Friday, March 5, 2010


Folks, I will be mostly off-line for the next week.

As such Stonekettle Station may or may not be updated until after next weekend.

I have to be in Pensacola for the next week taking care of some family issues.  I’m not going to have much free time.

And as my tablet has gone belly up I’ll be limited to my netbook and the Blackberry, both of which are better for checking mail than for actual writing or posting.  We’ll see how it goes, but don’t expect much.

We’ll be flying out tomorrow, after we work the Iditarod Ceremonial start in Anchorage.  If any of you Anchorage readers are in the vicinity of Tudor and Elmore, where the teams cross Tudor on the walkway, stop by the picnic and have a hot chocolate.  It’s open to everyone and you can cheer the mushers and dogs on. I’ll the guy in the Australian bush hat handing hot sandwiches to the mushers.


See you on the flip side.


  1. Hope them is good issues not bad ones. Enjoy the rain in Fla.

    tzinibb - the official Albanian translation of this comment

  2. It's not good, but it's not unexpected.

  3. Nick from the O.C.March 6, 2010 at 11:55 AM

    Anchorage to Pensacola? What is that, about 3,000 miles? In coach? Ouch.

    I wonder which is the longer trip, AK to FL, or Maine to Hawaii? I suppose I could look it up... but I'm too lazy today.

    Best wishes Jim.

    prieve = prior grievance

  4. Woo hoo!

    (pets ShopKat)

    The place is ours!

    (jumps on the sofa)

    Who has the chocolate?! Who has the whiskey?!

    saning = pretty sure it's something I'm not even in nodding acquaintance with.

  5. Where does he keep the charcoal, beer is in that drift over there.

  6. (Joins Random Michelle on couch)

    Two whiskeys coming up!! I wouldn't want you to drink alone!

  7. Warner,

    I'm not allowed to play with flammable things.

    Or messy things.

    Or sharp things.

    In fact, Jim prefers it if I just sit quietly and don't touch anything. But really, that was totally NOT my fault. Janiece started it!

  8. Not to worry, we can just go down to Sear's and replace it. That way if it breaks again it is under warranty. And we know how much Jim thinks of the brand.

    polite - what this crowd is (sometimes).

  9. Where's the whiskey? Who's bringing more chocolate?!

  10. I'm heading off to See's right now- we can get the St Patrick's Day chocolate potatos. (guaranteed to prevent famine!)

  11. I think he's coming home soon.

    QUICK! Shove everything under the sofa!

  12. Um...why is one end of the sofa higher than the other???

  13. Cut the legs off the high end and put Shopcat there.

    phithed - what the woman was today when I told her that if she doesn't tell me about procedural errors, I'm likely to keep making them.


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