Thursday, April 18, 2024

The Menace from Space


"The spear, the bow, the gun, and finally the guided missile had given him weapons of infinite range and all but infinite power. Without those weapons, often though he had used them against himself, Man would never have conquered his world. Into them he had put his heart and soul, and for ages they had served him well. But now, as long as they existed, he was living on borrowed time."
Arthur C. Clarke, 2001: A Space Odyssey

The Jewish Space Lasers Lady is back.

The Republican from Georgia (which sounds like the title of a 1950s science fiction pulp novel) Marjorie Taylor Greene, submitted an amendment to the Israel Aid funding bill that, if approved, would provide funds to "develop space laser technology for use on the Southern Border." 

Space laser technology.

For use on the Southern Border. 

Space lasers.

Again. I mean, you remember the space lasers, right? 

But what do I know? Greene asks. I just like to read a lot. 

She likes to read nutty antisemitic conspiracy theories about the Rothschild Investment Corporation and and she likes to imagine "The Jews" have some secret space program so advanced it can launch industrial grade orbital solar power stations without anyone actually noticing but some smelly beardo in a dirty bathrobe living in a run down trailer somewhere in West Virginia and posting his "findings" to Truth Social. And not just those launches, but somehow vast orbital acres of highly reflective solar panels necessary to such installations have likewise somehow gone unnoticed by not only military, government, and academic observatories but those amateur telescope wranglers who track everything from SpaceX launches to the International Space Station. 

But, yeah, what would she know, right? 

Greene says America deserves the "same type of defense for our border that Israel has and proudly uses." (emphasis mine).

Has and proudly uses. 

Space lasers. 

Apparently she thinks Israel has space lasers. Which they use to defend their borders (and if that's the case, it's hardly an advertisement given the current state of affairs). This system Which I guess was lofted by the vast Israeli space program is also used to start forest fires in California on the orders of some secret Jewish investment bank because something something gazpacho and sure it sounds crazy when you say it out loud on social media but that doesn't mean it's not actually bugfuck insane, does it?

Folks, we really have to stop electing lunatics to run our government. 

Yes, even you, Georgia. Seriously, just stop it. 

That said, imagine it. 

No, really, imagine weapons grade lasers in orbit.

Space-based laser weapons powerful enough to punch through 200km of increasingly thick atmosphere with enough energy to ... what exactly? fry people and vehicles on the ground? Start forest fires? defend Israeli borders? burn ants? I don't know and the amendment doesn't say, but, imagine that weapon. 

Imagine what you could do with it, not just on the border, but anywhere, anytime, against anyone

Now, imagine giving control of that weapon to ... who? Trump? Biden? Booger eating crazypants Ex-General Flynn? The Arizona Supreme Court? Who?

Yes, imagine that. 

But then, you don't have to imagine it. 

We already have this, you know. 

Well, not have have, but we've got fully developed engineering plans for a similar weapons system. One that would have actually worked. 

Project Thor. 

That's right: Rods from God. The finger of death, smiting the sinners from upon high. 

Orbital-based Kinetic Bombardment. 

And if the sound of that doesn't scare the shit out of you, you've never read enough military science fiction. 

Except it wasn't fiction. 

The whole thing was thought up back in the 1980s by a bunch of science fiction writers and NASA engineers led by Dr. Jerry Pournelle (who was both). Thor is a fully fleshed-out design for kinetic energy weapons. Telephone pole sized solid tungsten rods, dropped from low orbit. A satellite might hold a dozen or more of these missiles. You can drop one or all of them at once, then a solid fuel rocket engine deorbits the Thor impactor and simple basic missile electronics guide it precisely to target (you wonder why we ever developed something so expensive as the GPS system? You didn't think it was for the public good did you?). Tons of metal moving at hypersonic velocity, you don't need a warhead or explosives. Depending on a number of variables, the impact energy of these things could be measured in kilotons. They could hit nearly anywhere on earth's surface with the power of a nuclear bomb, a manmade meteor. No radiation, no fallout. You could drop one or a hundred, or thousands, globally, all at once. Scalable, flexible, the system could target a tank column or a missile silo, a single building or an entire city, a battle group at sea or even submerged submarines. 

Simple and elegant in design -- if elegant is a word you associate with mass death from the sky. 

You don't need any new technology. The materials and engineering have existed for decades. We could have built a basic system as far back as the 1970s. 

There could be no defense against it.

It was developed as part of Ronald Reagan's Star Wars program. It was expensive and it would get more expensive the more satellites you put into orbit (it got cheaper if you had a reusable launch system, hey, and now you know some of the impetus behind the Shuttle's development and why Reagan was willing to keep funding it) but not nearly as expensive as maintaining a massive nuclear arsenal and the associated delivery systems (except the Shuttle vastly exceeded its design and operating budgets and never even came close to lowering the cost of launching material into orbit, and it turned out the nuke ICBMs were cheaper after all). 

But it wasn't the expense that ultimately canceled the program, so much as the idea of the sheer power of such a weapon.

You see, Thor, once implemented, could be used to impose an ironclad dictatorship over friend and foe alike.

You could use it against targets in the Middle East and the Soviet Union (remember, it was still the Cold War), but you could also use it against uppity Americans. Or your allies, if they forgot who their friends were. 

Now, there were certainly those who salivated at the idea of such power, but eventually it was cancelled before any serious hardware was constructed. They never got a working platform into space (probably).


If we had built it, can you imagine handing over control of such a thing to Donald Trump in 2016? The power of surgical strike tactical and/or strategic nuclear weapons without the associated downside of radiation, EMP, and long term contamination? Can you imagine handing control of that system over to the guy who wanted to know why we couldn't just nuke a hurricane? The guy who gleefully bragged on worldwide TV about dropping the "Mother of all Bombs" on Afghanistan?

That guy? 

Can you? 

Can you imagine that?

Who would he have used such weapons on? Think about that. Think about that power in any president's hands. 

I know Marjorie Taylor Greene is thinking about such power right now. 

I know she is. I don't have to guess. She told us. She keeps telling us.

That's all she and her ilk think about.

The power of God. And using it on us, those she considers undesirable and where have we heard this sort of thing before?

Yes, of course, Greene's amendment is idiotic. 

We're not going to build space lasers. Not yet. Not now. For the same reasons we didn't build Thor. We won't build Space Lasers for a lot of reasons. 

But this isn't really about that, is it?

It's about how these vile people think. 

It's about how they dream of having the absolute power of gods, being able to send down lightning from the heavens and fry the people they hate. Us.

The state of the art -- and the limitations of the budget -- won't let them do that. Yet.

But that doesn't make us safe from our leaders who dream about killing us. 

If you let them have power, they'll find a way to eliminate those they despise and they won't need science fiction weapons to do it. Whether it's cattle cars, camps, cyanide showers, and gas chambers or something more modern, they'll find a way just as those of their evil ilk always have. 

Because that's all they dream about. 

It's all they dream about. They tell you this in speeches, in their social media posts, in every amendment they write. They can not go a single minute without fantasizing about mass murder. 

Those like Marjorie Taylor Greene, like Trump, like the modern Republican Party, they don't build better futures. Not even for themselves. 

The only things they build are walls. 

The only things they create are new ways to to commit mass murder.

Their gods are hate and fear and profit. 

If you give them power, they'll use it to kill. To burn. To destroy. To tear down civilization and bury history in mass graves next to all those they despise. They told us so. 

It's all they dream about.

It's right there in their words, they don't even try to hide it. 

It's aways fascinating to me, the irony when someone whose entire identity is vested in some charismatic wannabe dictator calls me a communist.

A communist. 


I'm not a communist. Never have been. And in fact I spent a not insignificant fraction of my adult life in the uniform of my country standing against communism. I despise communism. 

I'm not even a socialist -- not that these drooling halfwits can tell the difference between socialism and communism, or care to find out.

Hell, I barely qualify as a liberal most of the time. 

And you wouldn't have to read very far back in the archives of this blog to figure that out. But the truly ironic part is where most of these people proudly wear their Christianity on their sleeve. A religion whose own founding prophet allegedly told his adherents in no uncertain terms: feed the hungry, clothe the poor, heal the sick, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to get into heaven, judge not least ye by judged... 

And we could have done that. 

Even if you don't believe in that god, even if you don't adhere to that religion, those are good ideas. Feed the hungry. Clothe the poor. Heal the sick. The Golden Rule. We could have done all of that. We could have fed everyone by now. We could have clothed and sheltered everyone on the planet. We could have healed almost everyone, or at least made sure everyone had effective quality medical care. We could all be wealthy. We could all be entitled to liberty and justice. We could have made this world a paradise for all, instead of embracing an ideology that promises salvation to only a select few and eternal misery to all the rest. 

We could have done that.


You damn right, I'm mad. 


Yes, that too. 

I'm fucking furious at all the things we could have dared, and did not. 

I'm terrified of what these dirty rotten selfish greedy miserable fanatical sons of bitches will do next, should we let them have power again. 

We better show up. 

We better do our duty. 

We'd better stand fast, shoulder to shoulder, against the fall of night, or one day real soon they'll find a way to burn us all down and civilization along with us. 

You want a better nation? 

Hell, you want a future where our leaders don't dream about murdering us? 

Then you have to be a better citizen. That's where it starts. 


"Pffaww, They're a pair! They don't like anything. They don't even like the dachshund. Who doesn't like dachshunds? They're little parcels of dog-shaped goodness. I've known Jalabite Hegemon ships that give up conquest and start little farmsteads just so they can have happy dachshunds. Everyone likes dachshunds, everywhere in the universe. Well, except on Bithomorency. People there got into a war with a refugee column of evolutionarily advanced dachshund super soldiers fleeing the destruction of their home world. The wire-haired marines took out an entire town. Two hundred thousand dead. And it was a tragic misunderstanding. The dachshunds only stopped to ask for some biscuits, automated defense systems fired on them. There's a lesson: never give control of your space weapons to an unsupervised machine. Schoolboy error.”
― Nick Harkaway, Doctor Who: Keeping Up with the Joneses


  1. I always read your essays with both excitement and dread. Your ability to contextualize historical and current events is unparalleled. You scare the hell out of me, but also give me a path to fixing things as well. We are not going to be saved by anyone. We have to do it ourselves by being better citizens. Thanks Jim.

  2. Two things. Its amazing to me how few christians actually follow the teachings of their namesake. The other thing is the "rods from god" . What very few people seem to realize is that this is one of the reasons for a base on the moon. But, instead of tungsten rods, think ceramic coated boulders from the moon. Launched by steam catapults using solar power, and locally sourced from lunar regolith. Probably not as accurate as the rods, but hey close counts in horseshoes, grenades, nuclear weapons, and KEWs.

    1. Look up Gerard K O'Neill and mass drivers

    2. Someone has read The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

    3. USS Gerald Ford has magnetic catapults. The moon wouldn't need to waste water lobbing rocks back at Mother Earth.

    4. Why not go with rice bowls from space?

    5. THE MOON IS A HARSH MISTRESS, the absolute first thing I thought of. Great book a rif on the American revolution. It would make a great movie: probably better than the current CIVIL WAR currently in theaters.
      I know the reviews are not favorable; but I'm still going to buy a ticket.
      And Marge the power would be beamed to Earth as microwaves Not lasers. Iff we could generate that much energy into a focused beam of light ABM defense would be easy peasy. Yes, Uncle Sam is working on high power lasers, an invention in search of a job is how lasers were first described. We're not there yet, and may never be

    6. Well, read “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress” by robert Heinlein. Basically just that - tossing rocks from the moon, and letting gravity do the hard work. Another excellent essay from Stonekettle…

    7. "Its amazing to me how few christians actually follow the teachings of their namesake." Maybe it's because they just can't stop lovin' up their guns, wanting control of all the lady parts, and getting mad about the buhtseks.

  3. As always, Jim - pithy, to the point, and spot on. And full of fascinating/horrifying things I never knew: so the Pournelle and NIven "Lucifer's Hammer" was not just fiction based on the possibility of a comet strike (the impact effect of a giant ice cream sundae, if I recall, but it was years ago that I read it)? But the concept was extrapolated from something that was actually being dreamed up? *shiver*

    1. Sort of. Lucifer's Hammer was originally an alien invasion story. But when Niven and Pournelle described the giant asteroid impact used by the invaders as a weapon, their publisher told them to drop the aliens and write a comet impact story. So they did.

      Pournelle headed up the Citizens Advisory Council on Space, which actually met at Nivens' large mansion outside of Los Angeles, and they advised the Reagan Administration on various ways to weaponize low earth orbit. It wasn't taken well by a lot of their own fandom. And was cheered by others. It was a different time back then.

      Many years later, Niven and Pournelle wrote the alien invasion story after all. They called it Footfall. And it includes a description of Project Thor -- only the aliens use a similar system to subjugate the earth.

    2. Dreamed up by one of the co-authors.

    3. I remember Pournelle’s concept from waaaay back in 1980ish time frame. Always wondered why we never went there. Cost is cost I guess?

    4. Literally described this in the text. C'mon, guys. Read the essay before commenting. //Jim

    5. Either Niven or Pournelle (I think) said, "Anything worth doing in space can be used as a weapon."

  4. The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. I regret that I had known how close we got to Mike’s weapons.

  5. I'm completely with you, Jim.
    I'm scared to death of Republicans!

  6. I've read a similar story, and they called the system "David's Sling" or something like that. It's frightening to consider this weapon system under the control of someone in the US, but horrifying to think that Nut and Yahoo could have access to a beast like this. Someone who's already shown what he thinks of borders, the UN, and anyone not *exactly* of his own religion. Back to a figure you mentioned... at the time of Ronnie RayGun, it cost ~$150,000 per pound to put something like Project Thor and it's components into space. Elmo's big erect ship looks to reduce that cost to ~$100 per pound. A lot of Pentagon bean counters get excited every time he launches.

  7. Thank you Mr. Wright. Another excellent read and thoughts to ponder. Better citizenry indeed. People to give a hoot for that short length of time to do their duty, show up and vote.

  8. I don't disagree about the problems caused by implementing Project Thor, but we're much further away than it might seem. Here's the Wikipedia page on it.


    1. Wikipedia might not be the best refence. Also, this isn't the point

    2. I was going to reply on Twitter but couldn’t. What a great essay. You have captured the madness that is today’s politics. We are watching barbarians tell us what they will do and we seem to be doing nothing about it. As you said: people have to vote. Institutions don’t have the ability to push back on home grown fanatics.

    3. re: feed the hungry/clothe the naked and all that: You're way closer to being a liberal than you think, Jim. And I mean that in the best of all possible ways.

    4. If they can't do what they want in a big way in a short amount of time, they'll keep at what they've been doing for the last 60 years or more and get there in the end. Them saying they should do this laser thing is more keeping their base motivated and affirming their beliefs for long term results rather than practical application even if it can actually be done. It's not their methods we should worry about, or how soon they might do something, it's the ideas behind their proposed actions that need stomping on.

    5. Wiki's gotten pretty damn good over the years. *Certainly* both more reliable and muuuch more comprehensive than Britannica, for instance. For a first-pass, it's quite adequate, and it almost always has good references to primary sources.

  9. Bad enough that Those People might get to be in charge of this country and go after their enemies here. If they got hold of the space lasers they salivate over, no place on Earth would be safe. No good trying to flee to Canada or New Zealand or same sane country, they'll hunt you down and eliminate you.

  10. Another brilliant essay that everyone needs to read. We continue to provide the biggest threat to ourselves. Organized religion continues to astound me with their blatant rejection of their own "rules." At least where it refers to themselves.

  11. The more I think about it, Hillary's "basket of deplorables" was an understatement. - Greg - ETC(SW) USN - Retired

  12. I don't doubt that certain of our cretinous politicians would nuke Terre Haute if they could (or more likely, San Francisco). I wonder, but have no information whatsoever to really speculate, what would happen if a President did issue such an order. Would STRATCOM comply, or would we see an amazing display of incompetence, delay, bungling, and procrastination until the men in the white coats could take the President away?

    1. One would hope for so much backbone.

    2. A glorious addenda to the 45th Big Hat; we now know no one likely will have the juevos to interfere, and no one’s gonna be coming with a big butterfly net.

  13. As long as the 'rods from god' are/were being sent into orbit from Earth, it doesn't seem like there would be a risk of them standing in for strategic nukes. That's because they can only return as much energy to the surface as you put into launching them from there. Thermodynamics. Not trivial, because a fully-fueled rocket is a pretty big bomb, but not nearly megaton-scale.

    The considerations potentially change if you fabricate them somewhere else with a shallower gravity well. Then it turns into the "Moon is a Harsh Mistress" rock-dropping scenario already mentioned in the comments.

  14. I had a dachshund once. They are generally considered a very aggressive breed of dog. Like chihuahuas.

    But setting that aside, people like MTG and her cohorts terrify me, because they genuinely want to destroy the Constitution and all that it means, and hand over power to a small group who call themselves Christians and don't exhibit a single Christian trait. She doesn't understand what "space lasers" might mean, or how they work, and that keeping a number of them aimed at the Texas border is a non-starter at this stage. But she thinks she understands, and that all she has to do is wave her hand and they will automatically come into being.

    There was a time when I simply disagreed with the right wing. Well, usually disagreed, because sometimes they had decent senators and representatives who genuinely cared about the country and wanted to improve it. This group, who will accede to anything trump says, terrify me.

  15. I just can't understand how a...person like Greene can get elected. Well written Jim. And yes! We need to show up, and show up every time. The crazy didn't just walk in and say "here I am!!". No, they got elected by the people who have the right to vote. If we keep it up at the pace our Government is going now, we soon will not have the ability to get rid of them at the ballot box.

    1. Greene's district is so red that the only way she'd not be elected if she was found in bed with a live girl or a dead boy.

    2. That is true. I have a friend who lives in an adjacent district who tells me that as crazy as she is, she truly represents her district that's full of crazies. There are also swaths of Texas that are the same.

  16. Another excellent commentary. Both frightening and thought provoking. Be a be better citizen indeed.

  17. Jim, not only do you give me pause to really think (such as realizing that *of course* GPS wasn't designed just for us to stop struggling with paper maps while driving in unfamiliar cities) but you help us see how all the dots are connected. The imagination needed to come up with such weapons is astounding. Those who want to use those weapons, those who lack compassion for other human beings, is frightening.
    Thank you for steering us away from crippling despair.

  18. Of course, this is all assuming that we *didn't*, after fully designing, down a production level, this deity-level weapon system, then proceed to produce it under a military black-budget program and launch bundles (fasces, even) of Telephone Poles from Gawd (or the much smaller "flying crowbars" anti-armor version) on secret military orbital launches.

    Nearly zero chance these things are already flying around, waiting for a President angry, batshit or just *curious* enough to drop a few thousand of them on perceived enemies... y'know, foreign *or* domestic.

    Really. Nothing to see here, move along, citizen.

  19. Having read the reports on Project Thor (from 1966) about 30 years after their publication, there were technical problems that were glossed over.

    A) To de-orbit something *quickly* to impact the ground requires about 2.5 to 3 km/sec of delta-V. That's extra launch mass, in hydrazine, which has a shelf-life in orbit.
    B) While punching through the atmosphere, and in the part of the atmosphere where course correction is possible, they're both flying blind and in a plasma sheathe that prevents them from receiving a radio signal. When re-entering space craft have a blackout with no comms? That's that plasma sheathe. In '66, when this was written, there was no GLONAS/GPS system, and they were hoping to use inertial guidance. That inertial guidance had a then-current Circular Error Probable of about 300 meters, which is fine for a flurry of nuclear weapons, but less acceptable for something with the aerodynamics of a pencil balancing on end, steering by grid-fins, that needs to hit a specific target. There was no way it was going to hit tank columns on the move.
    C) De-orbiting something in orbit means two burns that are, optimally, 180 degrees apart, and can be done to about 120 degrees apart. This means that *if* you have a satellite that's going to cross over the target area in roughly 55 to 80 minutes, you can deliver them. If you don't, you have to wait until that part of the constellation is in position.
    D) GLONAS was an early satellite navigation system and worked with LORAN and LORAN-C; it was replaced by GPS during the Reagan Administration for helping ships at sea navigate, then helping planes navigate, then helping cruise missiles navigate. And then in the late 1980s, some clever engineer said "Hey, look, with this new kind of antenna, we can make these GPS units really small."

    It turns out that the technologies that allowed the 486 and Pentium could be tweaked to make these antennas, and you could make a dedicated chip for processing GPS signals, and suddenly GPS receivers got (by military standards) Practically Free.

    And much like hotel door locks are now computers, the US military threw GPS onto everything. I don't doubt there are plans *somewhere* for a military-grade GPS guided toilet seat and plunger...

    They tested GPS guided bombs with, well, concrete mockup bombs. Suddenly, you got precision guided munitions without someone flying low and slow with a laser designators.

    And then someone read Project Thor and realized that if you could get this kind of precision from dropping a bomb at 55,000 feet, it would hit about 80% of the post-re-entry energy per pound of Project Thor at a fraction of the price.

    And thus JDAM was born. An actual concrete bomb with a GPS reciever, and precise enough that its CEP in 1990 was a then-unheard of 2 meters. You could *aim for specific windows* in 3-story buildings if your flight path was right.

    CEP is now a third of a meter. You can pick which square foot of the roof you hit with one of these things. No doubt with pattern recognition flight controls, you can tell them to target cars with the WCK logo on the roofs...

    As an added benefit, a sortie armed with JDAMs doesn't require launching gigatonnes of material into orbit, and can usually be set up and tasked within 3-4 hours of credible intelligence of a target.

    1. Again, you do understand the feasibility isn't the point, right?

  20. I saw Moscow Marge’s comment and just had to wonder if she hadn’t been binging 80s movies, in particularl Real Genius starring Val Kilmer.
    Remember it; some guy sitting high up in the atmosphere with a huge telephoto lens picking out a convoy of moving cars? Then with the press of a button a huge laser comes down and obliterates the cars and people inside.
    That’s what people like Marjorie want. To be able to zero in on brown men, women, and children, and then vaporize them off the face of the earth for daring to enter the United States.

  21. So EmptyG wants the U.S. to have border security like Israel’s that allowed Hamas to attack Israel last October 7.

  22. Killing poor people who are fleeing here, either from, or through, a country that is actually our ally, with a high tech space weapon. What could be more Christian than that?

  23. A movie about death lasers from space was made called "Real Genius." It was released in 1985. It's a clever comedy, and the first thing I thought of while reading this. According to what I read online: "The science is real—in one scene, the math on the chalkboard is the genuine article. In fact, (Martha) Coolidge hired consultants from Caltech and the University of Southern California to put a stamp of verisimilitude on the lab environs, the laser technology, and the dorm science pranks." Just how far along is our knowledge of laser technology?

  24. So, how many Starlink satellites are in orbit now, and how good is SpaceX getting at reusability and bringing costs down, and how are the Chinese doing on copying that technology?

  25. Jim, you wrote "And you wouldn't have to read very far back in the annuals of this blog to figure that out". I think you meant "annals".

  26. I have followed you Jim since your start. Over the years, your knowledge, articulation and focus has been unmatched by any writer that I know of. We are the same vintage, grew up seeing amazing and fearful events. But because of you, as time moves on, you have made me and many of us better, informed, engaged citizens. Thank you for these essays and all that you do to push for that better world that is attainable. Peace and good health to you and family.

  27. Annals, annuals - autocorrect?

  28. Larry Niven, Jerry Pournelle....EVERY book, but especially Inferno (which I made all my kids and grandkids read). I live with an avid reader (history), and I rely on him for a lot of information. (I read too, but more along the lines of how Alzheimers works and other first world concerns). I just wonder...do these politicians ever READ?????

  29. Honestly, I sometimes wonder why we even give that utter ding bat the time of day. She is so consistently and completely ridiculous she leaves me constantly astonished. And then I wonder who are the people who actually elected her? Makes me think I should stay away from Georgia even though I know there are at least a couple smart people there because I know them. All that said she certainly gives us fodder for continuous conversations like this one which you always use to point at the bigger issues and I always appreciate that.

  30. Who would have thought that those Time Lords were so prescient?!?
    (And, am I the only one in the Universe who finds those little wiener dogs more than a bit weird....not as messed up as chihuahuas -- shudder!)

  31. Can’t get past the sociopathic hatred of MTG and others like her floating the idea of frying poor, desperate people along the border, seeking a better way to live than the crushing poverty and endless violence they can escape no other way. America otoh, has produced some really affluent but also really monstrous people, which helps explain the fact millions developed a taste for fascism. They really do want to wield God’s lightning bolts.

  32. I’m still sad about the failure of the eclipse to rid us of these people. I like it so much better when cults just drink the koolaid and eradicate themselves. As a kid, I read everything Niven and Pournelle wrote, I was completely unaware of the background and link to Star Wars. Thanks for continuing to fight for our country.

  33. Brilliant commentary as usual, Jim. Long-time admirer just catching up. Keep up the good work!

  34. People who complain about communism and socialism very rarely understand what they actually are and the spectrums that exist.

    Good to know you’re at Doctor Who fan too.

  35. Maybe I lived a very naive life, but no matter how much I disagreed with a US president I never thought that we had one who would be a real menace to mankind. Maybe they would make choices that were dumb, and motivated by the wrong reasons (Bush the Lesser) But until Trump, I never thought an American president could be a force for pure evil. I guess I owe him credit for waking me up to that possibility.I always figured the Electorate and the Congress could keep that from happening.

  36. There you go again, making too much sense. It must be the humidity.

  37. As always, you are thought provoking. You push the envelope and force us to confront unpleasant and frightening consequences to the madness infecting the right wing dictatorship loving UnAmerican part of our society. And I’ll keep reading whatever you write.

  38. Shades of "Real Genius". There are actually people in the world who want to be the super villains from Marvel or be Darth Vader. Playing god, smiting anyone and anything that offends them. Terrifying to think this is not a joke.


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