Friday, November 13, 2009


Folks, I've been very busy this last few days.

Nothing serious, just work, deadlines, that sort of thing. I just haven't had enough hours in the day to get certain things done, so I've been deliberately offline in order to make the time. As such I haven't been able write new posts or respond to comments on old ones or answer email - of which I have an enormous amount.

Posting should return to normal this weekend. If you've written to me, I'll try to sort through the inbox and send you a response shortly.


  1. He's away! The place is ours! PARTY!

    (jumps up and down on the sofa)

  2. Cool- we can try to make our own birdhouses! [approaches large and expensive piece of equipment with mad gleam in her eye]

  3. I just finished 10 pounds of Italian sausage, half hot, half sweet.

    the bacon won't be ready for two weeks though.

  4. Entertain me, minion.

    Oh, wait...that's your line.

  5. How dare he leave us all alone to our own devices in a shop full of his devices.

    Hmm, wait, this could be fun!

    Dibs on the dark chocolate!!

  6. Hah!

    While Foo-ee-you is off doing REAL-LIFE-CRAP, I shall post my own enormously entertaining, insightful, WHY-DIDN'T-I-THINK-OF-THAT Genius level stuff and totally hijack his entire audience.

    (Note to potential visitors: Gimme a couple of minutes to come up with all that stuff before you visit. Right now there's just a bunch of posts telling you while I'm too busy to tell you anything.)

    Hah! My evil plans are coming to fruition. (Hey; it could happen.)

  7. (drags self in suing walker and brace)

    (looks at the FESTOOL, but isn't up to the wrath of Jim)

    (instead sits gingerly down on the sofa [not the one Michelle is jumping on] and waits for a minion to bring over a non-alcoholic drink. With a umbrella)


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