces.

    4 reserved for Janiece & Co.,
    2 to an anonymous friend.

    Shawn, Eric, Neurondoc, Dr. Phil, Wendy?

    My email is under my profile if you want to contact me directly.


  30. MEEEE!!!!

    (Did I make it? Am I in time?)



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