Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Going Home Music

For all of you who are galley slaves rowing for the Man, here’s a little Friday going home music:

I never much cared for The Beach Boys – I think their amazing harmony was often wasted in light and fluffy fare. But Sloop John B, a cover of a much older song made famous by the Kingston Trio, is a rare exception.

Enjoy your drive home.


  1. Pet Sounds is a brilliant album, "Caroline, No" and "I Just Wasn't Made For These Times" are unbelievably good songs, and "Sloop John B." has frequently served as an informal theme song for me here at the office. Matter of fact, sometimes a former co-worker and I would pass in the hall and start singing, "I wanna go home/Oh won't you let me go home...."

    Many days this really is the worst trip I've ever been on. But not today. Today is okay, thus far, and hopefully I haven't jinxed it.

    Now off to the post I was looking to link to.... :-)

  2. Thanks for the link to this song. I hadn't heard this version, but I do know the Kingston Trio version. And now it's stuck in my head, but that's okay, because I like it. Can you tell I'm a bit punch drunk?

  3. Sloop is good. But I have three words for: Great Big Sea. Had Rant and Roar running on the iPod today.

    Dr. Phil


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