Saturday, October 30, 2010

Attention Alaskan Conservatives: You Are Goddamned Cowards - Don’t Call Yourselves Americans

We went into Anchorage today.

When we came home we discovered that the Scott McAdams signs had been taken from our front yard.

Somebody with roughly size 12-14 boots ran through the snow from a truck idling on the road into my yard, ripped the sign from the frozen ground, and ran back to the truck.

Ran. Like a coward.

I posted this to my Twitter and Facebook accounts and got numerous reports of the same bullshit all over the MatSu Valley and up to Fairbanks.

This pisses me off. No really, you have no idea, no idea whatsoever, how much this pisses me off.

But you couple this nonsense to the voter intimidation and Murkowski’s write-in list chicanery at the early voting booths and my blood really starts to boil.

Then there’s this:

Sarah Palin took aim at Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski late Friday evening, after a phone call from the senator’s camp resulted in the suspension of a local conservative radio talk show host.

“Does all this sound heavy handed? It is,” wrote Palin in a Facebook post. “It is an interference with Dan Fagan’s constitutional right to free speech. It is also a shocking indictment against Lisa Murkowski. How low will she go to hold onto power? …She made it clear that if you disagree with her and encourage others to exercise their civic rights, she’ll take you off the air.”

Really? Is that right? Interference with a constitutional right to free speech? What do you call it when your goons come into my yard and take my signs? What do you call it when your thugs stomp on people’s heads? What do you call it when members of the media are handcuffed by your hired storm troopers for asking a question?

You, Sarah Palin, are disgusting travesty of a human being. You’re nothing but a fucking Nazi whore. And you Tea Party SA are the most pathetic excuses for Americans I have ever had the displeasure of running across. You dumb fuckers should just pin swastikas on your brown shirts and call it like it is.

Listen up, Palin, Miller, Teabaggers, and the rest of you conservatives assholes, because I’m only going to say this once: You keep talking about how much you like guns? You got it. You set foot on my property again, you attempt to intimidate me or mine, you attempt in any way whatsoever to interfere with my Constitutional rights and you will regret it.  I’m armed and I damned well know how to shoot. I am, in fact, an expert. A very experienced expert. This is Alaska, you set foot on my property again and I’ll ship you back to Joe Miller’s campaign headquarters in a fucking bag. Count on it.

New signs are up.

Shotgun is loaded.

Your move, Motherfuckers.


  1. Just shows you. Republicans are a bunch of fucked up chickens. Cowardly assholes who sneak around when no one else is around to do they shit.

    Fuck them all, you cowardly assholes. They don't have to guts or balls to try to remove the sign when someone is home.

    Nothing but a bunch of girlie men.

  2. I sense much anger in you...
    Also, if anyone does come back, can you videotape it? I'd love to see someone's reaction to having a gun pointed in their face, I imagine their love of the 2nd Amendment would vanish quickly.

  3. My local tea party congressional candidate is named John Colbert. Every time I see a "Colbert for Congress" sign in someone's yard, I have an urge to paste a "Stephen" on top of it. But I don't DO that because my respect for things like my fellow citizens' rights to voice their opinions (stupid as they may be) and trespassing laws overtake my desire to do something slightly amusing.

    The level of civility in this country is really appalling.

  4. Reminds me of an old friend, Rick, who spent some time in the Army. Rick and his family lived on a farm in Virgina, out in the middle of nowhere. One night a car came down the dirt road in front of Rick's farm, stopped, turned-around, then came back a few minutes later.

    Rick came out with his shotgun cradled on his arm and the car stopped and the driver rolled down the window. Turns out the driver was lost and Rick was able to give him directions.

    The driver apologized for waking Rick at such a late hour, and also for worrying him. Rick looked down at his shotgun (which was NOT pointed at the car) and then back at the driver. He said, "I wasn't worried."


    You're getting a link from someone's Facebook page, I can just sense it.

  6. Is it my imagination or are things rather more heated in this mid-term election than is usual?

  7. Okay this comment is coming from a complete outsider...and remember that we Canadians rarely get worked up about elections because we know that anyone who is interested in running for politics is either unqualified for any other job so therefore their only option is wellfare or holding a political office, or they are special and you need to speak slowly to them so they can understand the "words coming out of my mouth" no matter which party they represent...but I digress...

    #1. So why is it that the US has so many people who are freedom lovin', free speech spewing, stand up and pound your chest American flag wearing enthusists who always seem to be the first bunch to decide what the rest of the population is allowed to think? These people are all about "Freedom of (fill in the blank here)" as long as it agrees with what I believe, praise be to Jeebus!

    #2. I know that there are some slight differences in meaning between the Queen's English and American English, so can someone explain to me what "Freedom" means in the States? Freedom of speech, of belief, to vote, etc. In Canada it means we get to decide which dork we want to vote for without some knob (aka psycho Nazi retard) stealing signs from private property. Although I'm sure it does happen, personally I have never witnessed it, nor heard of it happening in any of the towns I have lived in. (Although the fact that some people have actually been able to work up the enthusiasm to display such signs has always amazed me.)

    #3. And as much as I admire your words of sanity in the sea of crazy that America seems to be turning in to, I am afraid that actually threatening to pull a gun on someone who is stealing a sign might be a little over the top. When Canadians get all pissy about issues we get our dander up and write nasty letters to the editors of the paper. Typically there is a lot less or the red liquid spilled that way.

    Warmest Regards
    Iron Bess

  8. threatening to pull a gun on someone who is stealing a sign might be a little over the top.

    Others have pointed this out to me, as recently as five minutes ago in the bedroom.

    Yes, perhaps it appears that way on the surface - but what's behind this sentiment is this: I spent twenty years defending this country. I put my ass on the line over and over again. And now, suddenly, because I choose to vote for a democrat I am the enemy of America. It's not just the worthless cowardly fuckers who stole my signs (the first time I've ever put up signs in my yard, by the way). It's the Tea Party and the Conservatives in general. These lousy hypocrites talk about getting their guns and taking back their country. They kick people in the head and handcuff those they disagree with (and I'll point out right here yet again, in the handcuffing case Miller had the media cuffed and arrested because they were asking about something Miller damned well knew was true. The man is a lying sack of Nazi shit). These fuckers think nothing of threatening the rest of us. They think nothing of telling the rest of us to get out.

    Well, I'm not getting out, and I'm not going to shut up, and I'm not going to be intimidated by these fucking goosestepping fucks. I'm not going to go along with it. I'm not going to be one of those pusillanimous German assholes who after WWII said, "geez, we didn't agree but what could we do?" Conservatives seem to think that liberals won't fight. They're wrong. they think this is their country. They are wrong. I've dealt with these douchebag bullies all my life - which is why I am not going to budge now.

    This isn't about stealing my sign, it's about stealing my country. Today they take signs, curbstomp liberals, and handcuff reporters. People like Palin encourage them to do so without repercussion. Tomorrow they smash windows and start rounding up the undesirables. When they come for me, they're in for a fucking surprise.

  9. I'll field this one:

    I know that there are some slight differences in meaning between the Queen's English and American English, so can someone explain to me what "Freedom" means in the States? Freedom of speech, of belief, to vote, etc. In Canada it means we get to decide which dork we want to vote for without some knob (aka psycho Nazi retard) stealing signs from private property.

    "Freedom Of Speech": this is the protected right of corporations to anonymously donate tons of money to political campaigns and the right of private individuals to say bigoted things on television and the radio without fear of reprisal from the community, from advertisers and/or from their employer. It explicitly does not include protection for "fighting words," such as calling someone who disparages people on the basis of skin color a "racist" or someone who expresses their Constitutionally-protected right to hate gays and Muslims a "bigot."

    "Freedom Of Belief": the right of all Americans to profess their Christian faith, attend the Christian church of their choice, and teach both sides of debates between science and fundamentalist Christian doctrine in their schools (with appropriate emphasis on the "theoretical" nature of scientific claims). Implicitly includes the right of Jews to attend synagogues and wear those funny little hats so long as they don't get too uppity about it (the Jews being the chosen people and their homeland being important for Jesus' return). Explicitly does not include the right to build a recreational center anywhere within walking distance of a strip club that stands on hallowed ground.

    "Freedom To Vote": The right to vote for an actual American born on American soil who professes American Christian values as required by the Constitution. The great danger to the right to vote, of course, is stolen elections; election of a liberal or religious or ethnic minority to public office is, of course, prima facie evidence of electoral fraud, as it is logically obvious that a minority, by definition, could not achieve 51% of a popular vote unless white Christian voters were intimidated by blacks at the polling station, illegal immigrants were allowed to vote, socialist "ringers" passing as American citizens were double-voting, the machines were miswired to override Republican votes with votes for Democrats, etc.

    By the way, you omitted the most important right, which is the right to bear arms. Should liberals, socialists and foreigners continue to steal elections, it will be the duty of every American patriot to take up their hunting rifles, shotguns and handguns against the tanks, bombers, helicopters, guided missiles, drone weapons, destroyers, battleships, submarines, amphibious assault vehicles, artillery pieces, fully automatic weapons (including modern descendants of Gatling guns capable of turning concrete walls into swiss cheese), etc. of the socialist fascist American armed forces.

    Other American freedoms are ersatz. For example, there is no right to abortion in the Constitution, and some rights enumerated in the Constitution, such as female suffrage and direct election of Senators, are late amendments that deny the States their proper rights as envisioned by the Founding Fathers who, acting with divine guidance, founded a nation on the firm Christian bedrock of a fractured, isolationist, agrarian, slaveholding society.

    I hope that clears everything up and provides a useful and convenient guide to basic American liberties!


    "Explicitly does not include the right to build a recreational center anywhere within walking distance of a strip club that stands on hallowed ground."

    ...should read:

    "Explicitly does not include the right to build AN ISLAMIC recreational center anywhere within walking distance of a strip club that stands on hallowed ground."

    Christian recreational centers, of course, are explicitly protected by the Declaration Of Independence, and may be built anywhere, even inside a schoolhouse.

  11. Two to the chest one to the head Jim, but i do have a ? I have no doubt these people are spineeless, and i'm not trying to pull away from your originale post, but did Miss Murkowski actually do anything remotly close to what she was acused of?

  12. I'm not sure of the laws in Alaska, but here in Ohio stealing or defacing political signs is a criminal offense. About every election cycle someone is fined and sent to jail (not for long, but it's there). I hope you reported the theft, Jim.

    And don't worry about the 2 to the chest, one to head. Go for center mass with the shotgun (shot or slugs). Now, if you're shooting bullets, at such close range if you have the option, don't go for the head. It's not a vital organ to these people. Unlike real zombies, but then you want a machete for real zombies.

    As an aside, when I see these idiots talking about 2nd Amendment remedies I have two thoughts. 1) Yeah, with the previous administration I also had those thoughts, but the Constitution lives and obviously I have greater respect for it than they do and 2) I'm a better shot than they are.

  13. Lord Foul, it's not Murkowski - it's her conservative supporters.

  14. Good move, Warrant.

    Putting another sign out there is like putting up a salt lick or a big light out in the middle of the meadow.

    You should add a smaller sign below the political ad:

    "Notice: You are trespassing and tresspassers may be ventilated if you touch my sign again."

    It's only sporting to warn them if you're putting out bait.

  15. nzforme, it looks like we might be neighbors, or at least neighborish. I see those damned Colbert signs too.

    As for people stealing your signs, Jim, not only is that theft, but it's trespassing. Any conservatives thinking about stealing campaign signs might want to consider whether trespassing on your property is worth a bullet.

    BTW, surveillance cameras might be in order. Catch the fuckers in the act.

  16. You need a small sign saying "Trespassers will be Shot, Survivors will be shot again"

    Do you know where to borrow a backhoe?

    Happy hunting!

    inkestes-why you never refill a printer cartridge in the nude?

  17. Bravo, Eric. May I steal it and send to friends?

  18. I have liberal bumper stickers on my car. No surprise that over the years I've had to deal with idiots yelling at me. It's the price I gladly pay. Things have been quieter lately (lucky me). However, Saturday I came out of the movies and had this on my windshield, "Yo, Why you be hating so much man that's what liberals are about?". Makes me proud of our education system. This year's batch of stickers aren't even threatening! I think if they are going to be that chicken they should have to at least have to be a little more articulate! Yo! Chickens be everywhere!

  19. I'm just curious how people ar getting away with silencing Radio Hossts, It burns my ass that free speech is being drown out by the whines and crys of the fully formed children in America

    FYI this is JarheadJournalist just under a differnt name.

  20. Eric, don't forget how they care deeply for the small business owner - and how they have every intention to make sure he stays small.

  21. Hello Eric,

    I'm not sure I saw this on your explanation of "Freedom of Speech".

    It's important to note that this includes the freedom to lie blatantly without fear of a lawsuit.

    I still don't see how the media can allow such terrible lies in the form of political ads to be broadcast without fear of promoting false information.

    It's odd that blatant lies against the character of individuals when were not in the middle of a campaign season can get a person, persons & networks sued for libel.
    Yet during a campaign season all bets are off.

    Go figure..., you know maybe if the networks who allow this type of BS to be played were held accountable for the factual nature of accusations made...we'd see a lot less of them. :)

  22. Hi Neighbor! :::waves at Carol Elaine:::

    Joe, it's probably a "public figure" thing. It's pretty hard for a public figure to prevail in a defamation action, and most people know it.

    The other thing is, in the rare cases when the defamation action IS brought, you won't get a final judgment until long after the election is over. In which case, even if you win the lawsuit, it doesn't entirely matter. If you won the election anyway, you weren't really harmed. And if you lost the election, how are you going to prove that you would have won if you hadn't been defamed? (And even if you can prove that, the court isn't going to make the other guy yield the political office to you.) The most you're going to get is money -- and it's probably not worth the trouble at that point.

    And everyone knows this -- which is why the BS is so easily flung.


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