Sunday, January 29, 2012

Eagle and Moon


Busy today, so you didn’t get a post.

In compensation, have some Alaska:

Eagle 1

It was about minus twenty Fahrenheit.  My son and I were digging giant blocks of ice out of the driveway and moving them with the plow when I looked up and saw this.

The sun was setting and turning the landscape a kind of golden yellow. The air was so cold and clear it was like you could reach out and touch the moon.  I grabbed the camera and climbed the hill across from my house and managed to take several dozen shots through the telephoto lens.  I didn’t bother with setting the exposure manually, it was too damned cold to fumble barehanded with the camera controls, I just put the Nikon into full auto mode and held down the shutter release with my gloves on.  

I posted this earlier today on Facebook and Twitter. For those of you who don’t follow me on social media, well, I wouldn’t want you to think I was neglecting you.

Be patient, actual blog post to follow.


  1. WOW! Amazing thing to just look up and see! As an artist, the inspiration is amazing!

    I was gona complain cause it was another blog post and I HAVE to read when you post, and you are never breif! But you are always worth the read...but I am lazy and just hate spending the time reading long posts! Catch 22 I know. Since I almost always end up reposting your post to my Facebook for my friends who are silly enough to NOT follow you!

  2. Thanks, for a great start to my morning.

  3. Jim in my books this is an "actual post." You know it doesn't always have to be some well thought out, articulate, amazing take on life in the world of American politics. Sometimes it can be about a picture of a buzzard sitting in a tree dreaming about going to the moon. (Love this pic BTW).

  4. In retaliation, I'll be posting a photo of a scrofulous pigeon later today. Depending on my luck of "capturing the moment", there may or may not be dog crap in the shot.

  5. That's a great shot! Beautiful enough to makes me want to go for a long hike in the cold.

  6. Is this a graphic allegory to Newt (represented by the stoic, proud symbol of our nation's resolve) and his visionary challenge to America to elect him twice, in order to seize the Lunar high ground and make us great again?

    If so, I'll pass. Nice pic though.

  7. sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, anonymous. This is one of those times.

  8. "Your using the Freud defense against me."

    "I thought it fitting considering the rocky terrain."

    Anyway Jim - What lens and aperture did you use to shoot this image? Great depth of field (about 200k miles).

  9. Thank you, Jim. What a lovely shot!

  10. Jim, well damn done. I'm a bird photographer when I'm not snarking on my blog, but because I can't get birds to buy my prints I have to chase kids up and down the football fields and basketball courts to earn a living here in middle TN. I wish I had that kind of scene within driving distance, I'd surely take the trip daily! Hope you'll come over to my place for a look, and if you have time, check out my photography website which is linked therein.

    Just found your place and spent the better part of half an hour just reading the commenting/troll disclaimers. Shit, your disclaimers and warnings are better than my best posts!

    I'm not worthy...


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