Sunday, March 21, 2010

Oh, Holy Hell

The Health Care Reform bill passed the House.


You know what that means:




Christ, I hope I can make it to work tomorrow, what with the revolution and all.


  1. You know what that means....

    From the picture, I take it that it means Zombie Charlton Heston is back from the grave and is armed and pissed.

  2. The revolution should be the least of your worries. What about all those untamed anarchistic terrorist hippy types who will be running loose in the streets looting, pillaging and raping and making the baby jesus cry?

    troldthu - what the bill just did...

  3. I just love that picture. I want a huge poster of it. Pure, unadulterated crazy waving a flintlock.

  4. Just don't get hurt while commuting, dodging the competing bands of patriots. The President hasn't signed the bill yet. You don't want a pre-existing condition.

    nouse - uh, yeah, not going there.

  5. Mixed feelings here.

    Yes, they passed overall reform.

    However, I'm one of the 10.4% unemployed/underemployed currently with no coverage, haven't had insurance for nearly 10 years. And while I realize it will take a while for everything to kick in, I'm wondering just how the hell I'm going to pay for the insurance I will now be required by law to purchase (or face a fine).


  6. wendy,

    You can stop worrying.

    ....if your 'need' is legitimate, you would be subsidized and you wouldn't be fined or charged.

    In short, your worry is based on not knowing all the pertinent facts behind the new policy.

    You can stop 'sighing' and get on with something other than unfounded fears planted in your head.

  7. It passed!

    D'you think Rush will really move to Costa Rica?

    Wendy, they've considered how to help people afford insurance. Good summary <a href='http://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/22/your-money/health-insurance/22consumer.html">here</a>.

  8. Glad it passed, but it isn't what I want yet.

    I don't think it is the place of the federal government, or state governments, to force American citizens to buy the product of a private sector company of industry. It is a gravy train gift to said industry at the expense of the individual right to make our own purchasing choices.

    We shouldn't have done it with auto insurance for the same reason.

  9. (Sorry about the link failure.)

    beemodern, I want more too - a public option - but this first step goes a long way toward eliminating the worst problems with the current system: caps that allow insurance companies to dump sick people, and pre-existing condition clauses. My partner has been uninsured for 15 years because he is self-employed and can't get insurance due to a pre-existing condition (he slipped and fell at work 20 years ago). We can afford insurance, but it just plain wasn't available.

    This is better, though certainly not perfect.

  10. Certainly hope the revolution is using flint locks.

    Wonder what he would look like in a bikini, you know the L word one.

    fusang - sound of flint ricocheting

  11. Oh... *shudder*

    My morning was going so well right up until that moment.


  12. Where's the revolution? I was hoping we'd all be building fortresses and instead I find myself here, at work.

    And to add insult to injury, I have to go to the dentist.

    Next you'll be telling me Rush Limbaugh isn't moving to Costa Rica.

    suctions = the discount plan from an inexpensive lady of the night; what? There's a really meaning to this? What fun is that?

  13. Something tells me that Rush will find some excuse not to live up to his hyperbolic promise.

    Anybody want to bet?



  14. Oh, and Anonymous, I'd appreciate it if you weren't such a condescending ass when you talk to Wendy, K? Thanks.

  15. As my old college buddy Mike posted on LinkedIn:

    "If it benefits you, it's stimulus. If it benefits somebody else, it's socialism."

    My take is that the status quo was not sustainable, even in the near term. Something had to be done. Even McCain included healthcare reform in his platform.

    Reasonable people can disagree on how the system needs to be reformed. But doing nothing is not, and has never been, an option.

    So this is a first step in a long road toward major overhaul. There will be other steps along the way, count on it.

    imanles = internet persona, lesbian in a man's body

  16. ::points to comment spam::

    So far, no burning cars or cross fire situations. Heading down to Solon in a moment, so things might change.

    Also, Rush is now clarifying that he said he would leave the US for his healthcare if the HCR was passed. Maybe in his head it means he'll go back to Hawaii. I think he had a good time there, you know, even though they have socialized medicine.

  17. Bee, I'll agree with you, as long as the people who do not desire insurance, are willing to have "NO TREATMENT" tattooed on their foreheads in 3" tall letters, so the rest of us are not saddled with their emergency care.

    I feel the exact same way about riding a motorcycle without a helmet, you get a 10 million dollar policy, and the state gives you a distinctive license plate that tells the cops not to bust you for helmet law violation.

  18. oh, snap, I somehow completely forgot that what may be deemed by you to constitute what may or may not be condescending is a judgement you've reserved solely for your ownself.

    Leaving aside for the moment whether there was or was not any intended condescension on my part, you may be assured that your own condescendence broaches no such question.

    Juxtapose that with you calling people asses, at the same time you're telling others they shant be allowed to do the same?

    I provided the info for wendy's benefit, I didn't provide her that info to furnish you an opportunity for you to once more make manifest your control issue insecurities and once more invoke your overweening opprobrium.

  19. Ah, you're a troll. I should of guessed. I can certainly see why you choose to remain anonymous.

    Here's the deal, Anonymous, what I choose to do or say on this blog is my business. How you behave is also my business. The rules are clearly stated at the top of the blog page. If you find my tone condescending and if you don't like how I apply the rules you may leave. Be civil to the other commenters, especially the regulars, or I will delete your ass and lock you out of the site.

  20. I recognize that ocassionaly having the temerity to hold a mirror up to an overly excitable 'blog owner' could result in one being baselessly and ill-foundedly labeled a 'troll' should that blogowner imagine that in some manner or other his authority has, rightly or wrongly, been imperiled.

    It comes with the territory, even when the 'blogowner' clearly states in his rules for posting that he welcomes disagreement with his 'opinion'.

    Like I said, I offered the info for wendy's benefit.

    Any lack of civility on my part was only directed towards those who would deprive wendy of the reality she should be allowed in order that she wouldn't have cause to imagine she has been, or would be, negatively effected by the current reform due solely to repetitive exposure to those lies and groundless fears.

    She obviously was lacking simple comprehension of the facts within the policy which would dispel her apprehension, and most likely it was due to her having had little but fear and lies planted in her head by those whose interests are served by keeping the facts from her.

    I reserve my condescension for those who propagate and distribute those fears and lies.

    Them and their enablers, no matter what form, intentional or unintentional, they may take from one day to the next.

    Whether you care to deem my actions as being otherwise than was intended on my part, there's little question that is something you can choose to do, but being a blog owner doesn't automatically mean your misplaced inference and conjecture reflects the reality.

  21. Overly excitable is part of my charm, Anonymous.

    As to the rules, you seem to be missing a few things. I clearly said I welcome disagreement, BUT I also clearly said that I won't put with commenters who act like assholes, which what you're doing. I also clearly stated that here at Stonekettle Station I decide who is and is not acting like a troll. And I clearly stated that if you don't like that, you are perfectly free to go elsewhere. Please do so.

  22. So wait, does this mean I'm not allowed to be rude to Eric and Nathan?

    Damn. What's the fun in that?!

  23. Yes, you may.

    As it clearly states in the Rules, regulars get a pass. Anonymous trolls don't.

    Besides, Eric is a lawyer, he deserves whatever abuse you throw at him. ;)


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