Thursday, November 18, 2021

Announcing Alternative War

Announcing the release of Alternative War, the latest anthology from B Cubed Press


Announcing the release of Alternative War, the latest anthology from B Cubed Press

Past, present, and future conflict, those who fight, and what comes after. 

Some science fiction. 

A bit of historical fiction.

Some detective work. 

And a leavening of poetry. 

This mixed genre anthology features all new works from both award winning masters and new writers alike, a talented cast from literally around the globe. Jane Yolen and David Gerrold, Gwyndyn Alexander, Gustavo Bondoni, C.B. Claywell, Karl El-Koura, Rob Francis, Bruce Golden, Philip Brian Hall, James Hancock, Liam Hogan, Tom Howard, Shawn Kobb, Vlora Konushevci, Lita Kurth, Pedro Iniguez, Al Margrave, Alison McBain, D. Thomas Minton, Ann Poore, Anthea Sharp, Marge Simon, Peter B. Tracy, Jeremy Thackray. 

Forward by Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, author of The Healer's War

And, oh yeah, one more: Yours Truly. 

That's right. The anthology includes my short story: The Gelding -- a tale of war, robots, evolution, and strange new worlds. 

And yes, before you ask, that is indeed my art on the cover. Thanks to Bob Brown at B Cubed for buying it. 

Available now from Amazon. 


  1. Yay! And well done, and hey, first comment (blush)

  2. Hoping there will be an Audible version available soon.

  3. Congrats, I lost my mind to get an article published in a professional journal. I hope your experiencing the same.

  4. Just read sample on kindle of your story Gelding. Have to buy the book to finish. I hope the rest is as good.

  5. If Gelding is as good as Deep Thunder was shaping up to be, I look forward to reading it. Of course, you really SHOULD finish Deep Thunder too


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