Sunday, July 7, 2013

Stonekettle Station Commenting Problems

I’ve had some problems with Stonekettle Station’s domain management system today.

I was away from my main system all day and only recently returned.

The issues are now resolved, however, there was some information loss.

Because comment moderation is enabled for all but today’s posts (and due to the level of hairy-palmed drooling trollage on certain older posts, it’s going to stay that way), all comments are processed through my private domain email system so that I can manage comment moderation from anywhere via phone. Because the problem was in the domain email system, a chunk of comments were accidently deleted. I’m not sure exactly which ones or how many. Most of the comments pertained to the Idiot Nation essay, but some were attached to other posts. I’ve rescued what comments I could. The rest have gone to the Great Google Graveyard Of Lost Bits in the Sky.

If you made a comment, and it didn’t appear, sorry about that, but there’s not much I can do about it. 


  1. I find it strange that some people take it as a personal affront when their comments disappear, munched by the Google monster. Really? Do they think that they are so important that they have been singled out? The wailing and gnashing of teeth....

  2. Shoot, I forgot to wail and gnash my teeth. Maybe next time. After life is full of opportunity.

  3. I just thought you were pissed off at me. Didn't wail, didn't gnash.

  4. "there was some information loss"....I normally chalk that up to landing on my Brain Housing Group too many times. My momma didn't have to drop me on my head, USMC was happy to oblige. (damn T10's) Tommy D

  5. Damn. And it was brilliant, I tell you--brilliant!

    *gnash* *rip* *wail* *rend* *howl* *yada-yada-yada*

  6. It's not about us, the commenters, it's about you, the brilliant composer. (BTW my father has been playing poker on my laptop during his vacay here in AK and I've lost my identity....damn you dad...)

  7. Maybe I ought to comment here more often, just so I could be righteously indignant when my comment goes missing. Oh well. I love reading your posts Jim.

  8. Gad, what a relief! I was afraid that you had suddenly become unenamored of my wry wit and penetrating insights.

  9. What?!? The outrage! You haven't got a triple redundent back-up to handle your site's comments? Now the pure genius that smote my mellon from on high (sent down by the great sky Juju no less) and then would have appeared on your site has been denied to my fellow slobbering trolls! Fine! Be that way. Next time I'm just going to shake my fist at the monitor in impotent rage.



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