Thursday, August 13, 2009

Where I’ve been Today

Today was my son’s birthday.

I am now the parent of an official teenager.

Teenager. The mere sound of that gives me the queasy feeling of ominous foreshadowing (Well, it could be that the queasy feeling is actually a slice of chocolate cheesecake and ice cream).

There were presents. (a PSP and a new phone – which I had to pick up today)

We went out for dinner (Chili’s gah. But he gets to choose).

Additionally, I had an appointment with my official government healthcare provider today (as I mentioned on Twitter, no Death Panels were in evidence though the Obama administration may have been hiding them from me since I am a world famous blogger)

Anyway, I’ve been a bit busy today.

Now, I’m very tired.

Hence no post.

I’m sure you’ll find a way to live with it.

See you tomorrow.


  1. They were virtual death panels and you can only see them with mirrors.

    Just think, in 3 years or so he won't be satisfied with a phone, he will want a car.

  2. OK, I agree that the Original Outrageous Palin Post Snark (aka OOPPS) was a good reason to delay the planned Written Response to Information on Government Health Treatment (WRIGHT), and I'm on board with the need for you to carry out Preventative Maintenance and Support Required to Insure Continued Health and Willingness To Flog Any and All Deserving Idiots on the Internets (PMS-RICH-WTF-AADI) (OK, I couldn't keep it up. So sue me), but that promised WRIGHT post is something I'll be looking for in the next few days.

    And, Happy Birthday to your new teeny.

  3. Parenting teens is just fine! You'll do great! Teens are people too! (She says from her padded cell through the restraints and the drugs.)

  4. Has anyone seen Jeri? She's due for her next dose of Xanax (teen edition).

    Jim, I'll be stopping by with enough for you and Mrs. Stonekettle Station early next week.

    Janiece, pusher to teen parents.

  5. Silly Jim, the death panels aren't for the government plans, they're for the rest of us who will be forced to use the Public Option and have our group numbers tattooed on our left fore-arms (except for those we have to harvest the left fore-arm as replacement parts for congressmen or to feed Detroit, those people will have their right fore-arm tattooed).

  6. Janiece, Steve obviously needs some form of medication too. Help him with that, would you?

  7. Hey, I took my meds this morning. The colors are FABulous as the unicorns fart their rainbows across the blushing sky.

  8. No tattoos, Steve. RFID tags, just like it says in the Bible.

  9. And what age are we now saying the "teens" start at? I feel a "What year did the millenium roll over"-sized argument brewing.

    (I think you've got one more year Jim.)

  10. You are now the parent of a teen.

    With great responsibility comes great suffering.

  11. Happy Birthday, Jim(my) :)

    Welcome to 13-ness.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Having recently sifted through a whole bunch of papers that documented things I said, did, and thought as a teen, all I can say is: run away! run awaaaaay!!!

    Also, I'm looking forward to the post about Faux News.

  14. Well, there was my sister who announced she was a teenager when she turned 10. "Ten-teen", she declared.

    Historically, she was mostly right for decades -- 1912 for example happened in the 'Teens.

    Dr. Phil

  15. Steve, do you have teens? Because I am a responsible pusher.

  16. Janiece, none of my own, and all the local nieces and nephews are off to college. The only ones still at home in their teens are in Minnesota.

  17. Jim now has a teenager on his hands...the real ride begins


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