Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Weekly ShopKat


For the ShopKat Fans (you know who you are):


Shot in Auto mode from 70ft with the 200mm lens, black cat in shade with a brilliantly lit background. Photo is edited only for size.


You’ve really got to love Nikon. Seriously.


  1. While I am an adoring ShopKat fan - I'm not nearly so, err, passionate about it as Changwhoisnotchang. Spectacular pic!

  2. Someday I will know what ShopKat knows. And then I will become more powerful than you can imagine.

  3. Went with the D 90.

    The woman who lives here, keeps muttering about yard work, chores, kitty litter.

    Can't she see I'm busy?

  4. Someday I will know what ShopKat knows. And then I will become more powerful than you can imagine...

    Well, your breath will be anyway

    Went with the D 90

    That's an awesome camera body.


    (ShopKat Thoughts)

    Ah yes...a suitably spectacular day, everything is just so perfect...

    I am master of all I survey. I have a fine home, two square meals a day, and a family of humans who think I AM THE PET. Silly humans...

    Yes...everything is just so... Wait, why isn't their noise coming from the shop?


    Damn it Jim! I'm ShopKat, not some common tourist attraction. Now get back to work. -sheesh!-

  6. No doubt about it, she is exquisite, as is the photo. ShopKat out enjoying the beginnings of fall colors.

  7. Ditto Jeri's comment. I love ShopKat. She has a civilizing influence on things.

  8. Civili...?

    Obviously, you've never seen her take down a vole. She's a little savage, she is.

  9. I've seen that look before.

    I usually try to get out of the way before all hell breaks loose.

    Nice picture, though I think blue is more her color.

  10. http://cheezburger.com/View/3965729536

  11. Great photo.

    Nikons I do so love (from my first portable digital, the 950, which took over 10,000 images, to my D50, considerably less so far).

    Anyone have thoughts on the D7000?


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