Sunday, October 14, 2007

Well, Winter has arrived

Got up this morning to a quarter inch of snow in the driveway. Most of it melted off by noon.

Of course the snow reminded me that I hadn't got the studded tires on the wife's jeep. And we have the neighbors coming over for dinner today (any time now, potatoes are baking on the grill, steaks are marinating, and my stomach's growling). Urg! So, we ran up to Wasilla to get the tires changed out (yeah, us and every damn body in the Valley). And swung by the store to pick up a couple of things for dinner.

On top of all this, I'm seriously aggravated (yeah yeah, when am I not? Shuddup, the lot of you). My main computer, the main media server in the den, fried last night. Happened as I was plugging my ZEN into the USB port. Got a static pop, and then the machine locked up. Uh oh. Reboot? Maybe? Suddenly I'm all religious here, pray that it comes up. Ah, no. Pulled it apart this morning, reset the CMOS BIOS, just hoping that I can pull it off. No. The motherboard is apparently toast. Goddammit! I knew I should have turned on the humidifiers!

That's my music server, and the machine I talk to my brother on via video conference. I feel like a member of the family has died. Tomorrow I need to go find a new motherboard (I ain't buying a new computer here folks, not one this size). Just what I needed to do this week, rebuild a computer, but I have to have this machine dammit.

Well, my week's starting are nicely, how about you guys?


  1. Are you kidding? The Rockies just won the third game in the NLCS against the Diamondbacks. One more and it's the World Series, baby.

    I've been a fan for years and years, not like the Johnny-Come-Latelies around here.

    Life is sweet.


  2. I just had dinner with my MIL and her husband. Redneck bigot central. The spouse and I smile and keep our mouths shut, we're not going to change any minds.

    Things chilled considerably when I said I found big giant crucified Jesus pictures with weeping stigmata disturbing. Heh.

    Otherwise, this should be a good week. I have a load of work I'd better get done by Wednesday, but as long as I don't f*ck off, it'll happen.

    My sympathies on your family's loss. My Squidward had a motherboard failure about a year ago, but he was 7. It was his time.

  3. Heh. My Powermac 8500 is going to be 12 in a few more months, and the one time I thought lightning had fried the motherboard, it turned out to only have fried the ethernet port. Through the cable modem! o.O Thusly did I set up the cable modem for my new computer on a wireless network. But they don't make Macs like they used to, because the new computer (a barely two year old G5 iMac) has been in the shop twice already to replace critical hardware.

    Meanwhile, down here in Savannah everyone claims that it's fall now, but if we go by the "the leaves have turned colors" definition, it won't be fall for another month. Oh well, next weekend I'll be in Indiana and I can see pretty leaves then.

  4. I said I found big giant crucified Jesus pictures with weeping stigmata disturbing. Heh.

    Urk! I don't even want to know how you got on that topic, Tania.

    I'm completely lost without this computer. All my backup data, music, pictures, videos, roughly a terabyte of data is stored on this machine. It is also the machine that I use for video and image processing and the only hardwire connection to the wireless access point/router. It is also the machine I use for video conferencing. And if that's not enough, the main high-speed laser printer and both scanners are plugged into this machine. I have to have it. Have to. The fact that it is down burns us, Precious, it burns us!


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