Monday, March 29, 2010

About the Lack of Posting

Been a bitch of a last couple of days, and frankly I just haven't had the time.

I have a number of personal and business obligations that are all due right now and between that and my father in law passing away, well, something's got to go - and right now the only place I can recover time from is writing and blogging. I thought I'd have time tonight, but I've got an unexpected issue that has to be taken care of.

Now, now, don't cry. I expect things to be back on an even keel shortly (mostly). Look at this time as a gift, use it wisely, learn a foreign language, practice that harpsichord you've been neglecting, grow a third arm, or maybe even clean out the fridge.

Smartass aside, one thing I will leave you all with tonight (think of it as a public service announcement): if you don't have life insurance, get it. Get it right now. Even if it's nothing more than the ten grand necessary to cover your own funeral. Seriously. Otherwise you're leaving it for somebody else, namely your family. So, you know, don't.


  1. Sympathies to your wife and to you for the loss of her father. It's a hard time.

    When my father was dying, he requested of his second wife (technically my stepmother but theirs was a middle-aged marriage) that he be cremated and left in the cardboard box handed to her at the crematorium. That's exactly what she did!

    It's been over two years and we still haven't been able to have him interred in an old family cemetery with ancestors.

    Keep expenses low. Not that low, but low.

    Will watch for your return and new posts.

  2. Condolences to the whole family.

    I took care of the insurance thing last year, so I'm good on that front. But growing a third arm? Yeah, I'm trying to learn how to knit, and THAT would come in handy.

  3. i'm very sorry t hear about your loss.

    and don't worry we can manage to find a way with out you for awhile, i think i'll explore


  4. When you do return to writing, might I suggest a trip to DEEP THUNDER. Because while your blog is entertaining and maketh me to giggle, I do believe your goal of BECOMING A WRITER is better served by renewing your commitment to FICTION.

    Why, yes, I have been talking to Beastly. Why do you ask?

    And yeah - either buy life insurance or have enough set aside to bury yourself. Or, you can donate your earthly remains to MedCure.

  5. Yes. Writing. It's like reducing government expenditures - where should I start cutting first?

  6. I would add - if your parents or parents-in-law don't have life insurance and you don't have siblings willing to pitch in, bite the bullet and go get it otherwise you'll get stuck with the bill anyway, and have to argue over trying to get some money out of siblings who didn't give enough of a shit in the first place.
    Why, yes, yes I have been there and done that.

  7. Take the time. We'll be here.

    And yeah, you don't want to leave it up to the local government to care for the "indigent." No, seriously. We go the cheapest route. You don't want that. (Yeah, we just updated our ordinances to handle those cases, we're looking at 3 in the next few years)

  8. In response to what pws said: Yes, that's the problem with each child in a family having his or her own separate relationship with shared parents. Each has a different view of the parents and a different relationship. When adult children face a crisis with their parents, those differing relationships and the adult children's feelings about them rush to the surface, sending them in multiple directions when it comes to feelings of responsibility and/or how much each wants to pitch in.

    Because we have a "problematic history" with our parents, years ago my two siblings and I made an agreement that when our parents faced crises, we would not make demands on each other or blame each other if any one of us refused to participate in anything the other/s desired to do. So far it's worked, but then again, we all liked our dad better and he is gone. We'll see what happens when it is our mother's turn. So far, our baby sister is the one who helps her and I'm the most distant, but there's been no major crisis nor have we faced her life's end yet.


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