Sunday, July 31, 2011

New Rulz

There’s a new permanent reference page outlining the rules for reposting, sharing, linking, quoting, and/or stealing content from Stonekettle Station.

The page is permanently linked at the top of the blog post field. Up there, right under the commenting rules.

Read, heed, don’t make me unleash the rabid badgers, because I will.


  1. I want forty-five exceptions for all the things I want to do with your content. Because I'm special, that's why.


    You're so mean!

  2. Dear Mr. Stonekettle,

    I am mostly grateful that you have not added any foolish rules about requiring patrons of your blog to wear pants while they post. Such restrictions are, shall we say, confining and encumbering, especially to those of us who do best job of exposing our inner selves when we are free to let ourselves swing and enjoy the fresh breeze of freedom upon our nether regions, dangling notions before our peers or swinging a freewheeling stream of thought hither and yon, or even just taking a wild piss at an argument (for that matter).

    Loosely and unrestrainedly,
    R. Eric VanNewkirk
    Standing On The Shoulders Of Giant Midgets

  3. Hey! No exposing your inner anything. This is a conservative Christian family site

    Oh, wait, never mind...

  4. I find exposing myself to the room clears it, so to speak. Opens up limitless possibilities for chaos and less messy snacking. Fewer nosy individuals looking over your shoulder (or any other body part), commenting on grammar and syntax. I'm not a Giant Midget, but I am an Egotistical, Vertically Challenged, Visually Impaired, Cranky Knitter. With charm. Or not.
    Mostly not. Okay, never.

    wv-repurcon: conservative midget.

  5. It's mostly right wingers who plagiarize, in my experience.

  6. Rulz? We gots rulz now? What is this world coming to?

    Shame the folks that need the rulz will never bother to read them.

  7. It's mostly right wingers who plagiarize, in my experience.

    Citations are a communist conspiracy.

  8. I just stole and spread all of your punctuation ALL OVER the net. What are you going to do about that, Big Boy? That's what I thought! Nothing. You are an empty vessel of threats.

  9. I think I saw what may have prompted this new Rulz thing. Blatant paraphrasing and some direct quotations relating to your "traitors" piece.

    But, because I am all over the net I couldn't pinpoint it for you Jim. Should I see it again, will let you know.

    dosmeth: I don't! Little ganja, yes.

  10. Actually what prompted this is the fact that people keep reposting my stuff on their own blogs without asking first or giving me credit. Particularly the America piece, which I find all over the net. When I contact the people responsible I often get "Well, it was on the internet, so I can do what I want with it, D00D! LOL!" Then I have to get all soggy and hard to light. I did allow several sites to repost America, after they asked for permission and gave me proper credit, they benefited and so did I and I'm happy to share my stuff with them in the future, particularly the Mudflats blog and the ObamaDiary Site.

    Recently, some college dipshit from Tulane swiped the previous humor article and posted it to group generated political site. Not only did he repost it, but he added pictures to it so as to alter the message into anti Obama screed. The pictures, I might add, were stolen from elsewhere on the net, and then childishly photoshopped. Then the guy had the audacity to email and let me know that I could buy the pictures from him and post them on my site. Head. Desk. Thump. He still doesn't seem to understand copyright or the creation of original material or the fact that he's just fucking stealing from other people, despite apparently being a student at a top law school. If I was his folks, I'd ask for my money back.

    This happens to me more and more, a famous conservative site swiped my piece on the Alaska Native Guard, chopped out the parts they didn't like and turned it into an anti-liberal, anti-obama, pro-Sarah Palin piece and made it look like I'd written it, thereby using my military and Alaskan background to lend authority to their site. Fuckers. I had to threaten to sue them to get them to take it down, and then they were seriously obnoxious about it. And they make money from their site in advertising revenue, my article (illegally altered though it was) drew traffic to their site and therefore money into their pocket, none of which was offered to me for my work. That's stealing.

    And people keep asking if they need permission to post a link or a quote or to share on Facebook or whatever.

    I've been meaning to put this up for a while now, so that I can just refer people to it when necessary

  11. If we follow all the "New Rulz"1 do we get badges? Or Titles? Oh! Titles, badges and business cards!


    1 New Rulz by Jim Wright @ Stonekettle Station 31 July 2011 Stonekettle Manifesto

  12. Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges! Vamanos!

  13. No bonus points for the footnote? :(

  14. Oh, I thought he said "Badgers? We don't need no stinkin' badgers!"

    Never mind.

  15. @Kamikazi, the satisfaction of doing the right thing as a law abiding citizen should be reward enough.


    Sigh. Fine. I'll put in a good word with ShopKat for you.

  16. I like the rulz. Straight. To the point. Awesome rulz!

  17. I thin it makes perfect sense, that being said I have to ask if it's okay if I continue to channel your hilarious style of ranting. I make no money from my site and typically avoid politics comma however pause for effect I find it a very entertaining writing style and almost therapeutic when I need to get something off my chest.if this is not ok then I will return to a more A-typical Marine writing style of slamming my hands on the keyboard to express frustration. :D

  18. I have access to more badgers when you run out. WI is over run with them. In fact, I can think of several I will give to you free.

  19. I'm late! I've been busy! Is there a rule for commenting late? What about a rule for being incommunicado for so long the new regulars have no idea who you are?

    When are we going to play Calvinball?


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