Friday, July 1, 2011


About the lack of posting: as I mentioned previously, it’s summer in Alaska.

Summer is short here and there are things to do, hence I’m doing them and not writing.  Apologies.

I really needed a break from the internet anyway, so you know, it all worked out.

For the next five days I’ll be on the Kenai, waist deep in freezing water, cursing at fish, slapping at mosquitos, and smelling of campfire smoke.  It is unlikely that there will be any posting here until I get back.  However, I’m taking my netbook, so you never know (Yes, even the wilds of Alaska, there’s still Mifi, doncha just love living in the future?).

Regular daily posting should resume next week.


Note: I have not forgotten you.  When I return, I’ll finish setting up my new internet store where you may purchase Stonekettle Station lathework and perhaps other things.

Also, don’t expect fish for dinner.


  1. Any change you'll have some unused sanity lying around the shop we can all pool together and purchase for the Repoopicans? And mayhap some extra steel for the spines of the Democrits? Sigh.

    Good lucks with the fishies, I'm really, really envious.

    wv: eness-elitist definition of "enough already!"


  2. Hope you are having/had a great time. EVERYONE needs a hiatus now and then!

  3. I laminated my hiatus a while back. The doc tells me it's quite common in guys my age if we're out of shape (and I definitely am).
    Sucker was slow to heal, too.

  4. I hope you have/had a wonderful vacation :)!

  5. Checking in from Paris after a-week-and-a-half in London, Cornwall, and English countryside villages. Leaving for Brittany tomorrow. The Mr. and I are spreading word of your blog as we travel, with friends and relatives writing down your URL as we go.

    Enjoy your fish cursing and mosquitos. Checking in early tomorrow at the French bakery down the street is more my cup of tea.

  6. Looking forward to the web store, as I thought the pens were lovely. Having just posted a very similar post (in my case about how you can't blog regularly whilst on tour) I'm with you 100%. But you can keep the mosquitos... that's why I moved to the Big Smoke. Bah.

  7. ::Swings by to make sure ShopCat is scritcheded in appropriate places...

    hmmm...now where did he hide the chocolate this time?::

  8. If you ever feel like heading north, look up my friends on the Yukon, Sam and Tamara at YukonRiverLodge.com. You'd enjoy them.


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