Saturday, May 7, 2011

Reader Links and Open Thread

This page is now permanently pinned to the main page of Stonekettle Station. It's your place to add a link to another site. You may post a link to your website and a description in the comments section. You may post links to sites you think other readers may find interesting as well. You may also consider this an open thread and an open request line.


  1. Ok. What the heck. I do art and illustration and I blog slightly relevant stuff.( I also take commissions, because they help me eat.)

  2. Sure, I'll play. My husband and I have a woodworking business and he has a woodworking blog at http://laughingcoyotewoodworks.com/blogs/ .

    Love your blog!

  3. This one is an old favorite of mine. Is that what you had in mind?

    (Couldn't help myself. That one still makes me giggle like a little girl.)

    1. OK, I know this comment is almost three years old and maybe I'm a dope but I'm new to this website/blogging game. Is the link you provided to the "web hosting" site, a valid site? I'm a little curious considering the reply that you got from Jim. When I clicked on your highlighted "an old favorite of mine" it took me to a free web hosting site. Is it a legitimate site?

    2. Hopefully you've figured this out already (since your comment is several months old a this point) - the link is supposed to be

  4. dr-phil-physics.com is the official web page of Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon -- physics professor and up-and-coming science fiction writer. Links to free fiction and lists of my publications and blog.

    Thanks, Jim!

    Dr. Phil

  5. That's perfect, Nathan. I love that page.

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  7. Hey, love Stonekettle Station. I blog at The Masses. Recently posted a piece called Right-to-Work Laws: Who Benefits?" Enjoy!

  8. FREEEEEEBIRD! What, that isn't a request?

    Patti, cool. Glad to meet another Laughing Coyote, as well as someone who likes chip carving.

    And I always have a link to my blog in my comment header.

    But, since it'll help with the SEO at work, there's the day jobbery HDT Global. Personally, I love our internal/corporate culture. We will do anything to help the warfighter.

  9. Paul beat me to it. Someone had to.

  10. See, I still think that's hysterically funny. Yes, I'm a child, but I loves me the Rick Roll.

    Also, Eric, you used to be a lot faster. Before you were in love and all. I like New Eric, but I sort of miss Old Fast Eric The 142nd Fastest Wit On The Internet.

    Which remains me of this

    1. Which means that you REALLY need to hear this:


  11. Nothing says Saturday like a RickRoll, spending two hours trying to not call Jim an asshole and singing bears. What a country. Oh yeah, and trying to not feel stupid while reading about physics.

  12. What can I say? I was taking photographs of a snake. And some arachnids on a pine tree. The SO is in Atlanta and I was off on the USNWC trails most of the day. Tomorrow it's supposed to rain. At the moment I'm trying to decide if I'm too tired to watch 2001 again. Sorry. Random brain stuff.

  13. Alright, I'm in. I do several different things. Satire and rants (sometimes both at the same time) on political, religious and social issues. Warning: I am not a big fan of fundamentalists and I sometime use profanity. Also do poems, "nursery rhymes" and random thoughts on politics and social issues. Also recommend columns for other blogs that I like on politics and art. It's a hodgepodge with lots of snark, piss and vinegar. I'm working on a recommend piece on artists for later this month if you want to post a comment on my About page with your website name, I'll be glad to take a look.

  14. Nathan -- I still love that too. Maybe I'll have TheHusband gussy up that web site, now that Jim has a lot more haters...

  15. ...aaaarrrghhhh...that was inevitable and invited.
    [Actually, I love the bartender.] Good one!

    Here's my favorite link: Alaskan snowboarder, World Cup athlete, X Games silver medal.
    First identified Eskimo on a United States Olympic Team. Ever. In the history of Olympic competition.
    First Alaska Native in the Olympics. Ever.
    Only Eskimo on a United States National team in any sport.
    The second of just two U.S. Native American women to ever compete in the Olympics.
    International extreme big mountain skier.

    Really interesting blog with regular updates. The early entries are great.

  16. Sheila, not lurking,May 8, 2011 at 11:27 AM

    I never get tired of this one:


  17. @ Sheila - you made my day with that video. Carl Sagan was my inspiration - part of why I teach science. Thank you!

    I know this is off topic but I just couldn't let it go without telling her how greatly I enjoyed that video.

  18. It an open thread @Sundene, there is no off topic.

  19. Just curious Jim, have you ever layed on (by brush) about 10 coats of varnish, sanding with the likes of 320 grit between coats on any of your pieces?
    In the marine industry to really bring out the wood grain we usually brush on 6 or 7 good coats then give a heavy sanding with 180 (carefully), or 220 and maybe knock two of those coats off till the varnish has compleatly filled the grain. Then the finish coats go on like a layer of glass.

    I know a lot of your pieces have naturally unsandable areas. I just am curious to know if you have any pieces that you painstakingly put a brushed varnish finish on? And if so, I'd love to see it, if I may.

  20. @Micky-T:

    Spalted Burl" and Dyed Birch Closed Form. Both of these pieces have 20 coats of hand rubbed high gloss finish, sanded to 2000grit in between coats.

  21. Jim, I just found your site and will take you up on your offer. Here is my mostly political blog:


    I found your site via "Being Liberal" on Facebook. I plan to make it a regular stop!

  22. some of my woodworking projects (I'm trying to convert from the oldy-time format of physical pictures and haven't finished. Scanners are hard to operate when you're technically challenged)



  23. Two suggestions:



    Thank you

  24. Oh, and I should give credit to the two sites that, on the same day, urged everyone to visit your fine blog - for which I'm grateful:


  25. Thanks Jim for providing the opportunity for folks around here to know a bit more about each other. I noticed a number of links from your openthread to my blog and was gratified to see that folks are curious. (I didn’t mean that as a double entendre, but it is kind of funny.)
    Anyway, I jumped around abit myself and found some interesting folks out there. One thing I realized is that my “about” information was thin (well, emaciated), so I have posted more of my philosophy and whatnot if people stop by again, I’d ask they please check out About and Around.
    I’d particularly like to note: If there are musically-oriented folks out there who are interested in putting my odd poems or poetry to music, I'd be interested in knowing what you're thinking. Leave me a message in the comments at About and Around and I'll get back to you.
    Thanks again Jim. You are a gentleman and a scholar. And maybe a scallop.

  26. The best for last...you'll want to watch this one. Probably the best minute and a half invested on stupid meaningless trivial junk (sometimes good junk, though).


  27. Sheila, not lurking,May 9, 2011 at 12:46 PM

    @ sundene: You are very welcome! I was inspired not only by Carl Sagan, but also by some great science teachers as well.

  28. My favorite is http://margaretandhelen.wordpress.com

  29. I'm going to be completely annoying and post a link as my first ever comment. I do read and enjoy, though!
    It's a mixture of life stuff, politics, a little art, a little motherhood, etc, etc. Give it a try...you might like it!

  30. I write a general nerdery and politics blog here www.macguffinandpuffin.wordpress.com. Latest entry was a MASSIVE rant about HR3 and Chris Smith, who claims that the child in the womb is the most persecuted minority in the world.

    Warning- feminism, liberal politics, pro-abortion arguments and sarcastic bitterness and humor can be found within.

  31. Thanks, Steve. Where does that grinning trickster come into your scheme of things?

  32. If you have a Facebook account, this is a great site for current or past members of the DoD: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/DoctrineMan

  33. No sooner do I post that do I find that Doctrine Man!! is moving to Small Wars Journal:

  34. I had a long typed up response a couple of days ago about varnishing by brush and whatever twenty coats of hand "rubbed" varnish is, but it got eaten by the Blogger bugs and I don't have it in me to type all that again. I'm very slow at the keyboard. Your work is exceptional but I'm much more curious about how you put on the finish.

  35. I am a big fan of Stonekettle Station. I'd be thrilled if you'd take a look at my rantings at http://ade-grumbleweed.blogspot.com/

    I'm pretty new to the blogosphere, but it's been fun so far!


  36. Just love your blog, wood working, and general irascibility.

  37. Hey, Jim. I've been lurking here for awhile now and love the intelligent commentary.

    I hate to admit it, but, uh, er, um....I'm a Texan. It's really not my fault; it's just that I was born there. However, I am certain today that I'm an Alaskan at heart. In the next couple of years, I hope to return to your fine state and stay awhile.

    In the meantime, I'd like to share the web site of a feisty Texas woman who speaks for all of us who can't stand the likes of Governor Good Hair, Tom DeLay, and other conservative, lying SOBs. I bet you'll like the site if you give it a look. And maybe its progressive stance will partially make up for some of us being Texans.

    "We talk about local politics here mainly, but all politics are local. I will throw in some state and national stuff as the mood hits me. The last time I was in a good mood was 1954. Get used to it."

    Okay, back to lurking...

    1. "...but all politics are local" says it all! The world as we know it keeps getting smaller, not bigger! Progressives of varying levels of said progressiveness do have that level of awareness in common; your air is everyone else's air, before and after you gain access to it or pass it on! Same with all water. Scary; yes? Having been an infant in the sixties, I envy your having actually experienced them! Unless the fifty four ref was just a joke!

      Sorry about the Anonymous... trying to steer clear of Google this that and the other thing, and I'm not entirely computer/online literate; ie, I'm not entirely sure what a couple of the options are! I had a wordpress... will look into!

  38. Jim, I hope you don't mind but i was gonna throw my link up too.

    :::::CONTENT WARNING:::::::
    This site will contain some tasteful nudity coarse language and does engage is discussions about sex, kink fetish and BDSM


  39. Jim, I've been following you for about a month since Being Liberal had a link to you...

    I have been running blogs and rants on my facebook and have always tried to keep it clean, language, topics, etc but I think that by blogging here Ican be more open...

    Keep up the good work!


  40. Are you or any of your wood-turning colleagues familiar with Rollin Lowenstein, creator of some exquisite, lightweight exotic wooden bowls who worked out of the Fairbanks area at least as late as 1993? If so, any update on whether he's still at it? I enjoy both your blog and the pictures of your bowls!

  41. Ok, so I am going to give this blogging thing a shot...


  42. Well, here we go again... Post number 2... What makes America so great and what makes us suck so much!

    Meanwhile the dogs are really jonesing for a walk so let me take them out before it gets too hot. Again!

    Woman Challenges Ex-boyfriend's Anti-abortion Billboard

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  44. Jim, while I whole heartedly agree with your post about not putting the military on a pedestal but at the same time we can't forget them...

    Special Message for Delta

  45. Jim, please read this one if you have a chance... not written by me but a very good read...

    Veteran's Day in Amjerica

  46. Hello Jim,

    Hope the fish are biting! :)

    Thanks for the offer of allowing shameless blog promotion, I'll take you up on that.


    I hope folks find the time to take a look, and enjoy.

    Happy Fourth!

  47. Okay, maybe it's time for a little self-promotion - thanks for the opportunity, Jim.

    My entries are intermittent at best, and can often be self-indulgent navel-gazing drivel, but sometimes I manage to hit a nail on its head if I put my mind to it.

    Poke around, you might find something interesting:


    Thanks for the good reading. Enjoy your fish-cursing and mosquito-slapping.

  48. Taking you up on your offer, Jim. Here's my political blog, Walking Upstream http://walkingupstream.blogspot.com, and my mostly non-political 'stuff of life' blog Am I the Only One Dancing? focused on humor, books, knitting, movies, and self-help. http://amnottheonlyone.blogspot.com.

    Thanks for providing this page. I'm going to have to imitate you and do the same thing.

  49. Really enjoy the site. Glad I found you.
    http://www.jmbamboo.com The place for cold hardy bamboo

  50. Hey Jim,

    Even though I don't agree with you on every topic, I love how you write pissed off about common sense and aren't a "cheerleader" for one political party or another. I write about a lot of the same topics you do at my blog http://thewritofcotton.wordpress.com and I encourage you to check it out!

    Keep up the great posts!

  51. May I say, cool idea. I will take you up and pimp my page.


    BTW, I love your blog.

  52. Been reading for a while, Jim, just lurking without comment. It's hard for me to come up with something to say when you say it better than me in the first place!

    That said... Lemme pimp my site, too

    The Will of The People/ wavnetradio.com

  53. Nice idea! For the SEO juice, here's mine:

    Construction Law in North Carolina

    I mostly blog for architects & engineers, but also have useful tidbits for owners, developers, contractors, and subcontractors. Although I practice in North Carolina, the general principals apply in all 50 states (even Alaska!).

    Melissa Brumback

  54. Ack! Let me try that again. If the hotlink doesn't work, it is http://www.constructionlawNC.com

  55. "You either surf or you fight!" says Lt Col. Kilgore to a young California surfer grunt in Apocalypse Now.

    My humble contribution to the world is deepening people's awareness on every level thru surfing. Life indeed looks different from the water...

    Making the Drop-surfing lessons for life

  56. Ok, I'll bite.

    No one has yet my blog that I can see, or if they have, I haven't got any comments.

    Yellow Dog Politics

  57. DerFarm: I took a look at your blog and would have commented there, but I don't have one if the ID's necessary on your site and don't want to get one. Anyway, thanks for the invite and it was an interesting several columns worth of reads.

    word verification: dednost -- dead noses in a nest? some kind of inanimate glasnost?

  58. Jim Wright meet David Michael Green:
    Might just be your doppelganger.
    David Chisholm


  59. I have desire to steal your writing, but I wouldn't mind linking to it and feeding people your way. If that's okay.


  60. I've been trying to find the motivation to get a blog off the ground... Don't have a lot there yet, but I'd love thoughts and feedback at rantrantrevolution.blogspot.com :)

  61. I love your blog and thanks for the chance to pimp mine. Here's a link to my blog about my dog rescue work (saving dogs, not dogs saving people, although that happens too). www.vadogrescue.blogspot.com

  62. A site or two you might like:



  63. Political, spiritual, poetic and musical of the raw spirited kind.

    Here's my most popular post, to give you an idea....thanks


  64. Jim, thanks for your blog. It's great. Your sense of humor while being serious is enough to make me spit my coffee at the computer screen laughing so hard while also getting so pissed off I can't explain it - all at the same time.

    And, thanks for providing the opportunity to share. Here's my blog sites (yeah, I know - two of them? Yep): http://thepeacechallenge.blogspot.com/2012_03_01_archive.html

  65. My brother pointed me here and I am happy he did. Fantastic stuff. Anyway, here is a link to my little corner of the blogosphere:


    Thank you for allowing me to post it here. Much obliged.

  66. Democrats will love this:



  67. Many thanks for the uh-mazing verbosity and too-funny ramblings, although you are always spot-on with yer analysis. I'm a huge fan... please take this as a compliment: I see in your writing the aura and aroma of Hunter S. Thompson on a really good day. I hope you might find a few minutos to check out my blog www.gortnation.blogspot.com.

    "I once was sad because I had no shoes, until I met a man with no pink flamingo.'

  68. What the hell, I'm in...

    Having noticed the occasional (ahem) typo, grammatical lapse or Where's Waldo?, I might as well offer my professional services. I love me some good prose, I truly do, and I'm sure fond of Jim's. My motto is "There is nothing so powerful as an epic idea, clearly expressed." So let's get to it. Aden@AdenNichols.com (Little Fire Editorial Services)

  69. This site has become one of the greatest sources of humor and commentary on the internet. I hope to one ay be able to write like this. I recently started my own blog based on my observations of the world around me and further out. I hope that people will check it out.

    The link is: http://enlightenedvet.wordpress.com/

  70. Weekly Bluegrass - - - and other stuff


  71. What the heck! Here is my blog: http://il-piro.blogspot.com/.

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  73. My husband's blog is http://stevenotsteven.blogspot.com/. Jim, you two will be the best of friends should you ever meet. In the meantime, you can enjoy the writing of a kindred spirit.

  74. We talk about Jim Wright's and other commentary, various current political issues here. It's not always polite talk. http://teachers.net/mentors/politics/posts.html

  75. You're one of a kind, Jim Wright. What a pleasure to encounter a mind so free and a pen so potent. Having delivered this homage, I won't feel so like a freeloader to link my site. When you brilliant intellects need a little commensurate playtime, try my unique and original creations: Gamepuzzles for the joy of thinking. They are beautiful, handcrafted, math as art. And they are more political than they look. They assert that humans can think and solve problems individually, without rulers looming over them.

  76. There's no question that Jim is the master, but if you like Stonekettle Station, you might also enjoy 47/78 at http://fortysevenseventyeight.wordpress.com/

  77. Oh sure, I'll join the club!
    You can find me at www.paularossman.com
    My blog is one of the pages on the site!
    Thanks, Jim!

  78. Hi Jim, hope you & yours are doing well! Am a huge fan of your blog & hope you compile these essays for publication someday. If you do, sign me up.
    Meanwhile, a blog I love & support, which I think the folks here might enjoy is Chris Floyd's Empire Burlesque. His writing is beyond praise for insight & scholarship. http://www.chris-floyd.com/

  79. Jim, you're one of the only blogs I bother read. Flattery aside, I recently started a similar blog and will unashamedly pimp it here: http://blog.someonewaswrongontheinternet.com/

  80. Left-leaning, Political satire, humor, religion, a few terrible poems, a few weird videos...Sarah Palin mixtures, philosphic dialog (well, that may be stretching it) if you like Jim's work, you might find something to read here

    At Little Cat Feet

    At http://www.anthonytrock.com

  81. If you like kitties, you'll like my funny and informative cat blog:

    The Way of Cats

  82. I highly recommend Digby's Hullabaloo for liberal political commentary.

    And Patrick Farley's Apocamon! because, well, the world obviously needs the Revelation of St. John aka Book of Revelations told in manga form. Alas, incomplete.

  83. I don't have anything promote. I just want to thank you. You so often say what I wish I could scream loudly enough for someone to hear. I don't have the writing skills, nor the forum (because I don't have the skills), but your candid (grisly?) eloquence does it for me and others of your readers. Currently my husband and I talk of wishing we could partition the US and let the other side have half and let us have the other. The divides seem that unbreachable. The differences in the culture we wish for, too drastic to mediate. So, thank you for your excellent writing and for giving voice to what we feel.

  84. I'm a jeweler who makes all of his own stuff. I have a blog at: www.spirerjewelers.blogspot.com. Sure some of my articles are hey, here's something new I made (it is a marketing thing after all) but I deal with ethical issues in the jewelry trade a lot. If you have a question about jewelry ever you should check it out. Plus I think I'm a halfway decent writer so some of the stuff is just pretty interesting. But that's my opinion. And I'm a little prejudiced that way.

  85. I hope this works! We need some more people at our party. And thanks JIm.

  86. I could have sworn I posted this the other day, but maybe not.

    I've got both a blog and a Facebook page. Both are called The Cybernetic Atheist.

    Blog: http://thecyberneticatheist.blogspot.com
    Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TheCyberneticAtheist

    Thanks, Jim for writing such good stuff!

  87. I'm trying to "pimp" my two Blog Pages, 1. Michael Stichauf-"As I understand it now... 'til it changes" at http://michaelstichauf.blogspot.com/. 2. "Michael Stichauf's History Shorts" at http://mkshistoryshorts.blogspot.com/?view=timeslide. The first one is my take on current event's as well as the occasi a bad name to the onal post about the corrupt "coppers" in our country who give a bad name to the good ones. The second Blog is self-explanatory.

  88. Okay this is an "open thread" thing more than a "check out my site" thing, although I reserve the right to steal your ideas, consolidate them, and post them to my site. Open question to the smart cookies who read and appreciate Mr. Wright:

    Is patriotism a virtue?

    Where a virtue has these characteristics:
    Virtues are learned. (You are not born with any knowledge of honesty, understanding of why it might be desirable, or an aspiration to be honest.)
    Virtues cannot be indoctrinated. (You can train someone to behave honestly from fear of punishment or desire for approval, but that does not make them inherently honest.)
    Virtues are endemic to the personality. (When you acquire a virtue and embed it in your character, it affects all your actions.)
    Possession of a virtue is beneficial to yourself and to your community.

    My default I'm-an-American-dammit answer is "Hell, yes!", but the more I think about it the more I doubt that it actually qualifies. I'm not certain if that is due to Patriotism itself, or if it suffers the same problem as Christianity (namely that the first people who pop to mind are also typically NOT the best examples).


    1. Nationalism is just one of the ways we separate ourselves from each other. It is a tribal mindset that we are going to have to stop if we are going to survive as a species.

    2. Patriotism like so many traits can be a virtue if tempered with kindness and wisdom. Good unbiased analysis not clouded by emotion and a willingness to accept the conclusion before you add your emotions back into the equation, followed by a risk assessment and a cost/benefit analysis is good start on the path to wisdom. Blind untempered patriotism is a vice.

  89. Sure, I'll bite. I'm trying my hand at blogging these days. Anyone who's interested it can be found at:


  90. You just made my blogroll (the places I read everyday). I like your style.

  91. I got here because you were mentioned at http://www.juanitajean.com/

    For an old lady, she's pretty fiesty as well.

  92. Actually, I've been pimping *your* site today, over here:


  93. Seeing as Jim is a sci-fi fan: I'm serializing a (mostly entertaining, but quite pointedly political) science fiction novella over at http://www.theliliumproject.com .

    The story follows a squad of soldiers in the UNAC, the fanatically paranoid, right-wing crazy warlord state which has inherited the former US. One of their squad members goes missing during a training exercise, and the leader of the unit can't stop himself from obsessing over his missing soldier. However, by committing to find him, he seals the fate of himself and his entire team.

  94. I'm a computer geek who started a pet food biz after all the pet food recalls in 2007. All my products are made out of raw meat, because cats & dogs are predators. Air-dried snacks and frozen ground mixes; not quite big enough to have an online store, but working on that. Since the pet food industry is largely unregulated, I'm also an advocate for educating the average citizen so that they have confidence in making their own decisions about how to feed the animals whose lives they share. - Mugsy Lunsford

  95. I'll try again. (stupid sign in process tossed out my post)

    It's too bad that the links page doesn't actually display active links.

  96. A friend of mine, Jason Porath, started a project and website rejectedprincesses.com, women too awesome, awful or offbeat to be the heroines of mainstream animated movies. (He used to work for DreamWorks.) The artwork is neat and the stories are amazing and well-researched.

    Also, I have two Wordpress blogs, Etcetera, Etc. (general stuff that falls out of my brain – janetcobur.wordpress.com) and Bipolar Me (the reasons stuff falls out of my brain – bipolarjan.wordpress.com). Come visit.

  97. Try this: rejectedprincesses.com – women too awesome, awful, or offbeat to make it as heroines in animated movies. Created by my friend Jason Porath, a former DreamWorks animator.

    Also I blog at Et Cetera, Etc. (general stuff that falls out of my brain – janetcobur.wordpress.com) and Bipolar Me (the reason stuff false out of my brain – bipolarjan.wordpress.com). Come visit!

  98. Well, here goes.
    I make quilts, among other things.
    have fun getting bored.

  99. Sometimes I just can't resist posting a humorous response about things in general. I'm a Foodblogger which means I get a free meal every once in a while and I'm the guy taking pictures of his food in the restaurants. Hey, but it keeps us old farts out of the bars at night writing the blog posts. My foodie blog is at www.thebrownbagreview.com

  100. OK, I've seen others promote businesses here, so I hope this is an appropriate post for this page.

    I offer tours of the historic area of Williamsburg, Va. I am offering a 20% discount to Jim's readers. Think of it as a "Thank you" for all the great reading I've found here over the years. Or, think of it as a blatant attempt to attract business - I'm good with either.

    Mt website is
    (Yeah, I couldn't believe that name was available, either.) To receive the discount, type "Minion" in the coupon box on the final checkout page. (Why, what did you think it would be?)
    My tour is 2-1/2 to 3 hours. We will cover the length of the historic area, talk about how & why it was built in the 18th century, how & why it was restored in the 20th, what Colonial Williamsburg offers today, tell stories about some of those who lived here throughout the years, and maybe even mention a ghost or two.


    1. Edit to the above:
      I no longer maintain the online store that was linked to my website, so there is no checkout page to type "Minion" into! I will continue to offer the discount, however. Just mention that you are a fellow minion.
      For info, the website link given above is still active.
      To arrange a tour, email me at bruce@toursofwilliamsburg.com


  101. well i just had so much fun reading the newly revised u.s. constitution of 2013 and spit up water on my computer from lol. and clicked other things and then this. so, my issue is with american trophy hunters that are paying to kill near-extinct species in the wild, typically in SA, and in so called "canned" hunting facilities. ted nugent owns a couple... THE NUGE IS PUBLIC ENEMY#1, and his best friend? trophy hunter sarah palin. these animals are at risk for becoming endangered in the wild due to trophy hunting and poaching. definitely endangered. particularly, the elephant, the rhino and the lion. www.facebook.com/speak4theanimals

  102. Jim, how can I find out if you have done a blog on the gun issue in the USA?

    1. Look on the popular essays page. There's a whole bunch of gun posts.

  103. Here is an essay, "Let's Call a Truce on Christmas," that I just posted to my blog ("Et Cetera, etc."). Feel free to read and comment. http://janetcobur.wordpress.com

  104. Just a like minded blogger" http://www.brainspank.org/2014/11/asphalt-ballet/

  105. The Curmudgeon blogs at https://fortysevenseventyeight.wordpress.com/
    The site has a new look and a direct link back to Stonekettle Station. Everyone is welcome.

  106. Jim, there are a lot of folks who read AND regularly post at DailyKos.com who find your writing refreshing, because I've posted links to Stonekettle and gotten back only positive responses. Personally? You put me in mind of the late Steve Giliard (http://stevegilliard.blogspot.com/2003/12/im-fighting-liberal-you-know-ive.html), with your passionate words and brash ideas. I admired Steve greatly.

  107. This is a test of the newly upgraded Tommy D blogger account. Out of the shadows and no longer hiding from three letter agencies behind the Anonymous tab. Bravely following Jim's journey as chronicler of America's long train wreck.

    Who......? Oh, that guy - Semper Fi y'all

  108. Jim,

    I am a US Army veteran (Expert Pistol and Expert Rifle Medals, as well), hunter, and gun owner. I am also a fellow woodworker. I follow you on Facebook and Twitter. I really enjoy your commentary. You seem to be able to cut through the crap and get to the essence of issues. Hillary Clinton and I had a conversation about guns when she visited a town close to mine (No, really we did). Being a "responsible gun owner"(12+ hunting shotguns, etc.)I asked what we could to counter the NRA's venom. She has advocated an alternative organization for a while. I said that the concept is all fine and good, but a person like me, someone with no chops, can not really begin such a process. My wife suggested I contact Joe Biden (since he will soon be unemployed) and you. Any thoughts on such an idea, or your involvement?

    Did not know how to comment with only a email address, so did so as anonymous. Peter Olafsen who follows you on Twitter.

  109. Jim, I'm not gonna kiss your ass, lay out my creds, bow and scrape and genufuckingflect.
    Straight up, one scribbler to another, you write like it matters.

  110. The piece about respect was spot on. The haters be damned. When truth needs to be dissected and examined, people really need to pay attention to the entire article rather than honing in on one phrase or sentence, then spouting a tantrum for the world to read. You're not my god, but I do love almost everything you read. Now that I know where I can leave a comment, I may be obliged to do so. Thumbs up buddy.

  111. I am sorry FB deleted your 9-11 post. I thought it was spot on, which is why I shared it. I am tired of faux-patriots thumping their chests every 9-11 when the rest of the year they call the brave first responders "Union Thugs" and somehow just can't find the money to treat the rare cancers from which they now suffer. We, as a nation, are hypocrites of the first order and we need people like you to call us out.

  112. I follow your fb page. Your 9-11 post put into coherent words all the jumble of thoughts and feelings that have been rolling around in my mind the last few days. So fuck fb and their so-called community standards. And here's a donation, you deserve it.

  113. Jim,
    Sending lots of feels your way for you and ShopKat! I know how important a special pet is to our lives. Please take care of yourselves as well.

  114. How cool is this? I am co-owner of a Boho Chic Bridal Boutique with my Navy baby daughter! The Faded Sunflower specializes in exquisite custom made designer wedding gown copies. My other job is marriage/relationship counselor. Some days.. they go hand in hand! *giggle* If you or someone you know is in need of bridal attire... come check us out. www.thefadedsunflower.com

  115. Very sorry to hear about ShopKat. Hal Kitty, my 21 year old gray passed the week before. She was going to be pit bull food until my coworker snatched her for me. She was with me for over a 3rd of my life. Maybe ShopKat and Hal don't have to do their journeys on the other side alone. Hal was my ladder climbing, campfire and woodstove loving, water drinking, talking cat. The Age of Hal has ended and we'll not see her likes again. Thinking of you, and cheers to our friends who happened to be cats ... geokate (I'm only Anonymous, because I don't have other options for posting)

  116. So...yesterday, Melania Trump gave a speech in which she vowed to fight cyber bullying if she became the first lady. Based on what she was saying, I must assume one of the following...
    1. She doesn't realize who she is married to.
    2. She does realize who she is married to but, like Donny, doesn't believe the same rules apply to her hubby.
    3. She does realize who she is married to and plans on calling out Donny for his behavior. Maybe she'll use the Lysistrata method.
    4. She (once again) did not write her own speech and didn't really understand the implications of what she was saying, and (once again) got thrown under the bus by another of Donny's speech writers.
    5. She did write her own speech but still didn't understand the implications of what she was saying.
    6. She did write her own speech, did understand the implications of what she was saying, and threw herself under the bus. (which might be her way out of having to speak on Donny's behalf in the future)
    Other options I may have missed?

  117. I Guess I am sitting here 3am in the morning writing this because I am angry in many ways, over what has just taken place in this country.. I have spent most of my life in giving to many service to others I have nothing to regret I am still here in this world and a few times I didn't think that was possible no not being a druggie kind of person just the type of thing I did in my life that made money for me and my family no not against the law either... smile** I am remaining anon* because I do not want to be praised or anything like that my life was a task I started as a real creep who had a bad family life no not because of useless people just because they did not know what family life was back then...so they say when you have no attention you have a mode like attention seeking behavior well it happens... you reach out it did but it was not my father who helped get me back on the right track...I will get to the Person who did in a bit** my father was a ww2 vet when he joined the army he thought they would make him a kitchen guy since he was a butcher by trade helping feed troops, not by a long shot they shipped him across America and trained him with the... how to build and blow up bridges ...when he left the u.s.a. he was 18 yrs. old just got on the boat and went to fight a war ..he was landed on Omaha Beach it was one of the worst if you know anything about it... then they where on their way to Germany all in all some of you may know some may not know many of the engineers died lost in action...though all they continued and made it to Germany then they as many of you probably never knew or heard they where given the job of cleaning up many of the concentration camps with the survivors and non survivors that where discovered...I will leave it there for now**

  118. Jim, Don't know if you have seen this author before, but thought you might appreciate his take on the red states and their resistance to change.


    Thanks for the thought that goes into what you write, and the thoughts that come out of what you write. Todd Bolton

    1. This assessment of rural, white, Christian America was 100% spot on.

  119. what have i got to lose. I'd like more page likes. Please visit my page, click like and then post who you are and what I can do to return the favor! (Please like as a person not as your page)


  120. Jim, I really like your writing, and I'm glad you do what you do. I also know how busy you are. I blog sporadically, and I'm well aware of how much time and effort can go into each piece.

    Heh. Having said that, I thought I'd toss this at you, a piece from my own blog, A Citizen of Earth, ahead of tomorrow's (shudder) inauguration. Some of it overlaps one of your recent pieces, some of it diverges wildly from it. But ... I think those of us on the left -- or in the middle, which is where I consider myself to live and think -- are too often unrealistic in our views of the real world. This longish post was my take on an answer to that.

  121. I just started a political commentary blog, which I guess is really just a place for me to scream to the world my views, haha. Hope some of you might pop in and see what you think. Feedback and shares are appreciated! Thanks!!


  122. The Daily Stravager is not daily, but it does occasionally Stravage, whatever that is.


  123. Hi Jim!
    I've been reading your Facebook posts for a while, and I'm always chagrined that I can't comment, because they're so well written, I always want to comment.

    Here though, I thought I'd try to weigh in on your furniture dillema.
    As a librarian, I would suggest that you send detailed photos, from as many angles as you can, to the Antiques Roadshow. If anybody can identify the heraldic coat of arms, and tell you more about the desk, it's probably them.

    Whaddya think?

  124. I occasionally write articles about language and politics. My latest, "Snowflakes and Bunnies," is at http://wp.me/p4e9wS-yD

  125. Pardon me. That should have been "Snowflakes and Babies."

  126. I'm an Army vet and recently got a BA in Poli-Sci. I write regularly about subjects related to politics/current events and political theory. Check out my blog: https://politicalwonkwritings.blogspot.com/

  127. I write occasionally on my own website - a kind of blog - and also comment on some of Jim's work on Facebook directing my friends and enemies to read some of Jim's work. I'd appreciate it if some of you might comment on my works - Much of it is political and comments on how we are lazy thinkers. I also do public speaking if there are those who would care to contact me. I freelance as a writer and reporter for a small newspaper. My full time gig was as an English teacher, but have been retired for 13 years.

  128. Wondering if I should post this to my FaceBook page...I would appreciate Stonekettle followers advice - please read and let me know what you think! Perhaps if this went to Stonekettle Facebook page it may provide some insight to a broad audience.
    If anyone is wondering why some women don’t report sexual assault, I have some personal insight:

    I could tell you about being sexually assaulted in the 8th grade, but if I told you the circumstances of how that happened, you might blame me.

    I could tell you how I was raped at age 20, but if you knew the circumstances surrounding it, you might blame me.

    I could tell you how I was molested by an eye doctor during an eye exam at age 20, but you might question my recollection, especially if you knew my history and saw what I was wearing at the appointment (shorts and a halter top).

    I could tell you how I was molested by a Kaiser doctor in 2003, but you might question my recollection, especially seeing as I was a recovering addict. (Which I had confided to the doctor before he decided to do an under the shirt exam).

    I know some of you are like, “I didn’t need to know all that!” But knowledge is power. I don’t think I have any friends in Alabama who might see this, but they really need to know – there are plenty of reasons why women don’t speak up sooner. I just told my husband all these stories recently in detail. I was so embarrassed. Embarrassed that I never reported any of these when they happened. And devastated that the perpetrators most likely went on to abuse more girls/women.

    The effects of all these events impacted my life in many ways, some of which are:
    To this day, the smell of a certain type of men’s cologne, apparently a very common cologne, makes me cringe. The cologne worn by the dude in the 8th grade that assaulted me.
    The lesson I took away from being raped at age 20 was, don’t drink without doing speed, that way you won’t black out. (That really screwed me up).
    As soon as I got sober, I had lasik eye surgery. No more eye exams!
    After the doctor visit in 2003, I have only elected to see female doctors ever since.

  129. Jim, I have been on your FB waiting list for a bit over a year at this point, but get enjoyment and informational satisfaction even when I can't participate. I don't know if you are aware of "Jenghazzi" Rubin (Right Turn) of the Washington Post, but she is an interesting "actual" conservative.

    One of her columns, 4 or 5 a day now thoughtful pieces, recently made me wonder whether intelligence agency professionals would constantly run minor false information through channels in the WH and other locations and then monitor for it in foreign and enemy nations communications. For example, would a report be passed up the chain that a couple of support ships in the 7th fleet were down with major mechanical issues when this was not the case?

    My dad started in the Truman OMB and retired out of the NSF after working for DARPA as a projects manager while the internet was being developed. I also became a bureaucrat, but for local municipalities. Small governments are just as Byzantine as large ones. Although, I may just be warped by the sun.

  130. White guy who blogs about feminism (yes, really) as well as politics & films. Was once part of the NotAllMen crowd, but somewhere along the way I "got it" and am trying to help others get there, too.
    Also have a radical idea about gun control: smart guns with wi-fi deactivation!
    Check me out at http://pearmainht-blog.tumblr.com/

  131. Mr. Wright,

    Someone over at Charles Johnson's Little Green Footballs blog posted the first tweet of your thread on "what it takes to be promoted to Chief" (answer, sustained superior performance), and how you relate that to politics.

    Your thread got a lot of commentary over there, all positive. My response was:

    He’s correct, both for the Navy and for the electorate.

    There is no glory in getting out and doing the grunt work of uplifting others to get them elected, any more than there is uplifting your shipmates to be better seamen.

    I took the chief’s exam three times, and made a perfect score each time. But all the chief’s exam does is put your record before the advancement board, where they look at all the other things you’ve done in your career. I did not advance to chief.

    I did not blame others, or ask if there was a special trick. I worked harder. I volunteered for things people did not like to do. Maybe I would have made chief had I not been bounced out for epilepsy, maybe not. That's the breaks.

    But I damn sure knew I wouldn’t advance at all if I wasn’t working for the team.

    Politics is like that. Waiting for someone to swoop in and do the work you should be doing, even when that work is not glorious or satisfying, will not get you a government which cares about you.


    Every election matters. You don't always get the perfect candidate you can 100% support (I would argue you never do). It is certainly less fun knocking on doors or driving people to the polls than being a senator. But that door-knocking and driving helps lift up others, so they can also exercise their franchise in a democratic republic.

    When the people find they have things more important to do than ensure they have a government that represents their wishes, they will get exactly the government they deserve.

    I do hope the purity pony crap is put out on the curb before November, because Team R's voters always, always show up to vote. They aren't looking for unicorns.

    Sir, I'd buy you a drink if I ran into you. I'd buy you a case of your favorite potent potable if your message gets through to enough of the electorate that first, you must be a better citizen.

    As I noted on your last blog post, you are the sort of person who in the Navy I would have followed to storm the gates of Hell in a rowboat.

    1. Do you have a link to that post? I'd be interested in reading the comments. // Jim

  132. Hi, Jim. I am a frequent reader but an infrequent commenter as I am currently outside the airlock on Facebook. I read a post from a friend and ex-coworker that I thought you ought to see, maybe comment on. It's old, so you may have already had this brought to your attention if you read Townhall. Here it is (I hope). It doesn't pass my sniff test for bullshit, but a Trumpanista would eat it up and it bears relevance as far as mindset and propaganda that anyone wishing to derail the Trump train should be prepared to poke holes in. https://townhall.com/columnists/evansayet/2017/07/13/he-fights-n2354580

  133. Hello Mr. Wright. I enjoy your posts immensely. Just want you to know that not all Christians are members of the Evangelical Party that supports President Trump, hates homosexuals, likes walls, is racist, etc. (There is a push in the LGBTQ community to getting back to just using the queer designation.)My wife and I belong to the progressive Presbyterian Church (PCUSA). You are quite right when you talk about 'their god' being a hateful god. (Paraphrasing) We don't believe in that god. Here's a link to some of what I've written. https://yadayadayadablahblah.blogspot.com/2019/02/true-to-word-religion.html Obviously not as eloquent as you. Please keep doing what you're doing. It makes a difference. Peace be with you, Keith

  134. Hi Jim - clicked on your Edwin Hill article re: Dec 7 looks like it's a bad URL and 404ing. See http://www.stonekettle.com/2007/12/remembering-december-7th.html

  135. Hi Jim -- I'd been subscribed to the blog since March 2017; in May of 2020 something happened, and I eventually wrote you because I wasn't receiving the posts, and they did resume in Nov 2021. Unfortunately the debilitations of age caught up with me a little after that and I was in and out of hospital from off and on until mid-January 2023. The last post I received was in July 2022. When I went to the Stonekettle Station site and read over the posts I'd missed, I couldn't find any other way to inquire about a subscription... I'm not sure about which option to choose under "subscribe." My operating system is Fedora 29, and I don't want to do anything through Yahoo.

    I was very happy to see that there were posts from you during the period when I was incommunicado, though. I had checked my Stonekettle folder during the periods when I was at home, but there was nothing, so I was afraid you had had another bout of illness or family illness.

    At any rate, happy 2023. I look forward to more blog posts, I'll just have to remember to check the site every week until the subscription thing is working again.

    all the best


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