Thursday, April 2, 2009

Today's Music (Updated)

A discussion elsewhere reminded me of how much I enjoy Celtic music.

Especially the modern folk version of Celtic music.

Here's Loreena McKennitt and Santiago. The fiddle at the end is simply amazing.

Celtic Music, I had no idea so many of you enjoyed this. I got email from a number of folks, some I've heard from before and some that were new to me, offering suggestions. Thanks folks.

Here's a few links, suggested by readers:

Doug Lamey and Cliff McGann from Boston. Both are members of The Boston Kiltics www.bostonkiltics.com

This is a group called Slainte, from the UK

Here's a link to a TED video of Natalie MacMaster and Donnell Leahy

And Russell Hopper at the Irish World Music Academy:


  1. I love Loreena McKennitt. Her music is so interesting.

  2. I was on a bit of a Celtic music kick in high school, yeah, I know, I'm a nerd.

    I hadn't heard her before, though. That's pretty good.

  3. Matt, she's pretty famous. Done a lot of sound tracks. Her two best known songs in the states are "the Mummer's Dance" and "The Highwayman" (not the Johnny Cash song, an Irish poem adapted to song, horribly tragic as are most Celtic poems). Both songs are on youtube.

  4. I saw her perform a couple of years ago. Simply amazing. My favorite song of hers is Dante's Prayer.

    Jim, if you love Celtic music, check out Sligo Rags. I love that band sooooo much.

  5. That song sounds great! I listened to more of her music on Youtube after hearing "Santiago", and I think I'll get some of her albums. Any recommendations? :D

    (and disregard the fact that I obviously live under a rock, since I never heard of her or her awesome music o.O)

  6. Book of Secrets is probably her most famous album, it contains both Mummer's Dance and The Highwayman and rest of it is excellent. My personal favorite album though, is The Mask and Mirror which includes Santiago.

    Right now I'm listening to Celtic Fiddle Festival [Live] which is absolutely outstanding if you love Celtic folk music - Reel a` Tido (Tido's Reel) is my personal favorite. I'm partial to reels and this one is particularly excellent. You can get the album as part of the Celtic Fiddle Festival set at Amazon.

  7. Oops, Bakho, I suddenly realized that you're in Croatia - I honestly don't know if Amazon ships to you or not, so my previous comment may not be a lot of use. Sorry. And BTW, love the pictures on your LJ page - especially the foggy one of your street. Very cool.

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  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Oh. Amazon does ship to Croatia. Though I've had some bad experiences with lost packages and weeks of playing email ping pong with their customer service (note that calling the customer service in the US would probably cost me more than the books + shipping, so email was all I had). There's a whole post about that evilness of Amazon at the LJ (if you're interested in the frustrations that are created by shipments traveling across the globe...) That post only mentions the beginning of the happy Amazon story. Afterward, my package managed to get lost somewhere in transit, and they were out of stock so the replacement would be sent literally after a month. More aggravated email ping pong ensued, and I got my copies in a matter of weeks.

    Thanks for the recommendations!

    And thanks for the comment about the pics! I'm the worst photographer in the history of the world, with shaky hands and always missing the good stuff for a split second (like I missed the whole tram in that pic at the *ahem* tram station o.O). But yea, that foggy street pic is kinda eerie...

  11. We're very fond of a Canadian group Great Big Sea.

    Dr. Phil


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