Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Objectionable Content

Monsignor Chamberlain: Remember, to go against the church is to go against God!
-- Priest,
Sony Pictures, 2011

“This post goes against our Community Standards.”

Facebook wouldn’t allow me to post to my own timeline.

I’d violated the rules and was to be locked out in penalty. Again.

That’s what it said.

“You can't post right now. You may have used Facebook in a way that our systems consider unusual, even it you didn't mean to. You can post again in 3 days.”

Unsurprisingly, I suppose, I’d apparently gone against community standards. And to go against Facebook’s community standards is to go against … God. I guess, given that arbitrary smiting and capricious power wise there doesn’t seem to be much difference these days.

Leaving aside the part where Facebook isn’t sure but “you may have” “even if you didn’t mean to” so you get punished anyway (see my comment above regarding a certain petulant deity) I’m pretty careful about community standards on the various sites I inhabit, especially Twitter and Facebook. I’ve been suspended enough to ensure that I read the rules and adhere to them. Generally when I get suspended, it’s because I hurt a fascist’s feelings. No, that’s not hyperbole. The last time I was suspended from Twitter it was literally for insulting a self-declared Neo-Nazi. In fact, about a year ago, a certain infamous Nazi put a bounty on my head and announced it on Twitter. When I publicly mocked him for it, Twitter suspended me (On the up side, so far, no one has collected the bounty). I’ve been suspended from Facebook for exactly the same thing. More than once.

Seems the Master Race is somewhat delicate, feelings wise.

But I hadn’t insulted any fascists lately.

Or had I?

Impeach Trump. There is more than enough reason to begin impeachment proceedings. We impeached both Nixon and Clinton for far less than is in the Mueller Report. So, impeach Trump. Impeach him in the House. Take up the investigation, one he CANNOT stop or obstruct or redact, one his pet Attorney General and his cronies cannot impede, one that Trump himself has NO control over whatsoever, and impeach him if that's where the evidence leads. THEN if the Senate refuses to convict, if Mitch McConnell refuses to take up the impeachment, refuses his duty and the Senate stands by him, hang it around their dirty cowardly necks like a fucking albatross. Make them own it in 2020. Make them own it forever.

That’s it.

That’s what what got me suspended from Facebook. 

That’s what I said, impeach Trump. That’s what goes against Facebook’s “community standards.”


What’s that?

The swear word?

I said “…hang it around their dirty cowardly necks like a fucking albatross…” and that’s the problem?

Nope. No it’s not. See, profanity is not a violation of either Facebook or Twitter’s rules. I told you, I’ve actually read those rules. There’s nothing in there about profanity. Nothing.

Facebook’s community standards are divided into five parts:

Nothing in my post suggested violence or criminal behavior.

There was certainly nothing safety related – unless you consider the number of threats Facebook and Twitter allow their users to send me, though I doubt my post was removed because it put my safety in jeopardy.

My post did not violate Facebook’s alleged standards of authenticity. I certainly wasn’t pretending to be anyone other than myself.

My post was my intellectual property and thus did not violate copyright or IP laws.

And my post was not removed because I requested it – that’s what “Content-Related Requests" means (You ask to have your content deleted, or you die and your designated estate asks Facebook to remove your account).

So, the only “standard” I could possibly have violated would be “Objectionable Content.”

Except, again, I’ve read the rules and Facebook defines objectionable content as, “Hate Speech,” “Violent or Graphic Content,” Adult Nudity and Sexual Activity,” “Sexual Solicitation,” or “Cruel and Insensitive.”

My post wasn’t hate speech, unless we’re now defining politicians as a protected class.  It wasn’t violent or graphic. It didn’t contain nudity or sexual activity. It didn’t solicit sex (though with Republicans, you can never be absolutely sure what they might regard as sex. And I did say “fucking.” Still…).

So, that leaves us with the last one.

And I suppose I can see that.

I can indeed see how calling for impeachment may have offended the delicate sensibilities of those who would be fascists. 

This amuses me. Well, okay, maybe “amuse” is the wrong word, but I admit to some satisfaction that my point was proven so succinctly.

You see, there was no violation of Facebook’s Community Standards.

Of course there wasn’t. No, what happened is that my comments were shared widely, both on Facebook and Twitter – which is the point of social media. And because the post was shared widely, it naturally came to the attention of conservatives. Republicans. Trump supporters.

Russian operators, perhaps.

They were outraged. Impeach Trump? How dare you! How dare you suggest such a thing!

I got messages. I got email. I got tweets – some might even have been from actual Americans outraged at the very idea of a congress that actually does its duty.

They mass reported my post for violation of Community Standards and Facebook’s automated software took my post down and locked me out. Shut me up. Shut out the words they didn’t want to hear, didn’t want you to hear.

And the irony of this amuses me.

A bunch of faceless goons marching in lockstep call me – me – a “Marxist” and then try to silence me not because I actually violated any rules but because they were offended by the idea of a government accountable to its people, literally the very ideal the United States of America was founded on.

Imagine being offended by that.

And that – that right there – is what this about.

This isn’t about me. This isn’t about some ridiculous suspension from a social media platform – or at least it’s about that only tangentially, as a metaphor for larger things.

I don’t think it’s any secret I detest Donald Trump, both as a man and as a president.

And as a carbon-based lifeform, so long as we’re on the subject.

I have a right to detest him. I have a right to despise everything he stands for. I despise his greed, his endless conceit, his avarice, his gluttony and his sloth, his deliberate stupidity, his staggering foolishness, and his towering ignorance touted as some sort of virtue. I am daily appalled by his open encouragement of the worse elements of our society, his abuse of power, his obvious lies, his casual racism, his gross misogyny, his swaggering jingoism, his prideful nationalism, his craven xenophobia, his quailing insecurities large and small, his childish need for revenge, the bottomless unplumbed depths of his cowardice, and the utter shallowness of his character.

But most of all, most of all, I despise the gleeful hypocrisy of his chanting supporters.

Those who wave the American flag and spit on everything it stands for.

Those who daily demand for themselves the rights guaranteed by this country and would deny those rights to everyone else.

But I didn’t call for the impeachment of President Trump because I detest him.

I called for impeachment because it’s the only way to save the Republic.

Last Sunday during an interview with CNN’s Jake Tapper, the President’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, said there's nothing wrong with taking information from America’s adversaries in order to win an election. Yes, that’s exactly what he said. And he meant every word of it.

And today, half a week later, that outrageous comment isn’t even front page news.

Giuliani was responding to Republican Senator Mitt Romney’s statement the day before, where Romney said he was appalled that “fellow citizens working in a campaign for president welcomed help from Russia.”

“Stop the bull,” Giuliani shouted. “Stop this pious act!”

Stop this pious act? Pious?

To go against the Church is to go against God! Or to go against Trump. Same thing, I guess.


Giuliani then dismissed Romney’s criticism, saying that when Romney himself was running for president he likewise was “trying to dig up dirt on people. Putting dirt out on people.”

Tapper pointed out that there was a difference between legitimate, legal, opposition research and taking information from a foreign intelligence service.

Giuliani shouted Tapper down, ““What a hypocrite! Any candidate in the whole world, in America, would take information. Who says it’s even illegal? There’s nothing wrong with taking information from Russians!” Giuliani hedged his comment at the end with the caveat that the legality of accepting information from a foreign agency “depends on where it came from.”

Do you believe that?

Do you believe that any candidate would accept information from a foreign agency regarding their political rivals? Particularly a foreign agency in opposition to the United States itself?

Do you believe any candidate should? That such is indeed legal, even morally acceptable?

Do you believe this should be the norm in our democracy?

Do you?

You do.

Yes, you do.

Some of you anyway. You do.

That’s what the Mueller Report says. That Donald Trump was elected to office with the help of foreign intelligence. His campaign took information from foreign agencies. And at the same time, those same foreign governments used social media and other vectors to manipulate American voters. Some even tried, and did, hack into our voting machines. There is no doubt whatsoever that Donald Trump benefited from those efforts and that his opposition was penalized.

And you’re fine with that.

Some of you.

You told me so, on Twitter, on Facebook, here on this blog, in email. Yes you did. Did you forget?

You told me it was acceptable for a foreign agency to provide information – whatever that information’s source –  to American politicians, to manipulate the American citizen according to its agenda even if that agenda is hostile to the Republic.

That’s what you said. Some of you.

See, you told me Julian Assange, a foreigner with the stated goal of bringing down the government of the United States was a "journalist."

You told me that Wikileaks, a foreign political agency dealing in stolen materials, who manipulated and selectively released information in support of its own foreign goals, operating in conjunction with our adversaries in direct support of Julian Assange’s personal agenda, is a news organization.

That’s what you told me.

Assange, Wikileaks, these are not Americans. They have no vote in our democracy, no standing in our Republic. Whatever they are, whatever their agenda, these are not in America's interest -- just as the Russians don't have our best interests at heart.

Russia, Wikileaks, they both push information that furthers their agendas and they hide information counter to their goals. These facts are supported by the evidence at hand – including the words of Julian Assange and Vladimir Putin themselves. These facts are supported by the conclusions of the Mueller Report. These facts are borne out by every US and allied intelligence agency.

Russia and Wikileaks worked together and separately to manipulate our democracy, to influence you, to put in place a government favorable to their goals. To put Donald Trump in office and to keep Hillary Clinton out of it. And whatever that agenda may be, you can bet its not in our best interest.

And so, when you tell me that Assange is a journalist, you're telling me that Rudy Giuliani is right.

You’re telling me that it's acceptable for Americans seeking power to take information from foreign sources – even if those sources are antagonistic to our nation. Even if that information is backed by foreign political agendas inimical to our interests. You don’t how that information was gathered. You don’t know if that information has been manipulated, grossly or subtly. You don’t know the purpose behind a foreign power giving you access to it. You don’t know what’s been purposely left out. If you take that information, if you act on it, if you put it into the public consciousness, you are allowing a foreign power to directly influence how this nations thinks -- and thus, indirectly manipulate democracy. That’s what the Mueller Report, among other sources, says.

You’re telling me the ends justify the means.

Even if the means bring down our nation.

You can't have it both ways.

We know our democracy is vulnerable. We know money directly influenced the outcome of elections in this nation and that we, we citizens, we voters, we are not allowed to know the origins of that dark money. We are not allowed to know who funds our politicians, who pays for those ads on television and on social media that directly influence how Americans think – and thus vote, if they bother to vote at all.

Dark money, we call it.

But it’s not just dark money.

It’s dark information as well.

Facebook was founded in 2004.

Twitter was founded two years later.

Smartphones. Unlimited real-time connectivity. Troll farms. Bot swarms. Social media influencers. The weaponization of information piped directly into our minds. The merging of 24/7 broadcast news, print journalism, internet, and social media. It took a decade for the technology to reach critical mass. 2016 was the first election where social media had as much, or more, influence on how we think, how we vote (or don’t), how we see the world, what we believe, as money does in our political process.

And we are ill-equipped as a people, as a democracy, as a republic, to handle it.

That’s what the Mueller Report tells you.

In such a world, truth, lies, reality are all malleable.

Reality is whatever narrative gains traction, is “liked” and shared, goes viral.

Two days after Rudy Giuliani declared there was nothing wrong with a candidate for president accepting damaging information on a political rival from a foreign intelligence agency, other Republicans took up the same narrative, Rick Santorum chief among them.

And that becomes the narrative. That becomes reality.

Anyone who objects is shouted down. Silenced. Redacted. Guilty of violating community standards.

And that’s why impeachment matters.

If you wait to do the right thing, wait until it is politically expedient, then you’re not doing the right thing.

Republicans have allowed Trump to become the norm, to become their reality. There is no lie too big, no moral abyss too deep, no act of cowardice too craven, no tweet too insane. When the president’s own lawyer says on national TV that as a presidential candidate there’s nothing wrong with allowing yourself to be manipulated by foreign agency – and make no mistake, that’s exactly what Rudy’s words mean even if he himself doesn’t realize it – and no one pushes back, not the press, not the White House, not Trump, not Republicans, not even the opposition for more than a fleeting moment, then this is become our normal.

The very worst elements of our society are now running our country unimpeded.

The very worst elements of our society, of social media, of foreign agency, now define our reality.

If we don’t impeach this president, then what is the threshold for impeachment? How low does an administration have to sink? How bad does it have to get?

Mueller could not indict the president.

Mueller could not exonerate the president.

That wasn’t his job or his responsibility.

That is Congress’s job.

That is Congress’ responsibility as spelled out in the Constitution.

It is Congress’s job to indict the president OR see him exonerated.

WE, citizen, we cannot know the truth of this matter. Not yet. Not now. By definition the information we have to work with is tainted. What you think you know, did that come from Wikileaks? From Russia? From some Fox News pundit? Some CNN anchor? Some rumor on Facebook? The product of trolls and bots on Twitter? How do you know? How can you know? How can you know when the only analysis you have has been redacted, filtered, processed through the very subject of the investigation? When you can’t see the raw data? When you don’t know the scope of the investigation because it’s hidden under those blacked out lines?

Impeach Trump.

That’s what I said.

Do it. Impeach him.

Congress threatened to impeach Nixon for far less than is in the Mueller Report. Nixon resigned when the court ordered him to hand over information he knew would convict him and the Articles of Impeachment were never brought. A conviction in the Senate was not necessary. But the end result was the same. Nixon was removed from office and faith in our government was restored – or as much faith as Americans ever have in government anyway.

The House did impeach Clinton, again for far less than what we know about Trump. The Senate refused to convict and so Clinton stayed in office. And those who brought Articles of Impeachment against the president went down in flames.

Nixon was threatened with impeachment because he was a goddamned crook.

Clinton was threatened with impeachment for political theater.

And that’s the lesson, right there.

There is more than enough reason to begin impeachment proceedings. Begin with hearings, with an investigation that Trump cannot impede. Cannot control. Cannot stop. Cannot redact. Ensure those hearings are bipartisan. Professional. Above reasonable reproach. Not theater, but duty. Nixon. Not Clinton.

And if those hearings find nothing, then be done with it. Exonerate Trump. Publicly. Swallow the sour grapes and move on. Do the right thing, head up, and own it.

But …

But if those hearings do find something, not infidelity or some other ridiculous charge but find evidence of real crimes, then the House must bring Articles of Impeachment against Trump and as many of his administration as indicated.

And if that impeachment finds evidence of high crimes and misdemeanors, then send the charges to the Senate to be tried.

If the House does its job, professionally, dispassionately, thoroughly, then the Senate cannot refuse to take up the case.

But, of course, in the America we live in, the Senate could refuse. And, so, if the Senate does refuse to do its duty despite the evidence, then hang it around their necks like a fucking albatross. Make them own it in 2020. Make them own it forever. Nixon. Not Clinton.

Make every politician who puts party over country, political expediency over duty, own it. 

This is what I said a week ago.

This is what I say now.

This is what I will say tomorrow.

Because this is the only way to save the Republic.

Because this the only way to restore faith in our government.

Because if we don’t get to the truth, one we all agree on, then it hardly matters what happens in 2020.

Because if we don’t get to the truth, then this – this right here – this is our truth. This is our normal. This insanity.

We’ve been on this curve for thirty years, growing more and more divided, more and more unstable. If we don’t stop it, then our government will swing in shorter and shorter partisan arcs until it collapses and our nation implodes.

We, Citizen, must know the truth, whatever that truth may be.

A truth that cannot be redacted or obstructed.

And if you’re afraid of that, if you are afraid of where the truth might take you, if your loyalty is to a would be king and not the nation, then you are complicit. If you’re outraged at my words instead of at the thought of what that process might find, if you don’t want to know the truth, well, then you’re the problem.

You. Are. The. Problem.

If you want a better nation, then you have to be a better citizen. 

Chamberlain: Remember, to go against the church is to go against God!
Priest: Then I go against God.
-- Priest


  1. Nice work, Chief. Carry on.

  2. I recently suffered through a seven-day banning from FB for what apparently as an offensive portrayal of an ethnic group. My sin? Asking if it wasn't ironic that a classy black president was followed by a "(rich) white trash one."

    Maybe Honey Boo Boo or Rapin' Roy Moore complained.

    White trash, the ultimate snowflakes.

    1. Great comment. It was out with the class, in with the trash. Obama was a leader, Trump, his usual mob behavior.

  3. Bravo! I am always impressed by your honesty, moral integrity and common sense.

    I have also been suspended from Facebook, probably because of far-rightists' objections to my content. I have written letters to the corporate office of Facebook, and gotten form-letter responses. I'll keep writing, every time I hear of suspensions like yours.

  4. From the novel I'm reading. Seems an apt quote for our country.

    “Yet if the truth doesn't serve us, what does that say about us, eh?”

    Excerpt From: Lois McMaster Bujold. “Diplomatic Immunity.” iBooks.

  5. You said nothing that hasn't been said by a chorus of mainstream media commentators, elected officials, legal experts in many public fora--and your views are shared by a large segment of the electorate. Your posts are shared widely because they are eloquent, reasonable, and well supported and I'm grateful that I can read them.

  6. Thank you Jim. This should be shouted from the rooftops by every free press organization in the US. If we have any truly free ones left.

  7. Thank you, I fear we are heading into a very dark time and I don't know if we will ever recover.

  8. I've been banned so many times because of super sensitive jerks that just couldn't handle actual facts. I feel you.

  9. Some copyedits:

    "… various sites I inhibit …" inhabit
    "… your designed estate …" designated
    "You see, the was no violation …" there

    Those are the ones I noticed. Looks good!

    Cheers, Renee.

  10. Glad you are back and as always, right on point. Thank you.

  11. Beyond brilliant. I am a citizen who, unfortunately, believe we are doomed. I'm a veteran who loves the country, who became an American History teacher trying to impart to young minds why this country is worth "hanging on to."

    I now believe we are on the road that historians say is inevitable. Democracies, historically, last only 300 years or so. Check the calendar. Greed and the desire to acquire more power, once you have it, never abates.

    I hope to hell I am wrong and am trying to "alert" everyone about what is coming. I will never stop trying. With my age being a factor I am glad I will not live to see it if, in fact, it does occur.

    It is possible that we, as a nation, may avert the coming calamity IF we vote out of office the buffoon who resides in the White House at this time.

    IF we VOTE out of office the buffoon who currently resides in the White House.


    1. Would it be more reassuring or depressing to note (again?) that Hillary Clinton actually won the election 48% to Trump's mere - but still too many by far - 46% and that she got three million more votes than he did?

      If the 2016 election and the 2000 one before it tell us anything it tell this Aussie that the USA's political system badly, badly needs some key reforms starting with the scrapping of that undemocratic abomination the Electoral College that stops one vote from having one value.

      (Plus continuing from there to having preferential or run-off voting, ending gerrymandering and voter suppression, etc ..)

    2. StevoR, you are correct in your thinking about our electoral college. Unfortunately it will be years, perhaps decades, before such logical decisions are made regarding the process of eliminating the electoral college. When it comes to politics there is no such word as fast. IMHO we can only, for the time being, hope to "outvote" the opposition in the critical states which decide elections. In the words of our much-loved essayist, "Vote you sons-of-bitches. VOTE!

  12. It really is time. He should have been impeached for gross malfeasance and lack of qualifications a long time ago. He should never have been elected. He should never have been nominated. He should never have been encouraged to run by the corporate stooges who saw him as a puppet to promulgate their oligarchic agenda.

  13. Excellent post. As usual. I have only two nitpicks:

    In this sentence: "You see, the was no violation of Facebook’s Community Standards." "the" should be "there", and,

    There may be circumstances in which politicians may legitimately use PUBLIC statements by foreign entities in their campaigns, but those will be rare edge cases - like a candidate in legal trouble of some sort abroad - or genuine journalism. Which Assange did not engage in, although some of the material WikiLeaks put out served as the basis for such.
    In a totally unrelated matter, I should not be surprised if you had actually read The Capital; after all, it's what supposedly inspired and guided the Soviets. It's also a good way to conclude that while Marx diagnosed certain issues with capitalism correctly, his solutions are lacking in the real world.

  14. Social media changed our government and society fundamentally. I appreciate the way you articulated that in your piece. "Likes" do not automatically translate into facts or truth but do influence our perception of reality. Maybe too much so. Where we find balance in this new reality is an open question.

  15. Yes, impeachment may not succeed (in the Senate). Yes, impeachment may be divisive. But the overall harm of allowing 45's behavior to stand as precedent will be far more corrosive to the future of our democracy than any Congressional action taken against him now.

    I think that some lady, I think she's Speaker of the House, needs a swift kick in the bloomers regarding this issue. I tweeted a link to your essay to her. Maybe one of her staffers will have the good sense to read it and share with the boss.

  16. Thank you, Jim, for once again placing realities before expediency. Placing the government and governance of this country before the empty, but profitable, actions of self-avowed political actors and their theatrics. Mostly, tho, for believing the people deserve better tban being treated like pawns and serfs to a bunch selfish pigs and greedy fools. Yes, impeach Trump, but we must do more to purge the stench and the stain of their presence from the fabric of this country. Right now, our flag is soiled by the excrement of those who think this country is their private ATM and toy of their fantasies. When they build something out of lies, it is never more than an evil fantasy.

  17. Right on, Jim! (But as I must, being who I am, "designated" and "consciousness.")

  18. I have been kicked out of FB multiple times over the last month - not because I draw the ire of the ever-fragile would-be fascists, but because I dare use the platform with browsers that hide my IP address. Because I don't let the platform hoover up my info (or all my info, that is), I keep getting shut out of the platform. Only happens on browsers that aren't wide open.

    Having said that, the news I've been reading about Facebook in particular, is that every effort they make to enforce their rules against hate speech seem to 100% backfire, and in fact enforce that the minority of howling idiots as well as their fake account legions continue to broaden their misinformation efforts. A friend of mine on FB posted several white supremacist pages yesterday that he found simply by looking for them. Not sure what to do about that - it's a free service, but it appears as though it's being completely manipulated by the angry mob and the bot army. Oh and in my case, their stupid fucking algorithms that definitely punish regular people in their actions to be more proactive in their policing.

    But to the more important essence of this post: I am frustrated at the lack of action, and I'm frustrated by yet more waiting as the orange cancer continues to ravage. However, I am a bit optimistic in this regard, I think that aggression will build in regards to the rule of law and the democrats. I think especially that as trump's finances are laid bare, this will cause the most action and possibly the actual beginnings of impeachment hearings. Fortunately, some of the financial documents subpoenaed are already being transferred to the investigatory factions in congress.

    I agree there is more than enough evidence to begin now, but I think I understand why it's not going forward as quickly as I want.

    And touched upon here, toppling the king is only the first domino we need to knock over. Decades of removing the actuality of "by and for the people" behind the scenes needs to be examined and overturned. Citizens United. Privatizing public programs. Padding the judiciary.

    It's hard not to become exhausted in all this. But we gotta ask ourselves what kind of country we really want, and we need to take our duty of making that happen ourselves seriously, and we need daily public hearings exposing this garbage human in the white house until he is removed or completely hobbled.

    Thank you for another excellent essay.

  19. Great message, Jim! Keep up the good work.

  20. Sigh. OK. Time for me to bite the bullet and confess. Yes, there was a time some years back when I thought there was a possibility that Assange was a truthful and honest person trying to do good in the world. Part of that is the concept innocent until proven guilty. Part of it was a hope against the darkness that there might be individuals out there in the world who would try to make things right. The first step in making things right is disseminating the information that something needs to be made right. But when I started seeing other things about him, my willingness to accept him as acting in good faith eroded. Rapidly.

    Bad guys like Trump are relatively easy to identify. He doesn't even pretend to be a good guy. His greed, avarice and cruelty are on full display for anyone looking for it. Those like Assange who pretend to be good guys, can be harder to ID. It takes time and watching. And perhaps a willingness to change one's mind.

    Yes. It is time to impeach Trump. It will be interesting to see just how far Trump can use the power of office to impede the House's investigations.

  21. "Because if we don’t get to the truth, then this – this right here – this is our truth. This is our normal. This insanity."

    Damn, this post scared the shit out of me. Oh, I knew and understood the implications before reading this, but seeing it laid out clearly and logically was frightening. This country balances on the edge of an abyss, and it's looking less and less likely we can save ourselves if we don't OWN the 2020 elections, because I don't see those idiots in Washington impeaching Trump, though he most certainly deserves it.

  22. I feel as if I'm living in a Mad Max movie.
    Waiting for it all to burn down from all those who choose not to be better citizens.

  23. Concise, compelling clarity.

    I saw a typo and I dont care, because "If you want a better nation, ... be a better citizen," and nothing else matters.

  24. Thank you! You are so correct and I wish everyone would read this. You're an excellent writer and I hope more people would read this. If I get brave enough, I will repost the paragraph that got you suspended from FB. But at least know that you are a pleasant gust of fresh air that inspires us and keeps us hoping.

  25. I saw a typo, but I don't care, because "If you want a better nation, ... be a better citizen."

    That's all that matters.

    1. FYI: Jim Wright appreciates having ppl pointing out any typos and grammar and suchlike nits so that he can fix them.

  26. Brilliant, as usual.

    Heads up, though, you wrote "if you put it into the public conscientiousness," when it appears you meant "public consciousness."

    Apologies if I'm wrong

  27. It is eminently clear to me that only because you reach a large audience, that there are those watching you carefully and springing into action ("crucify him, crucify him") when you present a real threat to their agendas. (If I had written exactly what you did, no one would have reported me. A few tertiary friends might have said I was wrong, but it would not have come to the attention of the ban squad on Facebook.) Instead of "crucify" it's "ban" but it has the same effect. Interesting that it's a three day ban. Draw your own conclusion. I know your views on religion, and I'm not here to speak against that. But Jesus was pretty unpopular with the powers that be in his day. When he and his followers looked like they were gonna upset the corrupt apple cart, they sprung into action. And you speak of truth. In the trial, Pilate said, "What is truth?" In our passion day sermon, it was opined that maybe he was saying it sarcastically, as in "what the hell does truth matter?; I have the rabble on my side."

    As to Trump's election and whatever popularity he has, I've always believed the doofus is a pawn being manipulated by many groups. The Russians, the NRA, the nutty Religious Right, and so many others. It's been obvious from the start that he didn't attend the "How to be a President & How Government Works" orientation class.

    I thank you for being bold and continuing to say what needs to be said and what needs to be heard.

  28. It may be time to put away the calculator and let your heart do the math. Lookin’ at YOU, Nancy.

  29. Thank you. I needed this today.

  30. Hi, Jim!

    I've been a long time fan on FB (no, we're not friends, I missed that opportunity, damn it), Twitter, & here at Stonekettle. I happen to agree with you about not allowing FatNixon and his minions making the current "way things are" into our new normal. But, I'm not so sure about impeachment. We've got an election that we absolutely *must* win in about 20 months, which means we've got to spend an awful lot of time and energy focused on choosing an absolutely shit-hot nominee from the overcrowded Democratic field before the Democratic National Convention in just a little over a year.

    Yeah, I know we're smart enough and agile enough to do more than walk and chew gum at the same time, but can't we think of better ways to tank this ass hat than using up all the oxygen in the party (because you *know* it won't be a bipartisan effort) than impeachment? Seriously. I'm interested in any and all ideas to make sure this treacherous assault on our Republic by foreign entities does not become our new normal (along with a whole bunch of other stuff ushered in by this disgusting despot's administration). I don't pretend to have all the answers, but I do have a lot of questions, and I'm always up for healthy discussions and possible, workable solutions.

    Keep those cards and letters coming (if you're old enough to understand that joke!)

    Semper Fi,


  31. Good job of laying it out Mr. Wright.

  32. I shared your summary, with credit to you and a link to your site. Hope that's not a problem.

  33. I would like to share this with my Senators and Congressman, with your permission.

  34. Your essays, Twitter and Facebook posts have gathered an ever growing audience. Shared enough to be seen by those in power. As a Canadian I have voiced my opinion on impeaching Trump and why, including using colourful language or innuendos like “ where’s a grassy knoll when you need one”. Nothing. You have become a vocal enough provocateur to land in someone’s sights. You are doing a great job and should wear this FB “after school detention” like a badge of honour. The truth you write on will spread like wildfire. Glad you’re back

  35. If only there was a respected journalist beyond reproach - a Walter Cronkite type of figure - who could read this to the nation on the nightly news. It would embolden those who despair for our democracy and seed doubts in those who are reasonable, but misinformed.

    Bravo sir.

  36. I don't even know where to start. I got removed from *your* TL this morning *after* replying to your very good news about a surprise visit from Alaska and the impending invasion of a gorgeous female alien squid:
    "Your comment goes against our Community Standards on hate speech
    No one else can see your comment. We have these standards because we want discussions on Facebook to be respectful."

    Marti Salvato Little baby women are alien squids, we're just made of stardust.
    We hail from The Pleiades. ;) Conga rats, Chief. How awesome.

  37. As always, fantastic and spot-on.

    A few items with my comments and suggested wordsmithing:

    1) "I guess, given that arbitrary smiting and capricious power wise there doesn’t seem to be much difference these days." -- Seems like the word "wise" is misplaced, or maybe I just don't grasp the idea presented.

    2) "You see, the was no violation of Facebook’s Community Standards." -- "... there was no violation ..."

    3) "... if you act on it, if you put it into the public conscientiousness, you are allowing ..." -- Maybe "consciousness"?

    Again, great job presenting a multifaceted issue in concise terms. Keep it up.

  38. Jim, I'm starting to think that you and I both wasted our lives serving in the military, trying to defend this country against those who would destroy it, when the real threat comes from within, from the very people we tried to defend. We wanted to keep fascism and dictators far from our shores, and now we have almost half the country doing their best to enable a supreme-ruler-for-life who will destroy everything that made this country great.

    Now admittedly, I was just a medic and the work I did only affected a few people, but the profound hearing loss I suffered in the process of doing my job cost me a career as a classical bassoonist, and it really hurts to think that I gave that all up for nothing.

    At this point, I think that our final hope is that enough Republicans will come to their senses in the Senate and remember that the traditional platform of the GOP does not include an all-powerful federal government fully controlled by the executive branch.

    1. It's frightening, Eliyahu. We actually have footage of people breezily opining they wouldn't mind Trump being appointed dictator. And if that ain't unAmerican, it'll do till something natively Russian comes along.

  39. Excellent and well said. Thank you for your continued service Mr. Wright.

  40. Jim,

    In my opinion, Facebook and Twitter need to revamp the automated portions of their reporting systems, because they've become weaponized. It doesn't have to be that complicated either, just implement rate limiting. Once the number of reports reach the threshold to trigger a temporary posting ban, look at the metrics. Did more than X reports about the same post come in over Y period of time? Yes? Then flag it for review by a human instead of the automated action. It's that simple.

    1. Also register the patterns: those who complain / those who are complained of. If the complaints follow a political pattern, attach some sort of algorithm of complainer + pages (s)he's affiliated with. And run a check on the frequent complainers to make sure they're human.

  41. As ever, Jim, thank you for laying it on the line.

  42. As ever, Jim, thank you for laying it on the line.

  43. About midway through, you use "conscientiousness" where I think you mean "consciousness"

  44. Question: Was the Trump campaign approached by the FBI in the summer of 2016 and told of Russian interference, and specifically told to contact them if they are approached by any Russian agents?

  45. I’m venturing a guess that it was the “hang” and “necks” that got the editorbots out of sorts. No context for them; they are just looking for words.

    That said, of course the Senate wouldn’t remove him from office. But at least he’d have two asterisks after his name (the second one being that he got elected illegitimately). And speaking of that second asterisk: if enough people were to tweet about how now EVERYONE knows he was not legitimately elected, it would gnaw at his gut far worse than anything else to date.

    Now about that albatross: yes, they should all have to own their positions, but the dilemma is that there is no longer any such thing as shame. Seems all these pols want is to say whatever is outrageous enough to get them noticed on the current news cycle . Truth be damned. Shame? What shame? All publicity is good publicity.

    We live in dangerous times. The guillotines came out for a reason during that revolution.

    1. This is it exactly. Facebook just uses automated flagging and then passes it off for review by humans at review farms around the world. There are a few articles about how it works, with former employees stating that the reviewers frequently just sit there clicking approve or deny over and over without even reading things in order to keep their numbers up. So the software flagged the "hang it around their necks" and some human reviewer just clicked a button without actually reviewing it. After that there's nothing you can do about it because Facebook doesn't care.

  46. thank you some of the finest comments I have read in a long time please keep up your good work and I share as much as I can, you're not alone we're out here we have to motivate the rest and open their eyes

  47. Sweet Christ on a pogo stick! Beautifly written tirade which is sadly above the literacy level of most of those who would benefit by reading it. A full size billboard of Giuliani's head with the words "Who says it’s even illegal? There’s nothing wrong with taking information from Russians!” should be posted on every available site.

    And as for Mr. Trump? Don't worry, we have quite the welcome in mind for his State Visit to the UK.

  48. You must be doing something right, Chief, if you have incurred the wrath of Russian Bot farms. Keep doing what you're doing!

  49. I was banned for thirty days for "harassment". I asked someone that posted an anti-lgbtq statement "Who cheated and can't be trusted with their own social media account?" And I was banned. I reported a rape threat, a call for civil war and the murder of liberals, and a subtle threat against my child and NOTHING was done. Someone needs to get louder about Facebook and their arbitrary "standards.

  50. Clearly what Facebook has a problem with is identifying fiction. Which is sometimes satire. Which can be a comment against an unjust government. But it is still fiction.

    In my case Facebook has a probem in identifying art. I posted a 1981 photograph by Helmut Newton in a discussion about Newton and bazinga! instant incarceration in the dungeons of Facebook.

    Art is Fiction because it is not fact. Fiction is art because it is not real life.

    Who has a problem with facts and reality? Your subject above. It is a cruel irony.

  51. I love your way with words, my friend!

  52. Sadly, I agree with all you said in your post. I am 65, a retired educator and sickened by what is happening to our nation and the repubs. lack of response to it. I agree that the Dems. have no choice but to start impeachment hearings. 45 is going to try to block every legal request made by the committees, trying to run out the clock and wear down the opposition. He truly believes he is above the law, and so far that has proven to be true. If he is not stopped now, there will be no stopping him and the downfall of our nation. Thank you for all your hard work! I follow you on Facebook, but don't have the option for comments there. Carry on with your important work!

  53. Thank you Jim. Thank you for helping to clarify the reasons I detest the current administration and the cowardice of those who allow him to drag the lowest forms of patriotism to the top of our National "dialogue" To my conservative friends who ask what has he really done? The paragraph starting "I have a right to detest him. I have a right to despise everything he stands for." I think I heard the Battle Hymn of the Republic when I read that. Thank you.

  54. Excellent post, as always.

    Question: should "public conscientiousness" be "public consciousness"?

  55. From your pen to Congress's ears...

  56. I struggle to understand if the whistleblower is traitor or hero. I struggle to identify Cassandras.
    As a boomer, I haven’t had faith in government for my adult life. My biggest peeve is that we don’t hold politicians/CEOs accountable in a meaningful way.

  57. What do you think about the currently circulating opinion that Nancy Pelosi is delaying the impeachment process as part of a larger plan to "break" the Republican Party?

  58. Absolutely one of your best posts ever. Thank you for writing this.

  59. Excellent post, right to the heart of it. Thank you.

  60. I have the same concerns that you have listed above. America is in danger and numerous people do not want to admit it for various reasons. Some for strictly partisan reasons, others seem to busy trying to survive to give a damn.
    Myself I did not serve this country to sit on my ass and let this occur. I am now 63, never thought I would see the day when America was stricken from within by (Republican Domestic Terrorists) and whether numerous others want to here it this is what is happening.
    Americas Rule of Law has been substantially weakened, Lady Liberty has been thoroughly raped by Trump and his complicit Republicans.
    It is reaching the point where average citizens had best wake to hell up and decided if they want Republican Fascist rule or Rule of Law, where no one is above the law. That decision may require action of the type that has not been seen in many years.

    The big question is does the average American give a Damn?

  61. Truly one of the best. Made a donation today for the privilege of reading this. Thank you, sir!

  62. Spoken with the voice of angels. I emailed my state rep to press for impeachment earlier this week. I may just forward this link to him. Nobody really seems to bother with that Nixon/Clinton distinction, and if more did, impeachment might not be low on the polls to start with.

  63. One thing i disagree with you on Jim...in an otherwise amazing as usual essay...is that the Senate WILL refuse. We could Cadet Bone Spurs and Putin on video with CBS giving Putin a blow job while telling him that he will do anything he wants if Putin gets him elected and the Senate will still refuse because Squirtle McTurtle ALWAYS puts party and the donor class before country. Our government has ceased to function properly because of our dysfunctional Senate and dysfunctional executive branch full of CBS cronies. We have policy by Twitter. We have Republiclicans igtnoring the daily violations of the Constitution and US law all because CBS is a Republican. They would circle thier wagons for Jack the Ripper if he was a Republican...Hel...I have heard them praise people like Hitler. It's like e hit an alternate universe or we stepped into an episode of the Twilight Zone. I keep waiting for Rod Sterling to step on the screen...

    1. Which is why indictments, if warranted, must go to the senate. Put them on display for their dereliction of duty. Then, we must be better citizens to regain our country.

  64. A mob doesn't think the way a person does. A mob - and I'm including ANY kind of mob, even the ones we might think are "on our side" (I'm looking at you, #FBR) has a tendency to shut out any opposing viewpoint. Even if that viewpoint is rooted in facts and reason.

    An alt-right mob? Your use of facts and reason isn't just irrelevant to them, it's offensive, you elite brain-snobby trash fire.

    And congratulation, Kettle Pop!

  65. Thank you. Please keep telling everyone this kind of message.

  66. All of this makes it crystal clear that unless the DNC manages its menagerie of POTUS candidates carefully, without favoritism, and unites after one wins the right to represent the Party, DJ Trump could win re-election. All it takes is a similar set of circumstances as last time... FB isn't any more capable of stopping an organized bot campaign than they were 3 years ago, and still worships the almighty advertising dollar driven by clicks...

  67. Stay strong, Jim. I love your posts and blogs and photos etc. Congratulations �������� on becoming a grandpa soon. What a nice surprise you have had today. Love from ����

  68. Suspending you for this is an outrage. I have dropped Facebook while this is ongoing, and I've told them (in a feedback form) to fix their process.

    This is what we should do in such situations, for our friends, people we respect, people we agree with, or just people we think deserve to be heard. Facebook is a business, and whether we are the customer, the product, or the vendor, they need us. If we move out in groups every time they block someone unreasonably, they'll lose money. They need our eyeballs on their ads.

    I told them that if banning people because others don't like their political views violates their community standards, I'm not part of that community.

    If I don't like what someone says, I can just block them. I hardly ever do, but the site lets me control what I think is acceptable. That should suffice.

    Their definition of "community standards", as written, sound reasonable. Their application of community standards, clearly, are not justifiable. That is their problem to fix.

    We don't need Facebook to lie to people, because we don't need to lie. There are plenty of reliable news outlets out there to get information from, so we don't need them for that. If Facebook's business model requires them to enable people who lie, well, I'm not in the demand pool for that product. Facebook knows what to do because they have literally written out their policies. They just need to practice what they preach, not try to crowdsource their morality or objectivity and hand their judgement over to the trolls. I can understand using an algorithm for a 24-hour hold, and that would prevent real harm without much affecting users, but they need human oversight to handle controversy, and that has clearly failed here.

    Let us know when you're back on FB. It's annoying not seeing what my friends are up to, but I can't be party to their support for right-wingers who want to control what people can see.

  69. Reading it over, as I'm guessing no human being actually did before your post was first flagged, I'll bet it was the "around their necks" clause that did it. Really. That some algorithm has been tuned to associate that with threats of harm.

    The problem in that case is that no thinking human with any reasonable amount of brain goo actually reviewed the machine decision and said, "this is fucking stupid, forget it."

    I'm seeing a lot of hot well-aimed vitriol aimed at our Corrupter-in-Chief, that isn't getting flagged or pulled down. So I'd be inclined to go with that "attribute to stupidity rather than malice" adage, in this case.

    Good luck. Keep 'em flyin'

  70. Good to read your excellent analysis and sensible, pragmatic opinion. Thank you from across the pond for your insightful essays.

  71. Shared this posting on my Trump Reign FB page. It will be interesting to see what happens.


  72. Here, Here !! Keep on telling it like it is Jim !!

  73. Russian Trolls have taught Trump cultists how to do "Weaponized Reporting". They know that if they report everything that they don't like, Facebook will suspend a percentage of those accounts. If FB gets a pile of reports, that aren't real, from one person, they should suspend that person. But NO. Facebook sucks.

  74. Spectacular essay. A real voice, speaking real truth, something I have learned to expect and respect from you. Well done. Again.

  75. Don't expect success, but do the right thing anyhow. Resistance is honorable.

  76. The investigation wasn't just about accepting information from Russian intelligence agencies. It was about making deals with Russians. Like trading relief from Magnitsky Act sanctions for dirt on Hillary.

  77. Thanks for the essay, Chief. I appreciate your insights and eloquence.

  78. If it's any comfort, the same thing happened to me. I am working on an Open Letter, as a response.

  79. Every Congressman and woman need to read this. And if they don't see the light, vote them out. It's time to rid our government of the old, tired voted-in-time-after-time people! The existence of our Constitution is at stake.

  80. Absolutely excellent piece, Mr. Wright. All yours are, of course, but not only is this one timely, it is, in my opinion, spot on. Oddly, I wrote almost the same thing to a brother in law in answering a question from him just moments before reading your essay. You and I used some of the same metaphors, most specifically the "Albatross".

    I had previously concluded that political issues seemed to outweigh the importance of what would probably be a futile impeachment effort, but with the release of the Mueller report (very little new in it, but lots of corroboration of what we already knew or suspected) and subsequent conduct by the occupant of the People's House, I revised my opinion and feel that impeachment, in order to protect the rule of law, is a necessary step in preserving our country. Your reasoning is much richer and more precise, and I could not agree more.

    And, as an aside, I have no Facebook account, never have, and never will. It's poison. This is but just one example.

  81. Bravo, Jim. Bring the high heat, and bring it relentlessly. As that fabled rock 'n' roll band from Wales known as Man once proclaimed, "Many Are Called, But Few Get Up." Clearly, you have answered the call, again.

  82. Great article.
    I’ve noticed that it seems the passing on and sharing of fake news seems to come more from the conservative side then liberal. I see so much false info about Trump and his administration being shared then the other way around. My little political social media group checks facts and during the election we knew our candidates had baggage and pretty much what was true and what wasn’t.
    With the Trump humpers they grabbed onto every meme, every bit of propaganda Fox News pushed, every crazy news story.
    I believe our beliefs are founded in where we get our info. Getting rid of Fox and the right wing conspiracy radio & Internet sites would go a long way to change things. You can have conservative news and conservative blogs, radio, etc., but they can’t claim they’re actual news.

  83. I don't have a facebook or twitter account. Right now, the best way to stop what facebook is doing is to stop using facebook. Say goodbye to your facebook friends and leave. Do not respond to any facebook activity, even from your friends. Remember, before facebook, we had (and still have) email. But that is just me.

    1. FWIW I run a couple of facebook groups (science & local environmental volunteering ones) and spend, well, probly far too long on fb most days. I'd find that very hard to do.

      Facebook does have its uses and is one good medium for sharing interesting and thought provoking material and having social connections with a lot of good people and organising some events.

      I ceratinly do think facebook needs to change how it is moderated a few other things though for sure and stop being evil when it comes to permitting the spread of hate and propaganda.

  84. To me, you are a modern day revolutionary, Jim. You bring light to what is wrong and spell it out in a clear and no-nonsense manner. Thank you.

  85. FB objected to the following words I posted:

    "I just wish he'd pack his bags and move himself and all of his white trash relatives out of the People's House."


  86. I wonder what would happen if everyone (okay a whole heap of people -tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands even) posted "Impeach Trump" on facebook simultaneously or nearly so? Either with or without a list of reasons why. If by sheer expression of volume we could get that message out? A good use for social media? Maybe? Could that work?

  87. The utter narcissism of Trump and his allies is staggering. "You’re telling me that it's acceptable for Americans seeking power to take information from foreign sources – even if those sources are antagonistic to our nation. " It is/was SO important for Trump to 'win' that he put the interests of the nation as a whole secondary (if even in that exalted postion) to his 'winning'.

    That line of yours really did reach out and grab me by the lapels, giving me a teeth-rattling shake. That entire paragraph was similarly jarring.

    And for that, I thank you. Thank you so very much.

    Trump really cares for nothing save Trump. He has told us so so many times - yet the mouth-breathing masses continue to adore him, to ignore his shame, to venerate his venality.

    I ultimately see all of this as being beneficial to the nation as a whole, for only by draggin all this shit into the sunlight can we as a nation start to heal, for, if we don't know it's broke, we can't fix it. We can no longer say "Racism is dead in America" nor can we say "America would never embrace Nazi nationalism" (which, really, is all 'nazi' is short for...). We can finally, as a nation, see the emperor is truly naked, and start to weave a new national cloth that excludes racism and nationalism and fear and bigotry.

    The only problem is actually surviving the time it will take to do all of this. But, survive it we must, or the American Experiment is doomed.

    Thank you, Jim. Thank you very much.

  88. Bravo Zulu, sir.


  89. I got banned just the other day for calling a person with an ugly baby as his profile photo "ugly baby profile person." That's it.

    Previously I got banned for calling someone "fuckwad." On another occasion, "stupid."

  90. I will start with a necessary disclaimers. I am not American. What follows is my understanding and I do not mean to tell you your duty.

    As I understand it, you swore the following oath:

    I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed.

    You risked your life and those of others for that oath. It was your duty. From your actions, I would say that you still consider it to be your duty.

    Now, there are those that would point out that it says that you will obey the orders of the president and it does but let us look at the order of the oath.

    "I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same"

    That bit comes first. I don't imagine that they considered that the president could be an enemy of the constitution but that is where we are.

    Does that allow you to be critical of the president? Absolutely. There is nothing in there explicitly about offering criticism but it is implicit in supporting and defending the constitution because it is an oath for free men and women, people able to reason. It is well established law that refusing to obey an illegal order is not a crime but a requirement. The precident is clear. It is the duty of someone that has sworn that oath to be critical.

    If it is your honest belief that the anyone, including the president of the United States, is an enemy of the constition, it would seem that the oath not only permits you to say so but requires you to say so.

    While I respect the right of a business to carry any legal content that it wants, it seems clear that Facebook is acting against its own policies here. They are playing politics. They are not acting as a common carrier but as an arbiter of what people can say on their service and what can not be said. This is not a matter of freedom of speech - that provision does not guarantee a platform. However, it does seem that Facebook have chosen a side though and that side is not in the interest of the US or its constitution.

  91. Yes. Just yes. The house should take up the articles at the earliest.

    My worry there is that it can't/won't be done in a dispassionate and professional manner. Which will give the Senate the wiggle room they need to refuse to consider. Leads to another partisan exercise that further divides the population. Not a particularly good outcome. In fact, I have a hard time imagining a really good outcome. Not that I can't imagine the right outcome, but I can't imagine a particularly good outcome.

    Thanks Chief. Per the normal very powerful and well written.

    Urrgghh. I put a couple of websites to bed recently so I have to be unknown to Google. Tom Wacker.

  92. I think this is one of your best and most important writings. Right up there with the unicorn. Thank you so much for putting this and yourself out there. Well done.

  93. If an articulate, factual, cogent, CENTRIST essays as yours tend to be are taken down by the FB censors while absolute bombast, frigging propagandizing right wing "memes" that are misspelled, ungrammatical, with images as phony as three dollar bills stay up, the Orwellian nightmare is truly upon us.

  94. Jim: Thanks for taking a strong stand on this foolishness. I just went through a very similar experience, for much the same reason as you. I have just posted an Open Letter with my response to the whole thing. You can find it at this link: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10156031287791021&set=a.10150172421051021&type=3&theater

  95. Thank you, Jim!!! Exactly Right On.

  96. A month or so ago a co-worker told me about Stone Kettle Station. What a wonderful discovery! Thank you so much.

  97. "And that – that right there – is what this about." This sentence seems to be missing an "is".
    I share your utter disdain for rump and the state of our nation that would allow such ignorant garbage to become president, but given the certainty that McTurtle would not allow impeachment to get a vote in the senate, I think impeachment is not the answer and would cause additional damage to the necessity of getting rid of this cancer asap. The House has more than enough to go on from the Mueller report. Also, the Dems need to come up with a sane non extremist electable candidate. Looks like Biden is the best bet.

  98. " You don’t how that information was gathered. " Shouldn't know be placed between don't and how?
    Re. Rudy...isn't he also the same former prosecutor who had the balls to say that "Truth isn't truth" on live TV? This is just more of the same sycophantic sucking up.

  99. Recently got a cute magnet with your tag line on Etsy. Then, I noticed it came from something called Prairie Metal. I hope that is affiliated with you.

  100. Yes, this is information warfare that is currently beyond our ability to regulate. Like slander, our justice system is set up to deal with one person saying shit about another. It's not set up to deal with one person saying Sanders is a communist who wl wreck civilization, and then a thousand sharing that with tens of thousands who spread it on. The justice system just cant handle that, and even it could, the election is already over.

    That is one reason I want you to run for president, because you see this but your reaction is "let's try to fix it" not "how can we utilize this to further spread lies and propaganda and manipulate people ".

  101. Jim, that's another in a long line of fantastic, well written essays. I applaud you're efforts, and you're bravery to face the social-media-verse. I also encourage you to continue to be the voice that is a beacon for us to be a better people.

  102. So—the more you’re banned on Facebook the more we get to read you on Stonekettle?

    Keep pissing them off!

  103. I'm so grateful we get to have a Jim Wright right now.
    Thank you for your voice.

  104. A debt of gratitude is in order for the significant data and experiences you have so given here... Content Marketing


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