Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Call Bullshit

How much do you cuss on Twitter?
Created by Oatmeal


  1. He does say it's broken. I previously put up a completely cuss-filled tweet that probably had my gran rolling in her grave, and it still says I'm 100% clean. Sigh!

  2. Yeah, I'd guess it was my cussing that broke it. Stack overflow induced stroke maybe.

  3. I'm suddenly more bothered by the question of how to pronounce "Cuss O' Meter." It's probably "cuss, oh, meter," which is what it looks like, but "cuss-ohm-itter" rolls off the tongue so nicely I'd prefer it. Like "thermometer," y'know? That's a nice word.


    alizer: suffix added to any word to make it a scientific tool used on the show Star Trek: "neuralizer," "tachyonlizer," "dickalizer," etc.


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