Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cognitive Dissonance

As you know, I’m a bumper sticker-O-phile

They’re like little sound-bites of the driver’s personality.

Today, as I drove through the port area, this jerk cut me off:


We stopped at the light and I suddenly realized what I was looking at. I snapped a quick shot before the light changed, because I knew you, gentle reader, would be as bemused as I.

I know, you can barely see the stickers.  Sorry about that, I took the picture with my Blackberry straight into the glare of the sun. Here let me help you out.




I didn’t get a picture of it, but on the giant chrome bumper there was this:


and this:


Guns. Check.

Hates poor people. Check.

Hates Liberals. Check.

Hates Obama. Check.

Giant truck. Check.

Giant chrome exhaust. Check.

Blaring Country & Western music. Check.

Drives like a monkey with a head injury. Check.

Yep, your typical mid-life crisis Conservative Hard-on-mobile.




What’s that?

That, right there. On the cargo box.



Could it be?

Naw, it couldn’t be.

Surely not.





Couldn’t quite make out the logo on the left (I think it might have been for the IBEW, but I can’t be sure), but the big red letters spell out:



The whole thing says: UNION! YES!


I assume that when he gets to the voting booth, he just pushes buttons at random.


  1. The union in question is "of the snake."

    Hey, someone had to like Seven And The Ragged Tiger. He's the guy.

  2. he really didn't have the university look to him, Jerry. Unless we're talking about Clown College ... or maybe Glenn Beck U.

  3. Well, they are "Christ Centered" and Laura Bush is the keynote speaker at their 13th annual scholarship banquet. Could be an offshoot of GBU.

  4. Actually, many Union people are conservative. During the 68 democratic convention there was lots of divisiveness and many union people left the party "of dirty hippies, antiwar beatnics, affirmative actionists, and lazy people." You might also see how the late 60s were the last golden age of unions and many members began voting against their own supporters and for people who have the agenda of breaking union power. Because they supported the war in Vietnam, where mostly white, and didn't understand those damn hippies.

    Doesn't make a lot of logical sense, but there it is. Unions pretty much cut their own throats and didn't realize it until the late 90s. Much of their membership is still conservative and votes republican. (said as a Teamster Affiliate - GCCIU, Local 549M)

  5. Exactly, Steve. Hence the cognitive dissonance.

    I grew up in UAW land and worked in a union shop for a while before joining the military, and I have watched for 30 years as the union manages to consistently drive its own jobs overseas. Unions can be counted on, just like the guy in the picture, to cut their own throat on a pretty consistent basis.

  6. Yup.
    I'm a member of I.U.O.E. Local 302 (Operating Engineers - the guys building roads, ports, operating cranes, you get the idea).
    You would be amazed by all the dumb-ass comments I hear about members who vote straight Republican, without a clue or care that the party they're voting for is ANTI-LABOR. Most of these guys proudly proclaiming their ignorance are the guys who never show up at a meeting, never vote for any of the union officers, never . . . oh, never mind.

    My bumper sticker says "Give me APATHY or . . . whatever".


  7. The union movement in this country was doomed when the President of the AFL-CIO accepted a lunch invitation from Richard Nixon.

    A lot of it also comes from the fact that Eisenhower choose to run as a Republican. His troops were positive he cared more about their comfort than that of his officers. My father certainly thought so.

  8. I can't put into words the level of disgust and outright frustration I have when ever I see this sort of thing.

    The level of ignorance in this country is beyond belief, and the moron in that truck is just your average, every damn daily reminder.

  9. I'm considering getting a car magnet that reads," Dear Monster SUV Owner: just how tiny is your dick?"

    Because how many people in Los Angeles actually need to drive a monster-size SUV for work or sport? Not many, I'll wager.

  10. I knew the minute I saw your disclaimer about the profanity I liked you!
    Well, the only thing I have in common with this guy and I assume it's a guy, is the guns. I sort of need to counter people like that with the guns just in case they decide to really get nuts.
    The only thing missing on the truck was something about Jesus.

  11. LMAO

    I love how you zoomed in closer to the Union sticker.

    It's like I could see the >:-o face from here.

  12. "The bigger and louder the truck, the smaller the prefrontal cortex and penis. This is inversely proportional to the amount owed to the lender" I always say. I just love the $60,000 truck towing the $20,000 trailer with four $10,000 snow machines upside down in the ditch with a 23 year old talking to his dad on the cell phone. That must be good for the economy, right?


  13. Speaking of bumper stickers

    In my building's parking garage, there is a huge black monster truck with a bumper sticker centered in the middle of the tailgate that says (and I quote)

    "I Love my Cock"

    At least you know what is important to him.

  14. Maybe he has a prize-winning rooster.


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