Friday, October 5, 2007

Beware, Angry Bobcat!

Man, for some reason this just cracks me up. Sounds like something I would do.

I've always loved comics for some reason, the kind with quirky, biting humor are always my favorites. Bloom County, Farside, Calvin and Hobbles, man I miss those. But on the upside, there are a number of very good regional comics that can be found on teh internets nowadays, along with some purely web-based comics. Besides the brilliantly funny XKCD, I read:

Russell's Teapot - Be warned, crudely drawn, irreverent Atheist type humor
WAR Comic - The Secret Lives of Mobs, by Rory Phillips. Kind of a cross between gaming humor and Tolkien, terrific artwork.
Get Fuzzy - by Darby Conley, also a syndicated newspaper comic. A bemused pet owner, his bemused dog, and an psychotic cat. With the occasional weasel.
Pearls Before Swine - by Stephen Pastis. also a syndicated newspaper comic. Zeba Zeba Eata! From some reason, I find this strip hysterically funny on an almost daily basis. I know people exactly like the Crocs, and personality-wise I probably resemble Rat more than a little.
CTL-ALT-DEL - by Tim Buckley. A comic about a gaming addict.

So, what comics do you read?


  1. The only one I really keep up with anymore is Foxtrot. I'd also be reading along to Venus Envy but the artist has been hit pretty hard with Real Life lately and hasn't been able to update it much. The archives are pretty fun though.

  2. Oh my...

    Schlock Mercenary, SF webcomic about a trigger-happy amorph and his mercenary pals.

    Sluggy Freelance, what I consider one of the grandpappies of webcomics. If you want to read the archives, be prepared to set aside three or four days. (Same for Schlock)

    Starslip Crisis, SF webcomic about an art museum/interstellar battleship.

    Order of the Stick, a stick figure comic based on D&D

    Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic, takes on the generic fantasy/D&D world from the evil end of the spectrum

    Dr. McNinja, which I think started in the Something Awful forums. Lives up to its name.

    Penny Arcade, one of the elders of the video game webcomic subgenre

    Home on the Strange, about an ex-punk rocker, his geeky wife, and their strip-club bouncer friend.

    Irregular Webcomic, done largely in photographs of Lego figs and gaming miniatures, with some nice Stars Wars and James Bond parodies tossed in.

    My Elves Are Different, the editorial comic of record for SF/F

    Real Life Comics, about a geek and his wife, based on their lives

    Plus CTRL+ALT+DEL and Get Fuzzy

  3. Woops, forgot a few:

    DM of the Rings, a screencap webcomic with the premise being that the beloved Lord of the Rings trilogy is the D&D campaign of a prickly and imaginative GM. Uses screencaps from the LOTR movies.

    Darths & Droids, a comic with a similar conceit as the one above, this time with a Star Wars theme and done by the guy who does Irregular Webcomic

    Rooster Teeth, the webcomic of the guys who made the "Red vs. Blue" Halo machinima (itself very funny)

  4. Hmmm, looks like I'm going to be spending Saturday morning reading online comics, instead of, you know, doing anything constructive.

  5. Love me some Get Fuzzy. I still read Dilbert (I think it's required to maintain membership in the Engineer's Club) although I think the quality has fallen off, and there's nothing like Zits for parents raising teenagers.

  6. I read Dilbert on regular basis, I get the mail feed. It's not nearly as funny as it used to be, though Wally continues to crack me up. I used to read Scott Adams' blog, but frankly in my opinion the guy has gone off the deep end. I surf through his blog every once in a while now days, but not on any kind of regular basis.

  7. Get Fuzzy is excellent. Opus is in there as well. Frazz, Crankshaft, Pearls Before Swine, Doonesbury, all of them are on the hit parade.


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