Monday, September 17, 2007

It's my fault

Yeah, it's my fault. On Sunday, 9 September, I penned this post about the decay of Cable News Channels, CNN in particular. In the post I mentioned how, in my not so humble opinion, the downturn came with the O.J. Simpson trial in the mid-1990's.

Mention the Devil and he appears. Gah!

The Juice is plastered all over my TV these last two days. What is it with this idiot? You'd think having barely escaped conviction for the murder of his ex-wife and her boy friend, he'd be on the straight and narrow for the rest of his life. Seriously, he must believe his own press releases. This time though, I think he is well and truly screwed.

And with that, I will never mention O. J. Simpson again on this blog.


  1. I already blamed you when I first saw it (flipping past Fox News.. "Oh, hey, other news orgs are replaying 9-11 stuff, but Fox has the OJ Trial, figures. Oh, it's a new one. He did what now? I guess he wasn't in the news enough so he got lonely.").

  2. Maybe he'll write a book, you know, "I didn't break into a Las Vegas hotel room, but if I did here's how I'd do it..."

  3. OJ's a complete tool. Why does anyone care about the latest asinine crap he's involved with? I just don't get it.

    Now all that estrogen-rich relaxation I stored up over the weekend is gone! Jim, this is all your fault!


  4. That's what I'm here for Janiece, estrogen neutralization. You find what you're good at, and you stick with it.


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