Saturday, August 14, 2010

Terror Babies

Here’s a question for you:

How come the same bunch of conservatives who’ve been calling President Obama Hitler and have done nothing for the last year but make wild accusations about how liberals are trampling the Constitution – I’m talking about the same bunch of jackasses who carry around little copies of the US Constitution in their Ben Franklin jacket pockets and hold it up like it was a holy book with little tears of patriotic fervor glistening in the corner of their eyes – are the very first ones every single time a Democrat is elected to office that suddenly can’t wait to start redlining that self same document?

This is the same batch of tools who thought it was just wonderfully patriotic when George W. Bush and his band of psycho sycophants pissed all over the Constitution with gleeful abandon in the name of national security. But now they’re wailing and moaning and gnashing their yellowed teeth about protecting that same Constitution. These are the same ignorant dimwits who said things like “if ya don’t have nuthin’ to hide, ya got nuthin’ to fear” when the Bush Administration used NSA to tap our phones and kick in our doors without a warrant or due process. These are the same fools who embraced torture and secret prisons as national policy and think that you can bomb the Taliban into democracy. They didn’t give a shit when the CIA and FBI were given the power to monitor internet connections and emails and snoop through your library list, again without a warrant. These are the same mindless dolts who nodded their heads when George W. Bush said, hey, the Constitution is just a piece of paper and then wondered around zombie-like repeating that statement over and over like a mantra.  These are the same traitorous sons of bitches who make up the ranks of the Oath Keepers – a group of so-called patriots whose loyalty and honor and courage depend entirely on which way the wind is blowing today and whose word means exactly jack shit.

But for the last year all they’ve done is scream in fury about protecting the Constitution.

Two years ago they didn’t give a flying fuck about the Constitution, now they act as if it’s some kind of sacred scroll - so how come they keep trying to change it?  First they wanted an amendment defining “natural born citizen.” When that idiotic bullshit fell through, they started harping on about states rights and modifying the Tenth Amendment (prior to Obama’s election, the vast majority of these Tea Party chowderheads couldn’t have told you which amendment dealt with federalism and state’s rights or even if there was such a thing in the Constitution, even if you’d exercised your Second Amendment rights and held a gun to their fuzzy heads). And now? Now it’s the Fourteenth Amendment they want to erase. 

For a bunch of people who claim to revere the Constitution, they sure don’t seem to have much respect for it as written, do they?

What do you call that again?

Oh, yes, that’s right – it’s called hypocrisy.


  1. But Jim! Don't you know? Surely those al Qaeda terrorists are as smart as Chinese businessmen! It's only a matter of time before the terrorists bring their pregnant wives to America so they can... spend the next fifteen-to-eighteen years training them... for... uh... something... bad?

    The second-best thing about "Terror Babies" (after the fact I want to be in that band) is the mental picture of a sitcom about a sixteen-year-old son of a terrorist who refuses to go into his daddy's line of work because he likes the rock'n'roll and the Western chicks in their short skirts. I mean, seriously, WTF? These people go out of their way to keep their kids from being westernized so they're going to have babies in America of a sudden? Really?

    But as for the body of your post, Jim, they've always cared about the Constitution and nothing's changed. The problem is that the Constitution they care about is the one that was written by-and-for straight white Christian Republicans, not the rabble that have shown up since one of "them" was elected President (and as if it's not bad enough he's a moderately liberal Democrat, he's a black Muslim Kenyan, to boot).

    They weren't bothered by Bush's abuses because they don't think the Constitution applies to anyone but themselves. It's just like a judge striking down a majority-passed gay marriage act is an activist while one striking down a popularly-passed gun control regulation is merely a patriot who understands the Second Amendment of the White Christian Republican Constitution as it was written and passed by the White Christian Republican Founding Fathers when they created White Christian Republican America for White Christian Republicans.

    Hypocrisy would suggest inconsistency. Oh, they're horribly consistent.

  2. Yes, the same pukes who liked to spout, "The Constitution is not a suicide pact." Except, yeah, it is. It's a document that implies "We're willing to fight for it. And if we're wrong, we're willing to die defending it."

    And now all these people are up in arms with "OMG, we have to follow it verbatim. Except those parts we don't like, like having the Court being a check on the powers of the Executive and Legislature."

    I want to look at them and recite their own words, "America, love it or leave it, punk."

    About "Terror Babies," what a bunch of crap. Terrorist are already recruiting American Citizens (al Shabaab and all those idiots we've convicted - in Criminal Court BTW - of being tied to al Qaeda). So they're going into a 20-30 year plan which costs too much money when they can just recruit American Adults? Yeah, I don't think so. Al Qaeda knows economics, obviously our own Congress people don't.

  3. It is all about creating fear. That's what terrorists do and it is what republicans do. The fearmongering republicans are terrorists.

  4. Actually I think the suicide pact was technically the Declaration of Independence, 'our live, our fortunes, our scared honor' and old Ben caught it just right with his comment about hanging together.

    guess ??

  5. Eric, I think you wanted this reference...


  6. Eric, I just added your blog to my favorites, right along with Jim's. That was a fantastic comment.

    "murdshdi" -- I'm not sure what it means, but I think it's something them Muslim terrorist babies wear right before they blow up their own baby carriages.


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