Friday, April 25, 2008

Offline (updated)

I'm going to be offline for a bit this morning.

I'm completing the Vista SP1 installation - which is going just fine, but I got side tracked yesterday and didn't finish the process. I'm also installing some new hardware and a couple of other minor details. Should have it done shortly.

Thanks, see you in a little while.


Update 1: Vista SP1 installed and operating. Woohoo! Seems to work fine and the computer is much faster now. I'm not entirely sure yet, but SP1 seems to have massively improved networking and networked volume issues. Further testing is required - but if that's that case I will much happier. Take that Michelle.

Now for the new video card and some various and sundry other hardware and software maintenance issues.

More later.


  1. Should have it done shortly.

    You really shouldn't have said that...

  2. Now Michelle, you know it all depends on how you define shortly.

  3. Well, my wife is only 5' tall, so around here we define shortly somewhat differently.

  4. Hey, I'm just saying that whenever *I* make such statements, that qualifies as either hubris or "famous last words"

  5. Ask not if you are living up to your responsibility to entertain Jim. Ask if Jim is living up to his responsibility to entertain you.

  6. Hey! I'm working on it!

    ::shakes head in disgust. Glares around the sands. Flings sword into the crowd::

    Well?! Are you not entertained?! Are. You. Not. Entertained?!

    ::the crowd begins to applaud wildly as he stalks away. He will have his revenge, in this life - or the next one::

  7. WOW.... two days to install updates - should have bought a Mac.

  8. Mike, no. Should have had less other shit to do. The updates were easy, it's the other stuff that's taking up my time.


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