Friday, October 12, 2007

Quick Question

Why doesn't somebody just kick the ever living shit out of this woman? Really?

I swear, the only time I wouldn't piss on this sorry excuse for a human being, is if she was on fire.

Update: Please, don't interpret this as a command to do violence. It's just a question, because frankly I cannot understand why somebody hasn't just smacked this evil malignant anorexic bitch right upside the head.


  1. Jim, I do not need to be incited to violence when it comes to that woman. I am quite capable of getting to that place all on my own. And if I was ever in a position to do so, believe me, a slap upside the head would be my parting shot, not my opening one.

    She is one of the very few women on the planet for whom I will revoke the "don't ever call another woman the 'C' Word" rule. And I revoke it with relish.

    Now my blood pressure's up.

    "In with the good, out with the bad..."

  2. Oh yes, I heartily agree. In fact the "C" word (capital cee here folks) may not be profane enough.

    But, see, I have reason for asking people not resort to violence around her - because I'm reserving that privilege for myself. I despise this women, I can't even begin to describe how much.

  3. W. T. F.???

    Every time I think there's no possible lower she could go - she proves me wrong.

    Like Janiece, I'll also make exception to my "do not ever call another woman the "C" word" rule for Coulter.

    A friend came up with "Twatwaffle"...

    I mean, we can't call her pond scum, it'd be an undeserved insult to slime molds everywhere.



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