Friday, April 11, 2008

Clear your desks, pop quiz time.

Clearly I need to brush up on my chemistry.

I got 51 out of 118.

I could not remember more than 3 of the noble gases. I got about half of the transuranics and about half the poor metals.

Let's see how you do.


  1. Once I realized I had to spell them correctly, I quit.

    I can't spell berylium to save my life.

  2. I will not embarass myself by attempting this.

    And I think John the Scientist should NOT be allowed to play.

  3. I'm not even going to look at it. The odds of me remembering any 10th grade chemistry are just astronomically slim.

  4. Ya bunch of babies.

    And I am very curious to see what John scores.

    I'm proud to say that I got all of the United States and the countries of Europe (except for montenegro, dammit) - which are are linked to on the periodic table quiz. I also got the Rick Astely quiz correct.

    never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down..."

  5. Also perfect scores on the English Alpha code (go figure), and the Nine (Nine!) Planets tests.

  6. Hey, speaking of quizzes - When is Tania's Jeopardy date?

  7. April 28th

    It's on a stickynote on my desktop.

    I thought of putting a countdown on my blog. :)

  8. 44/118, and a struggle for that. Somehow it seemed embarrassing to only remember Einsteinium with 10 seconds left--I mean, so many of those transuranic elements are named after important names from physics, you'd think I'd remember the one named for my hero when I was in fifth grade. (Was my failure to remember Americium while correctly getting Francium very early some kind of Freudian slip, I wonder?)

    Missing things like Titanium, Cobalt and Nickel is also pretty embarrassing. So is missing Krypton--I mean, how many times have I seen Superman and I miss that one?

    I only got one Lanthanide, and it wasn't Lanthanum (it was Cerium, and probably because I haven't had dinner).

    The only thing that makes me feel better about my poor performance is that I'm apparently the only person other than Jim and Michelle to even try it, and Michelle quit. Jim's right, y'all are wusses.

    Alright, I'm goin' out. Have a good evening, folks.

  9. 35. *hangs head in shame*

    Apparently, rote memorization of the periodic table is not how I have the elements in my memory banks anymore. I spent most of that panic-stricken 15 minutes trying desperately to free-associate into remembering stuff, and recalling compounds.

    "What was the chemical formula of hydrogen peroxide again? H2O2. But I already have hydrogen and oxygen, drat. What about calcium carbonate? CaCO3. But I have calcium, carbon, and oxygen. Argh!" So curses to carbon and oxygen for being in everything, dammit. >.<

    The last thing I remembered was lead because I first thought of Platinum, which is Pt, and I knew there was a very important P something elsewhere, until ... Pb!

  10. The spelling issue came up almost immediately. I worked on a project dealing with berylium and cadmium and couldn't spell either.

    That was after discovering they did NOT have to be filled in order, or placed correctly in the table. (I was clicking on a spot, then typing in that element. So you can see why I got so frustrated. :)

    And MWT, if carbon wasn't in everything, the what would organic chemists do with themselves?

  11. I took the test again after reading through the comments here and got 57. I can't believe I forgot neon twice. o.O

    Also, here are my scores for the various "name the country" tests:
    N. America - 7
    S. America - 7
    Europe - 33
    Asia - 31 (can't believe I forgot Thailand!!)
    Africa - 14

    I could name all 50 states and all 9 planets. At least my memory isn't totally shot...

  12. Oh! Thanks for pointing that out, Michelle. I took one look at the layout and thought "I have to fill in the periodic table AND correctly locate everything? F- that." I haven't used the periodic table in 20+ years. I had a fabulous high school chemistry teacher and I still remember what specific heat is. He focused more on making sure we understood concepts than memorization. I may try the chemistry quiz, or on the other hand, I may go make sugar cookies. Hmmm... decisions, decisions.

  13. Only 34 right. Missed a number of obvious ones. My thinking cap must be malfunctioning!

  14. Not even trying. It's been nearly 30 years (eek!) since 10th grade chem, and I sucked at it even then. I might tackle geography though...

  15. OK, I did pretty well with Europe, mostly missing on old SSRs. Same thing with Asia.

    Did crap with North America. I just don't know the islands.

    Completely blanked on Jupiter.

    Got most of the Alpha code. Only missed Millard Filmore in the Presidents.

  16. Well, good thing I'm not a "real" scientist. I got 54 right. When I did it the first time, I was putting them in the correct spots -- only got 20 of those.

  17. I did well on the America one, but I've sailed though the Caribbean a few times and have most of the islands memorized.

    Presidents - uh, not so good.

  18. 21 our of 46 European countries. I missed the vast majority of the post-USSR countries, excluding North Eastern Europe.

    10 out of 12 Greek gods. (I forgot Apollo and Hephaestus--I remembered he was maimed and his name started with H, but that was it.

    9 out of 12 Roman Gods, but I got Pluto as a bonus, though there was no way I was dredging Ceres adn Vesta out of my brain.

    Got all 50 states.

    I got all the members of ST:TNG (sigh)

    Got 9 of 9 planets.

    26 out of 43 presidents (boo hiss) I knew no one from Reconstruction through Teddy, and couldn't remember either great depression presidents. Wow! Only 60% of the people remembered Woodrow Wilson? I find that surprising somehow.

    And now I think I've wasted enough of my evening...


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