Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Quick Update

Like, I said in the previous post - this week is a bit hectic. Additionally, just for added fun, Murphy's Law is in full effect.

I spent all day yesterday at the VA, getting probed, scoped, and otherwise examined - with more today, for which I have to leave for Anchorage in just a couple of minutes. The bad news, my shoulder and neck are a mess, my knees are a mess, the nerve damage in my left arm is something of a mystery, and my hearing profile shows "classic sustained noise damage in the mid to high frequency range in both ears" and as such I qualify for hearing aids. Nice, I took a pass on the hearing aid thing for the moment. The good news, I have the blood pressure of "a seventeen year-old girl" - that's apparently very good according to the doctor. So, woohoo and so on and so forth.

Now just to make it interesting: I got up a full hour late - and didn't realize it. I thought it was 5:30 and it was actually 6:30. My son's homework would not print on the back-up printer in the office (the main printer rack in the den is still down, because the Goddammed server is still dead and I can't seem to fix it despite a new motherboard and power supply), and so I was running around trying to get the dammed homework printed out when I realized what time it actually was and that instead of having a hour, I actually had no time at all. Becky had a conference to go to and said she'd drop the kid off at school, giving me a couple of extra minutes. Great! Out the door they go as I rushed to gather up my medical records and headed out to get in the truck. Just then, Becky pulled back into the drive, something odd going on here - yep, flat tire on the jeep. Goddammit! Dump the jeep in the shop, wife and kid in the truck, drop the kid off at school and we headed into Anchorage. I managed to get Becky to the Hilton, where her conference was, and make it back across town to the VA only a couple of minutes late.

Now how my blood pressure was anywhere near normal I don't know.

Rushed home, so I could get the tire off the jeep and to the tire shop in Palmer before it closed. Then back home to remount it. By the time I got done with everything I had a killer headache and really didn't feel like posting. You can thank me later.

Anyway, despite the fact that it snowed last night and the roads are slicker than greased goose shit, I expect today to be better. And now I'm off to Anchorage.

Hope you all have a good day.


  1. Okay, I'll quit whining like a Seaman assigned to a Tiger Team in the Hole about World Series tickets. Your day was obviously worse.

    Can anything be done about the neck, shoulder and knees issues, or is it one of those "grin and bear it" kind of deals?

    I'll eventually have to get one of my knees replaced, and I also have the classic noise damage that I think everyone who works and lives on ships gets. Funny, they never mention that in the ads.

    "Navy...FULL SPEED AHEAD...to hearing loss."

    "It's not just a job, it's an adventure in hearing loss!"

    "The United States Navy...Accelerate your hearing loss!"

    Good luck with the rest of the poking and such.

  2. How your blood pressure was normal is the real mystery. Makes me think you actually were some sort of prototype weapons system that ran into a cost overrun.

    Glad things survived the temporal dissonance and flat. How is the nerve damage in the shoulder mysterious? I'd have thought that either it was systemic from the neck and shoulder. Or is it a localization problem they're having?

    I don't see you with hearing aids, but it might be because I expect you've been enjoying the ability to tune some folks out at will, and those would make it more difficult to do so.

  3. Makes me think you actually were some sort of prototype weapons system that ran into a cost overrun.

    Well, that would certainly explain a few things.

  4. "getting probed, scoped, and otherwise examined"

    Doctor, I would like the full Abduction Probe Package with complimentary cow disembowling, please.

    As for the blood pressure, yeah, broke my leg, fracturing the fibula in so many places, walked on it to make sure I crunched it to all hell and gone pushing the ankle a couple of inches out of socket, was in all sorts of pain, great BP.

    Had to get a ultra-sonic cardiac stress test (I'm carrying an extra hundred pounds these days). The people conducting the test couldn't believe what they had to do to get my heart rate elevated. It took them nearly 50 minutes to get my rate up (adjusting the tread-mill slope four times). They said they had an easier time getting teen-age atheletes heart rates up.

  5. Well, Vettriano, see now that you don't work for me anymore, my blood pressure has returned to normal. Heh, heh.

    Janiece, what? Speak up, I can't hear you. Maybe I should have got those hearing aids after all.


    They said they had an easier time getting teen-age athletes heart rates up. Well, yeah, Steve. That doesn't require a treadmill, just porn.

  6. Porn! Well, see, they didn't have any. And it's a little difficult for me to get excited when I've got wires connected to all the points and ultrasonic gel pre-spread over my sides and chest.

    Of course, that's just me. I'm sure there are some who would find that a Good Thing(tm).


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