Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Busy today

I'm a tad busy today, making up for wasting labor day watching Dead Like Me reruns and HD DVD episodes of Heroes. Heh, I guess for me it was more like Organized Labor Day, in the productivity department that is. Anyway, I'm spending most of today in the shop, constructing the china cabinet carcasses and seething over DRM. Expect an Imperial Decree later today on the subject - because in the distressingly long list of things that just utterly piss me off, DRM is rapidly approaching the top ten.


  1. So DRM put a bee in your bonnet. What kind of bee? I've never really had any issue with it, but I'm strictly an iTunes/iPod gal, so I never notice it.

  2. itunes is the Devil, Janiece. Satan himself coded it. More on that later.

    Last night, I fought for 4 hours to download Matisse's Nomah's Land and My Fault from Rhapsody and/or Urge. Finally, after hours of download faults, DRM issues, blah, blah, and more blah I finally pulled it in from Urge. But because I loaded it on my laptop, I cannot transfer the albums to my main media server even though I've already paid for them. Somebody is going to Pluto, or getting bombed from orbit.

  3. iTunes is the Devil? I'm not sure I agree - I think Wal-Mart holds that distinction.

    From my perspective, iTunes as a product gives me what I need at a reasonable price, and I've never run afoul of their DRM. Since I'm a consumer and iTunes is a product, I judge it by how useful it is to me.

    Now, if Apple ended up being the Wal-Mart of the technology world, I might change based on principle, but to my knowledge, they are not negatively impacting the world's economy with their business practices.

    Do you know something I don't?

  4. Well, at least Apple has openly complained about DRM and has made the move to go away from it.

    But don't woodwork angry, Jim. That's how you lose fingers.

  5. Thanks for the thought, Steve, I'll try to find some kind of zen-like calm before turning on the power today. I meant to finish a post last night, explaining the whole DRM = seething thing and iTunes = Devil, but pain and tired won out before I finished the update.

    I will finish the DRM post today, I swear. Just as soon as I have a cup of coffee and take the kid to school.


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