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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Things You Do NOT Want To Hear at 3:00AM

Ugh! Wake up, the floor is wet.

[to be continued]



Perhaps tomorrow I'll tell you all what this was all about. Suffice it to say at the moment that my day started very early (about two hours after I went to to bed actually) with an unpleasant crisis. It has now been a very long day and I'm starting to feel soggy and hard to light. Good night.


  1. There's always, the dog just puked on the sheet. Oh and on the carpet on the way to the door.

  2. I didn't do it. Anyway, I've had that problem under control for awhile now.

  3. We get TPT in our bedroom at 6 am telling us that the cat has puked.

  4. animal puke can wait until I've had coffee.

    This was a much more immediate crisis.

    Yay. This day is starting out great - and early. Very, very early.

  5. This happened to me on a cruise a few years ago, pipe in the overhead burst at 3AM showering the bed.

    Bad: Took three days to find out it was only water.

    Good: Only available cabin was a definite upgrade.

  6. Usually animal puke can wait. Except she stepped in it. O.O

  7. Worst one for me so far was 4 a.m., "Your grandmother fell down and she can't get up". She was 89 at the time, in my house visiting, with a freshly broken hip. Wow, will THAT wake you fast!

  8. Fire alarms . . .living on the 22nd floor . . . with a 6 months pregnant wife to evacuate . . . and a bird and an aquatic turtle . . . all because some (possibly drunk, drugged) insomniac asshole decided to make toast in the wee hours and had an epic fail.

    . . . no real fire, just smoke and standing outside for a long time.

  9. Vagabond, I think somebody would been required to get an ass kicking over that one - by an angry pregnant women.

  10. So sorry. Hope the crisis has been averted.

  11. Jim, I think the fire department should identify the responsible party, then stand him by the door as we all shuffle back in. You're right! The smart man will let his spouse exact the revenge in that situation!

    putheden - What Gov. Schwarzenegger does with his motorcycle helmet.

  12. i'd have to say my worrst morning, 2 AM been sleeping for about 20 minutes, mortars and small arms fire, by the time i get my body armour on grab my weapon and get to a window to lay down rounds it was over. on the plus side i was able to fall back asleep in about 30 mins, before i had to be up an hour later for patrol.

  13. jarhead, you're not fooling anybody. Everybody knows Marines love to wake up to the sound of gunfire in the morning. ;)


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