Sunday, November 22, 2009

Attention, Slavic Asstard...

...how about you stop leaving Viagra spam on my blog?

I know you're there. I know you're reading this. I can see your IP - and I'm about to make it public. Understand me?

Not one person who reads this site is going to buy knockoff rat poison disguised as cheap man medicine from the fucking Czech Republic. No body. Hell, we wouldn't buy the real stuff from the Czech Republic.

Please fuck off. Deleting your comments is becoming tedious.


  1. Are they at least competent? I've been being plagued by a very incompetent spammer (who can't code their comments properly, leading to no link at all). If there's one thing more troublesome than a spammer, it's an incompetent one.

  2. I am looking 4 a brutal cave explorer who wears a R0lex even tho he's a loser and asks his gold fish for a bigger instrument.


  3. hmmm, should these pills be off orange, oh well i took them anyway

  4. And this is why I love Wordpress. And Askimet.

  5. Well, it's just a little late for that now, isn't it, Carol?

    ::stomps off in a huff:::

  6. Heh, IIRC blogger does have an option to toss a Turing Test in front of comment posters, Captca or something similar. A slight annoyance to humans trying to post,large hindrance to most bots.

    Though captcha can break up some beautiful relationships... http://xkcd.com/632/

  7. Yup. Word Press has fabulous spam blocking options!

  8. Jim,

    They're just trying to add their bit to the health-care debate. The conservatives, wanting something to keep up with their trophy wives/interns, will take the pills, thereby clearing up the gene pool.


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