Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Sunrise on the Peak

Frost! It was 29F this morning and the yard is coated in frost. But, no rain! The sky is clear and blue and the sunrise on Pioneer Peak is spectacular this morning.

Hell, it might even be dry enough to pick up all the leaves in the yard today. Whoohoo!

Also, for those of you who care, we had our local MatSu Borough elections yesterday - and it looks like we managed to toss out the old, corrupt school board and elect all new members in what amounts to a landslide, including my good friend Susan Pougher who will be filling Seat C. Congratulations, Sue!

This is major poetic justice for Sue, who was fired from her job as head of School Food Services, through some major unethical bullshit by the Administration with the backing of the outed school board. Ha! Reap the whirlwind, boys.


  1. Yeah for changing of the guard. Now comes the REAL hard work. I know, 'cause that's how I got in. Congrats and good luck to them. I wish we could replace people on our school board.

  2. She's pretty stoked, it's true. I just got off the phone with her and her husband. They're both good friends and I campaigned for Sue, putting up signs and whatnot. So, it's cool.

    Of the last board, we had one guy that's been on the board for years, and he has yet to stay awake through an entire meeting. Two more are all but indicted in the current Alaskan politician scandal that goes all the way up to Uncle Ted (Senator Stevens, for the non-alaskans). We've had two documented cases of nepotism on the board and a dozen other things. Really, really long past time for a change. But these guys are movers and shakers in the valley, and have been firmly entrenched on the board. So this really was a vote of no confidence. It really was a good day for us, today.


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