Thursday, June 3, 2010

The New Banner

Note the new banner.


(If the new banner looks like the old banner, you’ll need to do a refresh and/or maybe clear your cache)

The picture is a panorama of Thompson Pass, just north of Valdez, Alaska.  It’s one of the highest points on the Alyeska Pipeline at about 2700 feet. The picture is stitched together from seven shots I took last weekend and a larger version of it can be found here.


  1. That's very nice. I fixed it for you. (And will delete that if you wish, it was just the easiest way to offer the revision for your use.)

  2. Phiala,

    it's hard to see on my phone. What did you do? Took the vehicle and people out?

    I deliberately left them in when creating the pan. The scale of area encompassed is so incredibly vast, but size is somewhat lost on the computer screeen. So I left the people and machine in to add a sense of perspective and scale - though I did retouch them into silouette. Additionally, I left the left edge of the picture slightly warped, I liked the image of the vehicle perched precariously on the roof of the world, as if it was about to fall off.

    But your version is good too ;)

  3. Yes, I deleted the vehicle and people.

    They bugged me: I found the silhouttes distracting. But it's your header. If you want distracting little people then I suppose you can have them.

    I feel that way a lot: "Hey distracting little people! Get off my landscape!"

  4. Looked again: the biggest problem (to me) is that the vehicle and people are in the left corner, and when I open the page on my netbook that's all I see.

  5. I can understand that.

    I edit on my 32" HD true color flat screen, so the pictures are huge and highly detailed (and I, of course, can see the entire thing).

    My laptop is a widescreen tablet, it's heavy and huge but I love the screen and the full sized keyboad. And I can see the entire blog header on it.

    My Netbook does the same thing as yours, chops off the picture, though oddly my Blackberry rescales the picture so you see the entire thing (just very small).

    The picture definitely loses something if you can't see the whole thing at once.

  6. *eyes glaze over drools a little* pretty


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