Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Wright exercises his iron will power

Busy in the shop today.

I'm pushing deadlines for contract work and really, no really, can't spend the day online. Besides the sooner I get this work done, the sooner I can get back to turning and the world will return to proper balance.

However, I am loath to leave you without entertainment today because I know that makes you cranky - and there's only so much cranky to go around and I like to keep that for myself.

So, as I've mentioned before I have this thing about small British pub bands. Weird, quirky pub bands with one too many pints under their bowler hats.

Meet The Coral.

From the Wikipedia: The Coral are an English band formed in 1996 in Hoylake on the Wirral Peninsula near Liverpool. The band's music is a mixture of old-fashioned country, 1960s-style psychedelica and folk, with modern rock influences.

Here they are, performing Dreaming of You. If you're a Scrubs fan, you might recognize this from episode 10, season 2, My Monster (today's quote is also from that episode. Damn, but John C. McGinley kills me).


  1. Interesting. But I still don't think you you have "iron will power."

  2. Well, no. That's why I have to exercise it. Duh.

    Oh and open thread and all that - like Nathan won't hijack it anyway.

  3. I knew you weren't exercising. As evidenced by your response to my comment.

    Neener, neener, neener.

    So who's watching John Adams on HBO?

  4. since iron will seems to equal introducing us to great quirky bands, I'm all for iron will. I, personally, have aluminum will.

    Janiece, I haven't watched John Adams, despite having HBO. How is it?

  5. So anyway, Sophie blew up the spaceship, but that really sucked, 'cause, ya'know, she didn't have a space suit and so she died, but not really, 'cause at the last moment, Not-Sophie downloaded her into Blink's neurocortex and that way her consciousness was really living on, and isn't that what sentience is all about in the first place and Blink pooped on the enemy and the enemy was all like, "Ooh, Ooh, Gross Blink-poop got on me", and Blink was like, "Hah, Pooped you again, dude", and Sophie was like, "Where am I?" and Not-Sophie was talkin in this really weird breathy voice and was like, "Use the fork, Luce," and everybody else was like, "WTF? Who the hell is Luce."

    Was that what you had in mind, Jim?

    You know better than to dare me.

  6. Came in for a cup of coffee.

    Janiece, I'm no longer on active duty - so I don't have to exercise, and I probably won't until the day where I can no longer see my feet, and maybe not even then. It's part of my "Make Fucking Sure George the Decider Can't Recall Me" Plan.

    Vince, happy to oblige. Dreaming of you is one those songs your listeners will be sure to like. Tell them it's from me :)

    Nathan, well, yes. I really wanted to participate in your project, but I just don't have the freakin' time. I am following it though.

    John Adams I'll watch when it comes out on DVD. I detest HBO, but every once in a while they make a truly great flick - Rough Riders comes to mind, thoroughly excellent and Tom Berenger's best ever role, ever. Seriously ever. If you, like I, think Teddy Roosevelt was a true hero, especially at San Juan Hill, you really need to watch this movie. I have the HD version, hell the music alone is worth the watch.

    Back to work. See you at the next coffee break.

  7. Just for a change, I am going to sit here quietly, not root through Jim's cabinets and drawers, and not give away his beer.

    I'm just going to sit here and read my book!

  8. See! Well-behaved!

    Look how good I'm being!

  9. I'm tired of being good.

    Are there any cookies around here?

  10. Is it just me? Or does the lead singer remind you of Shawn Powers?

    Michelle, touch the cookies and you die ;)

    Well, OK, you can have just one.

  11. Hey no fair! How come Michelle gets a cookie? I should have a cookie too!

  12. The John Adams series is great, we've seen every one. Jim, as far as HBO goes, it's a pretty good one - decent historical accuracy, fabulous actors and solid production values. Oh - and no ads. ;)

    I've never been a history buff, although the hub is, but I find McCullough's books and this miniseries to be fascinating. Even the teen boy squad is watching it with us, by choice.

    Jim, the great thing about iron is that given sufficient heat it's malleable. (see: wrought iron, blacksmithing) So, your will can be iron at the same time as it's flexible. ;)

  13. Or rusty.

    MWT, fine have a damned cookie, don't get any crumbs on the cat

  14. Is it just me? Or does the lead singer remind you of Shawn Powers?

    Ya know, he DOES remind me of Shawn.

    Michelle, you can be good and also not behave. They're not necessarily the same thing! :-D.

  15. (sits quietly, happily eating her cookie)

    Thank you Mister Wright!

  16. Only Ensigns call me Mister Wright - are you an Ensign, Michelle?


  17. Quite nice. Added to my long list of things to buy. ("Dreaming Of You" is on the band's eponymous debut, available from Amazon.) I seem to detect a hint of Madness in this song--that's a good thing.

    Thanks, Jim!

  18. Hell no!

    Just trying to continue to behave is all!

  19. Drat. I started the John Adams hijack, and then I missed it.

    Yes, it's good. It's beyond good.

    It's fabulous.

    Who thinks Abigail Adams should of been our first woman president?


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