Friday, August 28, 2009

A Note About Posting

Folks, as you may have noticed, posting has been a little light this week.

I've been busy.

As some of you know, I took a job with the Air Force for the next year or so. They, for some bizarre reason, expect me to get up early and come into work and do the things they're paying me for, instead of sitting around in my sweats writing blog posts. The nerve of these people, right?

I've been writing after I get home, but this last week has been a little hectic - and out of the five weekdays, the middle three were filled with Migraine and Wednesday night I was basically nonfunctional. Additionally, on the nights where my brain didn't feel like a full on tank battle complete with zombie infantry, I've had things to do that have kept me busy until midnight and just haven't been able to finish up the healthcare series or crank out a good rant. If tonight works out the way I hope it will, I'll be off looking at an industrial lathe that I'm hoping to buy (Ook Ook! Sorry, I get excited), and then I'm going to take my wife to dinner and a movie.

So, apologies.

The next two weeks will probably be somewhat light, posting wise, as well - we're going to be entertaining guests who arrive in town Saturday night. I'll probably be at the Alaska State Fair all day Sunday with these guys, so you may expect pictures and tales of manly misadventure. Expect. I didn't say you'd get them, I just said you may expect such things.

Anyway, I just thought you should know. Because I'm cool like that.

In the mean time, have some Friday going home music:

Note: Embedding for the weird creepy Tom Petty video with dead Kim Basinger is disabled on YouTube. You can find it here.


  1. ...I'll be off looking at an industrial lathe that I'm hoping to buy...

    That wouldn't happen to be a Laguna Pinnacle, by any chance? ::drool::

    Enjoy the time off/out, have a great dinner/movie, enjoy the fair!

  2. What, you're trying to have a life outside of entertaining us? Madness! Madness I say.

  3. Karl, it's a vintage cast iron Delta. 16" swing on the inboard side, 24" on the outboard. Dig this, it's never been used. Still packed in cosmoline and the original shipping crate.

  4. ::jaw hits floor::

    16"? What model?

    OK - I see a road trip to the shrine in my future... I'll bring offerings. Bushmill's what?

  5. Ya know Jim, I fall opposite you on a lot of the political stuff you write, but as much as it seems odd to admit...I read your stuff pretty much everyday and miss it when you don't post.

    Maybe you need to get one of those voice recognition programs and a mic-headset and dictate the blog while commuting from the valley.

    ...no...wait...that'd probably just be all expletives.

    Anyway, I may bump into you at the fair. We're possibly going out Sunday evening as well, unless my son gets friday off work...haven't seen good fireworks in an above zero environment since I left Palmer. (used to live a mile from the fairground)

  6. (looks around)

    So... if you're going to be out...

    (plops down on sofa)

    ...then we can just make ourselves comfortable here? Right?

    Did you remember to stop up on chocolate for us? Now you've got this fancy schmancy new job, we expect good chocolate!

  7. Michelle, if you're stopped up on chocolate I really don't want to know.

    I bought the lathe. You may picture me doing the squee

  8. But if you DO find some time I just know this is going to be your favourite new homepage... http://peopleofwalmart.com/

  9. Ha!

    Shit, Mike, that's hysterical. Thanks!


  11. Pony is in the freezer. Those white packages. You want yours medium or well done?

  12. (suspicious look)

    LAST time you said the white packages were bunny.


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