Monday, October 29, 2007

Off to Anchorage (updated)

I've got to run into Anchorage today.

Yes, yes. I'm going in to buy a new server (mumble, mumble, curse, mumble), the old one was far more damaged than I realized (during repairs there was actual smoke, I nearly had to call for FEMA support) and I'm just not going to put any more money or effort into repairs. I've spent quite enough already, thank you very much, and I'm past the point of diminishing returns. So, new machine and while I'm at it, new wide screen 24" flat panel monitor - because I can get both for significant savings at the Elmendorf PX.

On the upside, expect a detailed description of my adventures as I integrate the new machine into my network; I'll be upgrading to MS Windows Vista Professional and the new Intel Quad Core Xeon processor.

I need to get this done ASAP. I've got a tremendous amount of configuration, software installation, and hardware integration to do in a very short amount of time. I intend to begin writing full time in two days - and I need this machine up and running no later than Thursday morning. Then again, I always work best under pressure and artificially imposed deadlines.

Wish me luck.


Update: Oh yeah, you may have noticed I've added a "Digg" icon to some of the posts. I've been playing with the site's basic HTML coding. I'm doing some investigation into social networking sites as part of a research project on data propagation and validation, which is part of a larger project involving next generation data encapsulation. The Digg icon is an experiment, it may stay and it may not, I'm just gathering data at the moment. Feel free to Digg me, or not, I'm cool with it either way. I have no real interest in my personal Digg or Reddit standings (really, I don't) or my site's position in Google rankings, however, I am interested in how these types of sites contribute to the propagation of information across the global grid. It is far easier for me to track my own posts, than somebody else's, hence the inclusion of a Digg icon. Again, feel free to Digg me, or not, either way provides me with useful data points.


  1. I nearly had to call for FEMA support


    I think you'd be better off calling for support from Jumper.

    Good luck with Vista...I've heard some horror stories, and we're sticking with XP for the moment. I'll look forward to hearing about your "adventures in Vista" extravaganza.

  2. Windows? On a server? You must be a masochist. Good luck, you'll need it.

  3. Not Vista! We did that for the Village, two months later we switched back to XP.

  4. Alex, well it's an experiment. Plus I utterly detest unix (years of government systems). We'll see how it goes.

    Steve, same as above.

  5. There's always OpenVMS ;)


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