Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Most Awesome SciFi Music Video Ever


I was going to vote for The Devinyls I touch Myself.


The I Touch Myself video isn’t scifi?


I mean, damn! what the hell is your definition of fantasy anyway. Seriously, don’t.  Just don’t speak to me. Jim needs some quiet time. 


Fine, fine. Whatever. Most awesome Scifi video?

Michael Jackson’s Thriller? Best line? “I’m not like other guys.” Really?   Gotta love movie audience Michael all not sensitive and shit – because you know in real life in an actual zombie movie he’d be screaming like a little girl. I’ll admit he was one talented little weirdo in his Thriller days, but the video is just too slick and big budget to qualify for "Most Awesome.”  (And don’t even start with the but Jim isn’t Thriller more like a horror video instead of scifi or even fantasy? One word: Zombies. Zombies are totally science fiction).

How about ZZTop, TV Dinners? Goddamn, I loved the Eliminator album (but then who didn’t?). But, again it’s just not hokey enough to qualify as “most awesome.”

Maybe Tom Petty’s post apocalyptic Mad Max/Cherry 2000 mashup, You Got Lucky? Naw. Not even close (Cherry 2000? And you call yourself a science fiction fan. Really).

Oh. Wait. How about Billy Ocean and the Star Wars cantina, ur I mean Lover Boy?  (Oh, don’t even act like you’re not singing along and doing the air guitar on this one. Plus, you know you’d do the elf chick). Lover Boy is pretty damned cheesy alright.

But, it’s not quite cheesy enough.


For cheese you’ve got to have a daytime TV soap star turned bubblegum rocker and teen squeal idol.

The most awesome scifi video has it all. Flash dancing and futuristic ankle warmers. Double-brested button down space cowboy tunic thing. Chicks with HUGE big giant 80’s hair and silver suits. Six eyed sax player. Suspended animation. Romance. Awe. Wonder. Bad acting.

And Rick Springfield.

Springfield once lived with a girl known for being possessed by the Devil.

Seriously, look at that hair and tell me you’re not watching the most awesome scifi video ever.


  1. Nick from the O.C.June 22, 2010 at 11:47 PM

    Well, you got one of the Jacksons right. Add the sister and behold the SF majesty that is SCREAM

    aphan = I am aphan of this video.

  2. Oh yes, Scream. I'll be honest, I think I might have had the memory of that erased by drugs, surgery, and an intensive regimen of dangerous experimental hypnotherapy.

  3. Other than the clonky old home computer being used as a keyboard, I actually liked the control panels in this video. (grin)

    Dr. Phil

  4. Blocked for non-americans apparently. Thanks, Vevo.

  5. This video reminds me of "Space Mutiny" from MST3K.

  6. If "I Touch Myself" doesn't count as fantasy/SF, then I guess we can rule out Paula Abdul's "Cold Hearted" and Billy Idol's "Rock The Cradle Of Love."

    Sad Eric is sad. Or will be when he returns from the bathroom.

    Okay, I'm back.

    So, does a scifi music video have to be cheesy? Because Gorillaz zombie-apocalyptic "Clint Eastwood" and Final Fantasy-esque "Feel Good, Inc." are both made of awesome. And isn't the fact that the band members are virtual to start with inherently SF, or is it too easy?

    I feel like there's some other choice I'm missing... maybe it'll come to me later....

  7. Gorillaz, Fire Coming Out of the Monkey's Head is still one of my favorites.

    Rens, sorry, and it doesn't seem to be on anything other than Vevo.

  8. I loved Rick Springfield when I was a youngster. I had all his albums.


  9. I bet you had big giant hair too.

  10. Hmmm, I may have to go outside and use the new Netbook for this one. After all, that's why I got it, so I could look at all the junk my friends post that is verboten to the hospital's net nannies.

    thetr: I'ma gon'na thetr ta see da Rick Springfield thingy later. Wanna cummon witme?

  11. I love that they set the video all the way out in the year 2016!! Just think . . . only six more years until we have all of that cool futuristic stuff! I thought the Karaoke screen was a bit dated, though.

  12. Personally, I'm stuck on the line: "She's got the love monkey riding on her back"

    Love Monkey.

    Yes. Love Monkey.

  13. Gorillaz is a fine choice but I have to disagree with the current candidates. STYLO feels much more SCI-FI imo. I'm really surprised there is no mention of Daft Punks Interstella 5555? Top award should no doubt be Bjork's, "All Is Full of Love". Bjork on Bjork hot lesbian robot action FTW!

  14. OO! For some reason, maybe similarity in titles, the Daft Punk reference reminds me of The Beasties' "Intergalactic": cheesy giant kung-fu robots!

  15. Yes, yes, but they are not as cheesy as Rick Springfield.

  16. And Rickie's little video is set to occur in 6 years.

    Let me contain my joy.

    In a tiny little bucket.

    I'd be happier with Jessie's Girl. Or maybe something from KISS.

  17. Well, I don't know about SF music video, but I've always thought that Styx - Come Sail Away was the best SF song.

    I thought that they were angles, but to my surprise
    We climbed aboard their starship, headed for the skies
    Singing, come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me lads.

  18. "Human Touch" actually occurred to me too. But my absolute favorite SF video because of cheese factor AND a coolness factor at the same time, not to mention that Sharon Den Adel is just freakin' cool, would have to be WTs "Ice Queen." If you get the chance, check it out on youtube. My son, who hadn't even realized listened to Within Temptation, said it reminded him of Narnia.


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