Sunday, July 11, 2010

Along the Willow River

We set out yesterday for the Target in Wasilla…

…and, as is usual for us, ended up somewhere else.


We got to Wasilla and just kept going until we hit Willow. Then we turned to follow the Hatcher Pass road.

It was rainy and overcast when we reached the old bridge across the Willow River:


Doesn’t look too bad from the side (standing on the new bridge), but up close, well, let’s just say you go first and I’ll watch.


The river is cold and fast and I have no desire to end up in it


Eventually we meandered up over the summit of Hatchers Pass and down the other side towards home.

Things were very green in the pass:


That’s the Summit Lodge in the right foreground (where they filmed the Alaskan Myths episode of Myth Busters) and the Independence Mine back there on the left.


Despite the rain, it was a nice and scenic drive. 


  1. I used to walk over a bridge like that when I was a kid and took the *really* scenic route home.

    If my mom knew about it, she'd have grounded me for life.

    Of course, weighing only about 45 pounds, I wasn't likely to break anything.

  2. What's that little blue card on the bridge say? "If you can read this, you're gonna die now"???

  3. It's a mining claim notice, NZforme. This valley is an active gold mining area, private claims are marked with those blue metal cards.

  4. Ooo, thanks. (Can now put checkmark next to "learn something new" for today.)

  5. Better view than the long way around to my Target. Here you get traffic, or more traffic, or...you get the idea.


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