Friday, June 3, 2011

Attention Alaskans: Melanie Gould Is (no longer) Missing

Update: Saturday, June 11

Melanie has been found. 

According to the media, Melanie Gould contacted the Alaska State Troopers in Cantwell today.  She appears to be physically fine and was transported to the regional hospital in Wasilla.  Reportedly she was aware of search efforts but had been avoiding the searchers.  If the reports are accurate, then obviously she’s got some issues to deal with.

The important thing is that Melanie is alive and safe and getting whatever help she needs.  This is a good thing.


Iditarod Musher Melanie Gould is missing.
Alaskans, keep an eye out for Melanie. If she’s between Talkeetna and Denali, she could have gone off the road anywhere and not be noticed for days.  Keep alert, pay attention, and find this lady. 


Update: Saturday 06/04/11

She's still missing as of this morning.  More information on the search effort organized by Melanie's friends and neighbors is here.


Update Saturday 06/04/11 18:10

Alaska State Troopers have found her truck parked along the Denali Highway. No sign of Melanie yet. But no sign of foul play either.  Troopers are searching the remote area.


  1. Any news on her? In spite of the comments by the state troopers, I can't imagine a dedicated musher going off and leaving her kenneled dogs to fend for themselves while she seeks some "privacy." I hope you find her and that she is ok.

  2. No news yet. There's a link to the search effort's facebook page in the post update. That is probably the best source of realtime information. Her friends are organized and dedicated, they're working hard to fine her.

  3. find her. Not fine her. Stupid fingers

  4. I'm sure I speak for most everyone following Melanie's "disappearance" and "reappearance" when I say there are 'worlds of thanks' that she is alive and safe. I also have to believe that a lot of people feel that answers and/or explanations are in order, and want to know "who, what, where, when and WHY". NOT "blood n guts" details, just TRUTHFUL answers! That being said, I believe that with those answers the whole matter could be "put to rest", lives resumed and healing can happen.

  5. Personally, unless Ms Gould wishes to explain herself, I don't see where it's anybody's business.

  6. Yes, people have their right to privacy. HOWEVER, when an individual is involved in something as public as Melanie's disappearance (she made WORLDWIDE news coverage), in my thinking that person should lose their right to privacy, particularly when that person is responsible for the unnecessary expenditure of public funds and the risk to searchers and dogs. The fact that she left without making arrangements for her dogs' needs also "opened the matter" to public outcry and judgments and the cry for explanation.


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