Friday, August 14, 2009

The Week, In Ties


Fridays are business casual. No tie.


  1. Even when the company went business casual I wore a suit and tie.

    It pissed my boss off and was well worth it.

  2. AGH! Ties. Run, run away.

    Had to wear a tie for ten years. At the last one I would intentionally buy the most hideous of ties to wear. Fortunately in my new position it's "business casual" so polo and slacks. For the past twelve years it was jeans and shirt.

  3. I would intentionally buy the most hideous of ties to wear

    Yes. Exactly once you begin to regard the dress code as a challenge it becomes fun.

    I'm kidding. I like wearing a tie. I like interesting ties. I spent my life in uniform, I'm enjoying wearing nice clothes and some color for a change.

  4. Ties?? Last time I wore a tie for work was the last time I wore my class A's. ummm, 1988? Can't stand 'em.

    But now I know what to get you for Christmas. mwuahahahaha...

  5. In this environment ties are a rank badge. The guy wearing the tie is in charge. The guy in jeans and a t-shirt is a flunky.

    And I will always take a tie as a gift. The more unique the better

  6. I already sent you links to ties you desperately need to wear to work!

  7. Oh, goodie...

    the get Jim a Tie Challenge!!

    You're ON Dude!!!



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