Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Talk About Your Proverbial Coincidence

Did you feel that?

It hasn't posted to the Alaska Earthquake Center site yet, but we just had a good shake here. I felt two good seismic jolts, about twenty seconds apart with tremors between and a long rolling set of temblors after the second shock for a good thirty seconds.

A couple of things fell off the shelves and it shook the house hard enough for me to get up and stand in the nearest doorjamb - which in retrospect wasn't the smartest thing to do, since the nearest doorjamb to my desk is the double French doors between the den and the sunroom. The sunroom being walled in very large glass windows thirty feet high and which I watched flex and shake for a good minute.

Just posted to the Alaska Earthquake site. I knew it had to be fairly good sized and close due to the sharpness of the jolts.

Right on both accounts.

It was 4.69 in magnitude and right the inlet below my house. Epicenter was less than 24 miles away.





I just, and I mean just, got back from the insurance office, where I was discussing our various policies, including earthquake insurance and the increasing thereof to cover a number of improvements we’ve made around here in recent years.


  1. Snort. The irony.

    Glad everything's good. :)

  2. Wait for the ink to dry, then we'll throw the switch for the big one.

  3. You sure you like living in an earthquake/volcano zone?

  4. I do, you should have seen the cats jump 4 feet in the air. That was worth the price of admission.

  5. Vince, I lived in a country that was pretty much entirely an earthquake and volcano zone - it adds a little spice to life. Speaking of which, Mt. Fuji blows about every 350 years, and the last eruption was back in the 1700s...

    Remember I asked you about earthquakes right after Redoubt blew? :D

  6. 4.69? How cute! Why, that wouldn't even wake me up.

    (Waiting for the inevitable, "At least you don't have to deal with blizzards and volcanoes, SoCal Girl." Yeah, yeah, I know. You know I'm happy that y'all are okay. Seriously.)

    Also, I still think you're just psychic.

  7. 4.7 would wake me up, but then the cats running around downstairs wake me up.

    And yes, 4.7 isn't anything big, but we were right on top of it, and it was shallow, only about 16 miles down, so it really shook the house. My wife was driving in Anchorage at the time and didn't even notice it.

    And on top of that there were volcanoes, and blizzards, and cat hair, and a dog ate my homework, so you know, shove off, Socal Girl.

  8. Jim, I've never been all that sensitive to earthquakes. A 4.7 quake would get my attention because things were moving and swaying, but I tend not to feel them unless the building is jumping up and down fairly hard (which, as you say, would probably happen if it were pretty close, like this one was for you).

    I woke up right before I felt the Northridge earthquake, the epicenter of which was about 10-12 miles away, but that is a rarity for me. And it WAS pretty damned big.

    I'll grant you the cat hair, but not the dog eating your homework. So, sorry, I ain't shoving off anywhere, Mr. Chief Warrant.


  9. Jim Wright is... most ...exciting blogger...in the past century...!


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