Tuesday, April 7, 2009

School House Rock

I'm off to an appointment in town. Back in a bit.

In the meantime, learn how a bill becomes a law. Too bad we swapped out School House Rock for Sponge Bob, eh?


  1. I miss Schoolhouse Rock. And Jack Sheldon was awesome.


    "Conjunction Junction, What's Your Function?"

  3. Last year I went and downloaded all of the Schoolhouse Rock i could find. I miss them, and the way that it made learning fun...something that is missing for today's kids. Who else could make grammar fun to remember. (ok, there was Electric Company, but that was different...and apparently been redone. I am not fond of the new shows)

  4. I love that one, but more importantly...

    Anything get broken in the quake just now?

  5. There is a troop that travels around and sings a lot of SHR to the kids. I don't know if they are Chicago based or not, but we took the little one once to see them.

    By the bookstore, on a beautiful morning.

    The kids loved it.

  6. Tania. Yes. Next post.

    The ground is still vibrating here. I was sitting practically on top of the hypocenter.

  7. Now just what are the odds of this?

    They're discussing School House Rock and this song in particular over on Scalzi's site under the Vermont post. I swear I hadn't seen that, and in fact it hadn't even been posted when I put this up before I left for my appointment. Compare the time hacks if you don't believe me.

    How friggin' weird is that?


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