Sunday, April 10, 2011

Something For the New People

The recent influx of new readers spurred me to do something I’ve been meaning to do for a while.

I’ve added a reference page of Stonekettle Station’s top posts.

This new link list is a standalone page, not part of the regular blog page index.  You can reach it by clicking on a new link, labeled Stonekettle Station’s Greatest Hits, at the top of the main page or a post page, right under The Rules link.

I will probably edit the page a number of times until I’m satisfied with it, and I’ll add new links as I think appropriate. 

If you have suggestions for posts you’d like to see included, either email me or leave a comment under this post.


  1. I'm rather partial to a Zombie Apocalypse post you wrote. A year ago? Two years? Was in response to some church group or other proselytizing door to door.

    I believe it was also the post that hooked me in, you enabler you.

    Btw - I'm glad you're feeling better.

  2. As long as your cat posts include the one about moving cats to Alaska, which is one of the funniest damn posts ever.

    Dr. Phil

  3. It's there, Doc, it's the "There Ain't No Such Thing As a Free Cat" post

  4. I'm with Dr. Phil on that one, Jim! The VERY sort of thing that happens to US - and I referred MULTIPLE people to the post!

    Melanee Masters

  5. Oh, and sorry about posting as "Anonymous." I didn't realize I could just tell it to post my NAME. (D'oh!)

  6. You have one about dial 1 for English involving John Wayne, which I went looking for a while ago and couldn't find.

  7. Warner, the John Wayne post: Just Stop It Already, Really

    I'll include it in the links. Thanks for reminding me. Of all the google search results that land on Stonekettle Station, that post is the highest hitcount. If you do a google search for "John Wayne why do I have to dial 1 for english" Stonekettle Station is the top result - unfortunately, the people performing that particular search, are very unhappy with that post. Go figure.

  8. Holy shit Jim, I'm scared!
    I was applying your blog and past posts liberally like your header said to do and I actually swallowed most all of it. I swallowed it whole Jim. It was good though!

    Now your telling us not to take this internally. Should I stick my finger down my throat or bring my laptop into the shitter when I read?

    Thanks for the new link.

  9. I assume you were talking about this post, Alesia?

  10. Dude! That was *awesome*! My crazy friends also love freaking those people out. The best one was when they showed up at my buddy Mike's place while he was processing a deer in his kitchen. He answers the door covered in deer innards & blood with a beer in one hand and a cleaver in the other, Cannibal Corpse blasting from the stereo, & cheerfully informs them that they're just in time for the sacrifice & invites them in.

    They fled in terror. :-D

    logresti- "It's Log! It's Log! It's big; it's heavy; it's wood" And it's it taking a nap!

  11. Well, I once had a couple of fellas show up while I was working on the jeep in my shop. I was underneath, pulling the oil pan and swearing a blue streak when I suddenly realized there were two pairs of feet visible in front of the truck. I slid out and there were these two nicely dressed young men. Mormons, doing the missionary thing. They were nice and polite, and when I told them I wasn't interested, they asked if there was anything they could do to help.

    You know, you just don't let a straight line like that go past.

    "Sure! Roll up your sleeves. You, slide underneath and hold the oil pan. You (the other you), reach into the engine compartment and wiggle this thing right here when I tell you to..."

    You should have seen their faces.

    To give them their due, they started rolling up the sleeves of those nice white shirts. I stopped them before they could get dirty. We had a good laugh and they went on their way, wiser perhaps in the ways of the unbelievers.

  12. LOL! That;s the sort of thing I do to random guys who hit on me on the internet.

    Random Dude:"Ur pic is HOT! I want 2 be ur slave."

    Me: "Great! Show up at my studio tomorrow with a set of needle files & 220 grit wet/dry sandpaper & I'll put you right to work." Sadly, none of them have ever taken me up on it. Probably because they always seem to be somewhere in India or Morocco or something.

    denthr- Dentures specially designed to make you talk with a lisp

  13. Thank you for including that, I was looking to return it to a high school classmate who had e-mailed me the original picture with appropriate mis-capitalized comment.

    Since I know the level of education he was offered, I can't explain where it came from.

  14. Thanks so much / very much enjoying the blog. Am linking it to PoliticalGates as well....


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