Friday, October 8, 2010

New Kitchen

We're redoing our kitchen.

I think my parent's first house cost less. Hell, I think their second house cost less.

The new fridge is being delivered today.

The new stove should be here in a couple weeks, in order to get what we wanted we had to order it special. Apparently it's made and shipped somewhere far, far from Alaska.

We still haven't decided on the dishwasher, the new range hood, or the new microwave. But I suspect we'll figure that out this weekend.  Cabinets and counter tops are next, and the new hardwood floor last.

I spent the morning cleaning out the old fridge and packing everything into coolers. I've got the old unit unplugged and unhooked from the water supply. I've got the doors removed from their hinges so the delivery crew can get the old unit out and the new one in without banging into things.

Cats are locked in the basement.

I'm ready. Come on delivery guys.


  1. VirginiaMy parents paid $6000.00 for their house. Our kitchen appliances, which are good but not fancy, come close. O course we have two stoves, two refrigerators and two freezers.

  2. I've got a teenager, I need two dishwashers. :)

    The new stuff is fairly high end. We're replacing appliances that came with the house, which were OK but are now seriously dated and worn. The stove and oven in particular. I hate cooking surfaces that can't be cleaned, I purely detest those black glass cooktops and anything that has ridges and grooves and places for gunk to build up. I wanted a seamless stainless steel cooktop with removable grates and burners - i.e. what you'd find in a commercial stove top. I also wanted a large convection oven. And I wanted it all in gas, not electric. And I wanted a rapid boil super burner and precision temp control. Ended up with a commercial unit that I think we will be very happy with.

    Fridge wise, like most alaskans we've got large freezers in the garage, what we wanted was a very large fridge and a smaller freezer. And I wanted the over/under arrangement - i.e. pull out freezer on the bottom, fridge on top vice the side by side arrangement. We ended with a high end unit made by LG. Absolutely everything we wanted and then some.

    We'll probably go with a Bocsh dishwasher, stainless inside and out and deathly quiet. I'll never own a Maytag again, they're loud and leak like a sieve.

  3. Jim said, "I spent the morning cleaning out the old fridge and packing everything into coolers."

    Couldn't you have just packed it in boxes and set it on the front porch? I'm sure it would keep at least until April.

  4. I am so glad I found this old blog...moving men are coming tomorrow w/ new appliances and it NEVER occurred to me to take off the doors...what a smart idea. Thanks! :)


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