Monday, May 16, 2011

River Valley Panorama

On the way back from Anchorage yesterday we took the scenic old road out around the Palmer Hay Flats instead of the usual (and faster) Glenn Highway.

I snapped a few pictures of the valley along the way.  This is the Matanuska River Valley, taken from the bridge on the Old Glenn Highway outside of Palmer.


The pictures were taken with a Nikon D5000 and a Nikkor 55mm DX lens. This pan is made from three pictures stitched together using Corel Paintshop Photo Pro X3.  Clicking of the image will take you to the Alaska panorama directory of my Picassa album, you can see a larger and more detailed version of the picture there.


  1. Beautiful! The scenery is breathtaking. We've got a Nikon D7000 that we absolutely love. I'm constantly amazed at how good my pictures look...full credit goes to the camera! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nice album, Jim. Must see Alaska!

  3. So Jim, do you use a tripod or some similar stabilization method to get shots that stitch so well? I’ve stitched shots before that I’ve hand held and it produces varying results. I can’t see any sign of the stitching in your picture so I was curious if you’re just really good at holding position while panning or if you just used a tripod. Thanks! Really nice shot btw.

  4. Absolutely breath taking...thanks for sharing this!


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